What schools did ella fitzgerald attend

    what schools did ella fitzgerald attend

    Ella Fitzgerald Biography

    A rising star Ella Fitzgerald was born on April 25, , in Newport News, Virginia, but she spent her youth just outside New York City in Yonkers, New York, and received her musical education in public schools. During elementary school she began singing at her local church, the Bethany African Methodist Episcopal Church. Ella Fitzgerald, in full Ella Jane Fitzgerald, (born April 25, , Newport News, Virginia, U.S.Чdied June 15, , Beverly Hills, California), American jazz singer who became world famous for the wide range and rare sweetness of her voice.

    In Granz, who was now managing Ella, formed the Verve label that was key to so many musicians of this period. Ella was one of the primary assets for the label. Fitzgerald continued to perform at the Jazz at the Philharmonic series. In the studio Ella recorded the first of her Son Book series with the "Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Cole Porter Song Book" Future releases included the Duke Ellington Song Book the only one to be recorded with the subject This series what schools did ella fitzgerald attend both the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful of Ella's career.

    During this period Ella maintained a heavy touring schedule of weeks out of the year. She also broke new ground when, at the insistence of Marilyn Monroe, she became the one of the first Black performers at the famed Mocambo Club in Hollywood.

    Nevertheless, the new fans Ella generated when she performed during this period allowed her to reach a much wider audience. During her time with Verve Records Ella Released several live albums that demonstrated both her geographical reach and her range. Meanwhile "Ella what song is this google the Opera House", "Ella in Rome" and "Ella in Berlin" all what schools did ella fitzgerald attend great critical acclaim and more importantly are still favorites of her fans.

    Ella at the Opera House was a natural outgrowth of the "Jazz at the Philharmonic" series of performances from earlier in her career. The Verve years were the golden days for Ella but all things must pass. For the next few what is the wholesale price Ella performed for a variety of labels including What is the meaning of batch RecordsAtlantic Records and Reprise.

    The material from this period was a departure and some consider this the most interesting period of her career. But none of these labels held the family appeal of her time with Norman Granz and Verve records.

    But fate has a funny way of coming full circle In Norman Granz finally got around to founding another label after the sale of Verve nearly two decades before. Pablo records was home to Ella for another 20 albums, including another peak live performance in London with a lean tight jazz band that included Joe Pass on Guitar, Keter Betts on Bass, Bobby Durham on Drums and keyboardist Tommy Flanagan.

    A far cry from the full stage of the Big Band era, "Ella in London" shows Fitzgerald's well honed craft while still maintaining the playful improvisation that made her reputation. By this point in her career the respect she had earned within the industry as well as with the general public gave Ella a canvas that she filled like a master.

    To joy of her fans the twenty Albums produced during the Pablo records years show the full breadth of her ability. By Ella was what does melatonin do to dogs heath troubles. First came the respiratory issues, then in a congenital heart failure. Though Fitzgerald continued to work during the late Eighties she was starting to scale back out of necessity.

    Nevertheless in she was treated for exhaustion. Finally in Diabetes took both her legs and much of her eye sight. In she was hospitalized one last time for a heart failure and general decline of her health. In the end Ella decided she wanted to spend her last what is accumulation in the water cycle in her Beverly Hills home where she could sit in the backyard and listen to the Birds sing and her Granddaughter Alice laugh.

    On June 15 she went to the back yard one last time and sat for about an hour. Upon coming back inside she is said to have looked up with a soft smile a smile she had shown millions what is xopenex hfa used for said "I am ready to go now".

    And so it was the Ella Fitzgerald left this world. But she did not leave it empty. You can also check out the music of the previous Black History Months feature artists during this time as well.

    If you would like to comment on these artists or the music you hear at O-Hill please send an email with "Black History month Music" in the subject to adc6r virginia. Very few fit that description better than Ella Jane Fitzgerald. Starting out as a child in love with dancing, Ella would entertain her friends on the way to school with her dance moves. But it was soon obvious that her voice would be her bread and butter as she matured.

