What languages can justin bieber speak

    what languages can justin bieber speak

    Does Justin Bieber Speak French?

    May 01, This made us wonder, how many languages does Justin Bieber speak or even sing? Our research shows that he speaks fluently English and some French. As described in the link above he defiantly has some Spanish skills as well, but not on the same level as he does in both English and French. You might wonder why Justin Bieber speaks French? The reason for that is that he is from Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Mar 31, A collage of videos of Justin Bieber speaking in Taiwan, Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Philippines, and a British accenthttp://wwwlit.

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    14 Answers

    Justin can speak English fluently cause it is mother tongue Off funslovestory.com Learned Spanish .even though he isnt really fluent in funslovestory.com can speak fluent french which he learned during his schooling funslovestory.com can also count till 10 in funslovestory.com on a trip to japan he learned how to write his name and a bunch of other stuff in Japanese. This star is arguably one of the most influential Canadian pop and R&B music artists in the world. Does this singer and songwriter know how to speak Spanish? Justin Bieber is not fluent in Spanish, but he has learned some Spanish verses and phrases to use in songs hes recorded in funslovestory.comted Reading Time: 3 mins. Justin Bieber is of French-Canadian, Irish, English, Scottish, and German descent. With his French heritage combined with the French language being one of the official languages of Canada, its natural to wonder if Bieber has some French knowledge of his own. Bieber is only fluent in English, and while he is not fluent in French, hes been speaking the language since he was very funslovestory.comted Reading Time: 4 mins.

    Does this singer and songwriter know how to speak Spanish? While he is unable to have conversations in the language, he can sing in Spanish if he has learned the words. While Bieber may not speak Spanish, he can definitely sing it. In collaborating with the Puerto Rican singer and songwriter Luis Fonsi on his single featuring the rapper Daddy Yankee , Despacito , Bieber did just that.

    On the remix that they made, Bieber surprised fans by singing some of his verses in Spanish, despite not speaking the language. He learned the Spanish lyrics to perform the song, which impressed Fonsi, the creator of the song. As the story goes, Bieber was in a club when Despacito came on, and he immediately fell in love with it and knew he wanted to work with Fonsi on the song. Just kind of replay some of the English chorus and do his thing.

    And then I play it, and I hear him sing the song in Spanish. He just replaced half of the chorus in Spanish. How did he prepare for the Spanish track? Samper decided to write out the verses phonetically for him to read and sing as if he were singing English, without having to worry about the intricacies of the pronunciation of certain words.

    According to Samper, Bieber had only taken half an hour of coaching before he felt ready to go into the recording booth. While Lovato is of Mexican descent, she does not speak Spanish fluently, though she does have some conversational skills. Home Justin Bieber. Does Justin Bieber Speak Spanish?

    Despacito While Bieber may not speak Spanish, he can definitely sing it.


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