What is the zodiac sign cancer compatible with

    what is the zodiac sign cancer compatible with

    Cancer Love & Relationship Compatibility: Heightened Emotions

    Cancer Compatibility with other Signs. Cancer And Aries; Cancer And Taurus; Cancer And Gemini; Cancer And Cancer; Cancer And Leo; Cancer And Virgo; Cancer And Libra; Cancer And Scorpio; Cancer And Sagittarius; Cancer And Capricorn; Cancer And Aquarius; Cancer And Pisces. 13 rows · Nov 14,  · Cancer and Capricorn are poles apart; they can never make a good duo. Well, talking about the.

    Cancers naturally make us feel at home with their nurturing nature. Cancer is a Water sign, signs that are deeply connected to their emotions and intuition. Further, Cancers are ruled by the Moon, the planet in astrology that represents our emotional selves.

    As you can imagine, when Water joins the Moon you can expect a plethora of emotional energy swirling in the air. Cancers follow their heart more than their head — they do what feels right in the moment. This can also cause conflicts because what feels right in the moment may be based on a passing emotion.

    For instance, a Cancer who feels slighted may feel that confronting that person or exacting their revenge is the right thing to do — only to find out later that they may have misinterpreted a comment or slightly overreacted. Cancers do whatever they can do to avoid confrontation, which means they might shut people out, or show anger.

    This can be difficult for their partners to deal with. Cancers are domestic by nature, and they love spending time in their own home. Think of the symbol for Cancer, the crab, and its cozy shell. This shell, or the home, is where Cancer feels most comfortable on a daily basis. Cancers take charge, and they follow their intuition while they do it.

    With stubborn Fixed signs who dig their heels in, and adaptable Mutable signs who need freedom and variety to be happy, Cardinal signs will generally give in to keep the peace. There are so many more zodiac signs, aspects, planets, and placements in your natal chart that determine true compatibility far more accurately than merely looking at two Sun signs together. Keeping that in mind, there are certain Sun signs that just how to fix carpet bleach stain to mesh well together.

    Where is Cancer in your chart? Find out with our free birth chart generator! In romance, how is the Cancer moved? How are they wooed? What makes them feel twitterpated or smitten?

    Cancers prefer a relationship how to train dog to attack is built on a foundation of loyalty, honesty, and trust. Due to their desire for a strong foundation, a great romance for what is the zodiac sign cancer compatible with Cancer and spring forth from the waters of a deep friendship. You need someone who will be upfront about their feelings, someone who is willing to be there for you emotionally when you need to talk about yours.

    You need someone who is willing to ride the emotional waves in exchange for a deeply loyal, faithful, and caring partner. A great partner for Cancer will prove loyal and stable, helping build a foundation of trust and security. Elements of astrology can play just as big of a role as the actual signs, as signs ruled by the same element tend to naturally gravitate towards each other. These are not the only signs that can excite a Cancer, but these pairings to tend to create the most romantic, dedicated, and delightful results.

    Review your own zodiac sign love compatibility! Pisces is a fellow Water sign, meaning that you both traverse the depths of your emotions. If you two can learn to speak openly and honestly about your feelings, this can be an exhilarating union.

    Sharing the Water element with Cancer, Scorpios are also mysterious, deep, and otherworldly. Scorpios can help Cancer explore the mysteries of life, moving beyond the daily minutia and towards the Universal wisdom that we can all possess.

    Scorpios are rather possessive, but Cancers can understand this aspect of their behavior themselves. If these two signs can form a strong bond and let go of any fear of intimacy, this can be a deeply romantic connection. While Taureans are an Earth signthey share something special with Cancer, and that is the desire for material wealth and success in their field. These two can encourage one another to live their best, most luxurious lives together.

    These two know how to live it up, but they might encourage lavish spending and indulging in one another. Virgo is another Earth sign with a much different personality.

    That being said, the Virgo personality shares the desire to serve others with the Cancer. Aquarians like to think things through rather than follow their feelings, which can drive a Cancer nuts. Aquarians are also quite aloof, and tend to keep their feelings of affection to themselves, whereas a Cancer likes physical displays of emotion. While open communication and compromise can help these two signs form a solid bond, there may be discrepancies in their romantic styles.

    Sagittarians are ruled by Fire, and as such they are rather feisty. In fact, Sagittarians are known for their blunt delivery. And sensitive Cancer may not respond well to the frank manner in which Sag shares their opinions.