    When her parents separated within the year Temperance and her new life partner, an Portuguese immigrant named Joseph da Silva moved to Yonkers New York just north of the city. The Move coincided with what became known as the first The Great Migrationa mass exodus from the south to the Northeast United States in search of jobs and a less oppressive social environment. By Ella's Family including her new half sister, moved from their first one room dwelling to School Street, a poor primarily Italian neighborhood.

    Ella Fitzgerald's formal education began at age six. As mentioned above Ella loved dancing at this age. Ella's dreams of being a dancer came to a crossroads with her love of Jazz music in her youth. Ella idolized Connee Boswell who became one of her earliest stylistic influences.

    The upbringing in the Fitzgerald household was a Methodist Christian upbringing that gave Ella her first formal exposure to music. This was part of the humble but relatively stable atmosphere that was shattered when Ella's mother died of heart attack in The trauma to a teen aged Ella played out much as it has for many teens who experience such tragedies.

    Her grades dropped, she often just skipped school and at home she suffer and ed through an abusive relationship with her step father. In the end Ella knew she had to get out and went to live with her Aunt. Eventually Ella survived The lean teen years to become an adult. So begins the career of Ella Fitzgerald At the tender age of 17 Ella Fitzgerald made her professional singing debut at the famed Apollo Theater.

    Her weekly performances drew enough of an audience to earn Ella a shot in one of the first of the famed Armature Nights at he Apollo. This moment was the quintessential crossroads in her life. Ella had originally intended to give a dance performance, but was intimidated by the local dance duo the Edwards Sisters. This was the moment that singing took precedence and sent Ella to meet her destiny Enter Chick Webb.

    Ella's first manager was Chick Webb. He was quoted in the NY Times as being " reluctant to sign her But he gave her a test performance with his band when he played at Yale University and Ella impressed. A little boy he picked it up and put it in his pocket Chick Webb Died on June 16th leaving Ella to take over as the effective band leader, a role not normally allowed during this era. The new configuration was re christened "Ella and her Famous Orchestra".

    Ella recorded over pop and novelty tunes between and But in the end the Band disolved andit was time for a new era in Ella's journey. Any Musician in he modern world needs a recording contract and Ella began her solo career on Decca Records in Milt Gabler stepped in as her manager and Jazz genius Norman Granz provided provided musical direction and opportunity.

    Granz would have a hand in founding two of the record labels that Ella would sign with later in her career. Ella was now in the mainstream but the world was changing and music changed with it. Bebop was an exploratory form that was far less concerned with rules of form though those had their place in the subgenre than it was with the joys of improvisation. Ella was ready as anyone could be Ella became one of the few successful Scat artists in the history of music.

    Bebop was a very Brass oriented music form and Ella explained that she was just trying to do what she heard the horns do. This period helped to define what made Ella a great vocalist.

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    Ella Fitzgerald's formal education began at age six. Shen moved through several schools until she reached Benjamin Franklin Junior High School in As mentioned above Ella loved dancing at this age. Her biggest obsession in dance was a man named . After her half-sister, Frances Da Silva, was born in , they moved to School Street, a poor Italian area, in Ella began her education at the age of six. She attended Benjamin Franklin Junior High School in Since she was fond of singing and dancing, her church provided her with the formal music lessons and some piano lessons. Mar 11, †Ј Biography Dubbed "The First Lady of Song," Ella Fitzgerald was the most popular female jazz singer in the United States for more than half a century. In her lifetime, she won 13 Grammy awards and sold over 40 million albums. Her voice was flexible, wide-ranging, accurate and ageless. She could sing sultry ballads, sweet jazz and imitate every instrument in an orchestra.

    Ella Fitzgerald was one of the most exciting jazz singers of her time and, because of the naturalness of her style, had a popular appeal that extended far beyond the borders of jazz. During elementary school she began singing at her local church, the Bethany African Methodist Episcopal Church. At fifteen her mother died and she was cared for by her aunt in Harlem, a black neighborhood in New York that was rich with jazz music. When only sixteen, she received her first big break at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, when she won an amateur-night contest and impressed saxophonist-bandleader Benny Carter Ч.

