What to do with old girl scout patches

    what to do with old girl scout patches

    Inventive Ways to Display Girl Scout Badges and Patches

    May 09,  · Clear the clutter. Get the extras out! Unless you have a multi-level troop or specific plans for your leftovers, give them to a new home. Return extra badges to your local Girl Scout council store. Resell extra patches to recoup troop funds. Extra craft supplies can be regifted to other troops or a local craft supply donation shop for teachers. Jun 11,  · You can donate it to a local girls scouts group or Frame it so you can reflect back on what you learned when you were in Girl Scouts. or just keep it .

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    After she's bridged to the next level, I've made a large "pillow" out of her patched vests but sewing a t-shirt inside and stuffing it. They're on her bed for display; she loves them. If later on she just wants to save the vests, it's easy to remove the t-shirt. Her old uniforms we passed on, but the vests she wanted to keep - I still have my own Jr. Ouch. You can donate patchws back to any girl scouts in your area. It could really help someone who is unable to afford a vest atleast have one if they want to be a girl scout!

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    Temporary patches, permanent memories

    Aug 31, - Explore Regina Scoughton's board "old scout uniforms repurposed" on Pinterest. See more ideas about scout uniform, scout, eagle scout pins. Mar 02,  · The self-reliance ingrained in the scout teaching was demonstrated recently by four Girl Scouts, who went to the country with Doria Hough, field secretary of the scouts. They had ordered a portable bungalow to be put up on a friend’s country estate and a . Girl Scout Fun Patches and Pins. Shop & discover our wide selection of the latest official Girl Scout iron-on and sew-on fun patches! Show off your unique achievements, troop activities, or your support for parents and Girl Scouts! Narrow By. Sort By: Sort by relevance.

    Perfect Keepsake for an Eagle Scout. My husband's stocking made from his father's childhood Boy Scout uniform. My son's Eagle Scout quilt I made. His project was planter boxes so I made a frame of wood fabric representing each of the eight planter boxes that he built! Boy Scout memory quilt. While I was waiting for my sister's flight to arrive, I spotted this clever bag. I stopped the gal who was carrying it and she told me that her husband is in the army and is currently in Iraq.

    How clever! Quilt made using all this eagle scout's uniform badges and merit badges. Spotted at the Ventura County Fair. Love it!!! Did you like this? Share it:Tweet. Free tutorial to turn a uniform into a purse. Great for boy scout, military, postal uniforms. Make a treasured keepsake they'll love. Want to make one of these? From a pair of these? Materials: 1 pair cargo pants from. Boy Scouts uniform Memory Bear bunny, dog, pillow made from loved ones clothing, shirt.

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