What to do with old tank tops

    what to do with old tank tops

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    Jun 30, - I don’t know about you guys, but I have almost an entire drawer full of old tank tops that I rarely wear anymore. I usually buy cheap tank tops, and they get dirty, worn, and old-looking pretty quickly. But why throw them out when some of them are . May 2, - Explore annie warren's board "Crafty Ideas:: Tanks & Tops", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about diy clothing, diy clothes, diy fashion pins.

    By: Author Soonjoo. From the Reformation inspired high neck to the sleek mock neck silhouette, there are so many fun ways to refashion your old tank top. Slight neckline modifications and adding classic notions helps to easily modify the entire look.

    Follow the tutorials for easy upcycled clothing projects that you can transform old clothes into stylish new pieces. Instead, you can refashion the tank top to give a new life so that you can wear them as a brand new top!

    Sewing knit garments is actually not that hard. Whether it how to build a observatory rayon spandex or ribbed tank top, you just need the right tools and tips to get started with. All of the tank tops in this upcycle tutorial are ribbed knit fabrication. I find it very easy to control when it comes to sewing on a machine. You can see on the DIY ruffle crop tank top that I left the raw edges on the mini ruffles.

    So, if you happened to have old ribbed tank tops, there is no need to finish the seams because the raw edges give a nice touch to the style! No need to get rid of old tank tops when you can transform them into trendy tops to wear this weekend, for work or even while on vacation.

    In fact, they will become your new go-to pieces for your everyday wardrobe. All you need is your old tanks and time to make it happen! What is the rbc prime rate you start to upcycle an old tank top, make sure to have the matching color thread.

    No matter how excited you are, if you are not prepared the project is not going to be fun at all! Take body measurements for clothing so that your diy fits you the right way. Gather together your basic sewing kit and read through the helpful sewing tips to prevent any unnecessary mistakes.

    These upcycle tank top tutorials come with step-by-step pictures and video guides to help you make your very own DIY tank tops. It may look intimidating to sew knits compared to woven fabric. Because knits tend to stretch in all directions and the right tension and stitch length is required to prevent a disaster. Review these helpful sewing tips for knits to successfully accomplish your tank top upcycle!

    Tired of wearing turtleneck tops? Here is a gorgeous DIY mock neck tank top that will solve the problem this season. The medium height of the neckline makes it capable to wear all year long.

    In addition, you can adjust the neckline lower or higher based on your personal preference. Mini ruffles are a huge trend this season. Transform your tank into a ruffle crop tank top like this one.

    The little ruching detail in the front bust area creates volume and blends well with mini ruffles. Master your ruffle making skills with this fun project! Prevent the gaps from showing when wearing real button down tops with this DIY button front tank top. The non-functional button placket on a knit fabric helps you to wear the top without being uncomfortable.

    The buttons are a classic element that bring any regular tank top to life. Try this style for yourself! How wonderful is it to be able to make your top short and longer based on what bottom you pair with. This DIY ruched drawstring tank top has endless possibility. Shove in a tunnel undergarment and insert drawstrings. If you are a Reformation fan, you will love this spaghetti strap high neck tank top. The thin stretchy elastic cords add a chic and classy element that upgrades a plain tank top into a current trend that you will be excited to wear everyday!

    Looking for a sexy tank top to add to your workout wear or hiking gear? This back slit tank top is a gorgeous piece to how to fix a broken screen on an ipod touch to your capsule wardrobe.

    Transform a t-shirt into a twist should tank top by following the instructions in this upcycle tutorial. The twist shoulder straps can easily be added to any tank top as well. My name is Soonjoo. I am a fashion designer with how to check when computer was last used ideas, strategies and techniques. This website is full of sewing patterns, easy DIY clothing projects and practical tips to transform old clothes into new clothes whether you are new to sewing or advanced level.

    Articles are written by fashion designers, experts, professionals, DIY clothing makers and me. Please see my disclosure to learn more. Share Tweet Pin Email. You will love these upcycle tank tops because… Learn basic knit sewing skills and techniques. Master sewing straight and curved lines along the armhole and neckline. Tank top upcycle are zero waste projects that you will feel so proud to wear afterwards.

    Perfect beginner sewing projects to learn how to sew knits. All you need is sewing machine and your old tank top to transform into a brand new on trend style. Click here to cancel reply. Search the site Search for:.

    I'm Candice

    Read on for another 20 ideas for how to upcycle tank tops, skirs and shirts. In this version, the tank is joined to an old curtain to create a cute new dress! This "t-skirt" repurposes an old t-shirt and an old skirt care of The Wildcards. Jun 28,  · Hello loves! Today I am doing another CLOTHING HACKS you must know! I will be sharing with you guys tank top hacks you must know! How to Transform your old T. There is a fix if you have a noisy toilet tank top. lift off the toilet tank lid, just set it aside and apply a bead of silicone caulk all the way around the top of the toilet tank rim. Let it fully dry for at least 24 hours; the new silicone "gasket" should stop the slipping and sliding, and the porcelain grinding.