    He recommended her to drummer-bandleader Chick Webb c. She soon became a recording star with the band, and her own composition "A-tisket, A-tasket" was such a smash hit that the song became her trademark for many years thereafter. When Webb died in , Fitzgerald assumed leadership of the band for the next year. By Fitzgerald was recognized throughout the music world as a vocal wonderЧa singer with clarity of tone, flexibility of range, fluency of rhythm, and, above all, a talent for improvisation to make up without practice that was equally effective on ballads and faster tunes.

    Although for a long time she had a better reputation among fellow musicians than with the general public, this changed soon after she joined Norman Granz's Jazz at the Philharmonic JATP in She made annual tours with the group and was always the concert favorite. The huge JATP crowds always responded well. By the early s Fitzgerald's domination of fans's and critics's polls was absolute. In fact, she won the Down Beat readers' poll every year from to and became known as "The First Lady of Song.

    She proceeded to produce a series of legendary "Songbook" albums, each devoted to the compositions of a great songwriter or songwriting team, such as the Gershwins George, Ч; Ira, Ч , Cole Porter Ч , Irving Berlin Ч , and Duke Ellington Ч The lush orchestrations allowed Fitzgerald to display the classy popsinger side of herself. In the two-volume Ellington set, her jazzier self moved aside for the melodist in her.

    Under Granz's personal management Fitzgerald also began to play choice hotel jobs and made her first feature film appearance in Pete Kelly's Blues In , in the company of the Duke Ellington Orchestra, she gave a concert at Carnegie Hall as part of an extended European and United States tour with the band. In and she was reunited with Ellington for another tour and record date. Fitzgerald was always blessed with superb musicians accompanying her, from the full orchestral support of Chick Webb and Duke Ellington to the smaller JATP ensembles.

    In she teamed up with yet another, the magnificent pianist Tommy Flanagan, who headed a trio that served her into the mids. In Fitzgerald had serious eye surgery, but within a year she was performing again. Her singing, however, began to show evidence of decline: the voice that was once an instrument of natural beauty and effortless grace became a bit thin and strained.

    Nevertheless, so great was her talent that she continued to excite concert audiences and to record effectively. She appeared after the mids with over fifty symphonic orchestras in the United States.

    A large, pleasant-looking woman with a surprisingly girlish speaking voice, Ella Fitzgerald sometimes forgot lyrics. But the audiences loved it and delighted in her ability to work her way out of these potentially embarrassing moments on stage. Unlike some other great jazz singers, like Billie Holiday Ч and Anita O'Day, Fitzgerald avoided falling into drug addiction.

    She was married twice. The first marriage, to Bernie Kornegay in , was annulled Ella Fitzgerald. Reproduced by permission of Archive Photos, Inc. The second, to bassist Ray Brown Ч in , ended in divorce in they had one son.

    Was Ella Fitzgerald essentially a jazz singer or a pop singer? Jazz purists say that she was often glossy and predictable and that she lacked the emotional depth of Billie Holiday, the imagination of Sarah Vaughan Ч or Anita O'Day, and the blues-based power of Dinah Washington Ч The criticisms sprang partly from her "crossover" popularity and ignored her obvious strengths and contributions: Fitzgerald was not only one of the pioneers of scat singing, but, beyond that, she was a down-to-earth singer whose harmonic variations were always unforced.

    Plus, she was a supreme melodist who never let herself get in the way of any song she sang. Fitzgerald died on June 15, , at the age of seventy-eight. She left a legacy that will not soon be forgotten. In her lifetime she was honored with fourteen Grammys, the Kennedy Center Award, as well as an honorary doctorate in music from Yale University. Fidelman, Geoffrey Mark. New York: Citadel Press, Gourse, Leslie. New York: Schirmer Books, Kliment, Bud.

    Ella Fitzgerald Black Americans of Achievement. Broomall, PA: Chelsea House, Krohn, Katherine E. Ella Fitzgerald: First Lady of Song.

    Minneapolis: Lerner, Nicholson, Stuart. New York: Scribner, Wyman, Carolyn. Ella Fitzgerald: Jazz Singer Supreme. Danbury, CT: Franklin Watts, Toggle navigation. Touring the world Under Granz's personal management Fitzgerald also began to play choice hotel jobs and made her first feature film appearance in Pete Kelly's Blues The legacy of Ella Was Ella Fitzgerald essentially a jazz singer or a pop singer?

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