    June, 2 nd. Do you like T-shirts? Do you have one from every single event or organization you have ever been involved in in your life? Now, if you are following our blog you might be interested in downsizing, simplifying, and minimizing, so what do you do with all of these shirts?

    You need some t-shirt ideas! This was my problem recently. I went through my closet, and did pretty well with it in my opinion. But I still have one problem: T-shirts. Affiliate links may be used in this post. Please see our affiliate disclosure for more details.

    For some reason I have a hard time getting rid of t-shirts. He laughed when I said memorable t-shirts. See, the thing with most t-shirts is that they were earned in some way.

    If you are a runner, it could represent a race that you ran. If you went to college you probably have some shirts from organizations you were involved in sorority shirts anyone?

    If you were in sports maybe you still have some of your old team shirts. All of these shirts have meaning and are hard to get rid of!

    All of the shirts above and below have sentimental value. For the record, I tried on my soccer shirt from when I was in 3rd grade, and it fit! Now I want to go dig through my closet and find my old soccer pictures. I posted on Facebook that I needed some t-shirt ideas for repurposing my old shirts, and the overwhelming response was to make a blanket out of them.

    But I was also excited to find some other t-shirt ideas that I could do with the old shirts. Something other than letting them sit in a box unused.

    Check out this no sew tote bag by Mommypotamus. Tote bags have so many uses, from diaper bags, to grocery bags, to every day go-to-the park bags. I really loved that it only takes 10 minutes to do too.

    Check out her full tutorial HERE. Oh my, these bibs are such a great idea! I might be a little emotional at the fact that we are no longer using bibs and will never see them again in our future unless God has other plans. If you know me, you know that I have a passion for health and working out. This one was one of my favorite t-shirt ideas! Check out the full tutorial HERE if you want to try it. Throw pillows are great to add some personality to a room or area.

    We like to have a couple in the living room that the kids lay on the floor and play with, and we will probably be bringing a couple with us in the camper as well. Shelly from Frugal Family Home has a great tutorial on how to do it very simply. Check it out HERE. I saw this one and immediately thought my girls would both love skirts like these. Check out the full tutorial HERE. To be honest, I am not a huge belt person, or accessory person for that matter, but I do think these belts from Delia at Delia Creates are pretty cool!

    They are adjustable, soft, and you could make them any color or thickness you want. Check out her full how-to tutorial HERE. I know I already had one tank included on here, but while I am not much of an accessory person, I am definitely a tank top kind-a girl. I LIVE in tank tops. I see these on Pinterest and I have yet to try them. I would love to hear your experience with these types of shirts! Check out this tank top tutorial from Crafter Hours Blog. A t-shirt RUG?!

    I had never heard of such a thing. Another favorite of the t-shirt ideas that I found. And the best part is no two will ever be exactly alike. Who would have though to make a rug out of used shirts? Well, Liz at Sew 4 Bub did, I am glad she did. I could make one of these for our new kitchen area in the camper.

    It would be really soft on the feet. Check out her video tutorial HERE. These were kind of a new thing I stumbled upon. If you like accessories than it could be a fun and different way to express yourself.

    Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous put together these necklaces that are kind of a cross between a necklace and a scarf. I have a couple friends who wear scarves very well and could definitely see them wearing something like this! My husband was basically born on the water, and now my kids love to play in it as well. We are always going to the lake, an ocean or a pool. We do live in Florida so this can actually be year round This is a great simple cover up that looks much more stylish than just a big baggy t-shirt.

    This is what started the whole thing. Everyone needs a T-shirt quilt in their life. One, two, or maybe even three of them! Making one of these is going to be great to bring in the RV. Robbie loves to sleep with the air FrEeZiNg! I am always so cold and pile on a few blankets at night. Those are some of the ones that I found that looked pretty cool and doable.

    I would love to hear any more t-shirt ideas you have! I am definitely going to be making a tote, a quilt well I will probably have my friend make the quilt , and a workout top with some of mine very soon. If you are looking for more decluttering, minimizing, and simplifying tips, be sure to drop us your e-mail HERE. We promise not to over-crowd your inbox.

    And join the conversation and share your simplifying story in our Facebook group. You can get it on Amazon in print or on Kindle. You can read it free on Kindle if you have never used Kindle before. Have you done any of these above projects? Do you have any others I should add to it? Comment below! Author: Melissa Stephenson. Your email address will not be published. June, 2 nd 0 Comments. Share This. Share Pin 5K. Shares 5K. Spring Cleaning The Closet. Just Start Decluttering Somewhere!

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