    Which may prompt Sagittarius to reply with another blunt response, forming a cycle of criticism and sensitivity. While Sagittarius is an optimistic sign, this frankness may cause conflict when paired with a Cancer. While Libras can be romantic at heart, they tend to see romance through an intellectual lens, rather than feel it with all their heart. Libras are also social butterflies, and they want to spend lots of time out in the world, surrounded how to clean a jackrabbit friends and family.

    Astrological compatibility is simply a guide that helps us narrow down certain elements and signs, giving us a better sense of the big picture.

    There are many factors that play into compatibility, such as the 7th house placement — the house that rules relationships, for example. But remember, anyone can enjoy the creative, intuitive, charming nature of the Cancer personality. Now get out there and enjoy! Rhiannon Liselle is a nomadic Sagittarius with a passion for writing and trying to help others grow. Well, here it is, mid-February already and millions of us have completely fallen off the wagon when it comes to those resolutions we made six weeks ago.

    Why is it so darned hard… Read Full Article ». Jupiter retrograde happens once a year and lasts days. This is a great opportunity to get to know what is stopping you from growing, whether it be habits keeping you from… Read Full Article ». Did you enjoy this article? Please share it with your friends!

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    Riding the Emotional Waves with Cancer

    13 rows · Cancer and Taurus. Both Cancers and Taureans highly prize loyalty, so they'll be committed to each. Jul 15,  · Most Compatible Zodiac Signs. These are not the only signs that can excite a Cancer, but these pairings to tend to create the most romantic, dedicated, and delightful results. Review your own zodiac sign love compatibility! Pisces. Pisces is a fellow Water sign, meaning that you both traverse the depths of your emotions. You’re also both creative and intuitive, and you may join forces to create . Cancer Compatibility. Cancer and aries Cancer and taurus Cancer and gemini Cancer and cancer Cancer and leo Cancer and virgo Cancer and libra Cancer and scorpio Cancer and sagittarius Cancer and capricorn Cancer and aquarius Cancer and pisces.

    Cancer is cardinal initiating in nature and is the only sign ruled by the Moon. Being a Water sign, the energy of Cancer relates to others via it's emotional nature. A Cancerian needs to feel warmth and acceptance and feelings from others.

    They won't feel at home relating on a rational or intellectual level. They need to know above all they that they are safe and accepted and cared for by the other person. Like the Crab that is their sign, they have a tough exterior but a soft inside. The Crab also needs to live near water and can't survive anywhere else. The aspect of a Cancer needing to feel safe can often cause them to hark nostalgically after times gone by. The past can't change and is somehow something the Cancerian can fall back upon when the present seems too frightening or daunting.

    Countries have a sign associated with them for the date they were formed. America has it's Sun in Cancer. We can see a hint of this Cancerian nature with this country in it's love of sentimental movies, dreaming of bygone idyllic times and sports stars and that perfect family life and suburbia that seemed to exist somewhere in the past.

    Whether it ever existed we are not so sure but to a Cancerian the idea and the memories are enough. Some scientists say that water has a memory and this is much of what homeopathy is based on. The Cancerian is connected with this memory of Water. You often will find Cancerians with a love of old photos or movies or interested in their family roots. Indeed the home and family are what provide the Cancerian with stability and security.

    They are known to treasure their own homes and have difficulty going off into the unknown. They make their homes warm and inviting and are some of the very best cooks and people to provide hospitality.

    A good family life is essential to them and they make natural and instinctive parents. Part of this comes from the Cancerian rulership by the Moon. The Moon is cyclical, waxing and waning and is connected to the rythms experienced on the Earth. As the archetypal mother symbol it is very much connected with the women's menstrual cycle and the tides and other cycles experienced on Earth.

    For this reason Cancerians seem to have an instinctive and intuitive understanding of the rythms of nature. Infact Cancerians are so connected to the rythms of the Moon that their energy will increase as the Moon waxes and decrease as the moon wanes.

    Chances are the werewolf is a Cancerian during the day time! The energy of Cancer is cardinal in nature, which means Cancerians have a desire to start off new projects.

    They have great new ideas and can often become leaders in their field. They are known to be leaders in the fashion industry. They are also as we said some of the best cooks and some of the best nurses as they can feel the pain others are experiencing. On the shadow side of Cancer they can be some of the most needy people.

    They often need constant emotional reassurance and feedback, they can also use emotions to blackmail people and be emotionally manipulative. The most compatible zodiac signs with Cancer are generally considered to be Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces and the least compatible zodiac signs Aries and Libra.

    Comparing sun signs is a quick and easy way to give a general idea of compatibility. However, to unlock the real power of astrology to fully understand someone or how compatible you are with them, we need to calculate other planet placement factors from their date of birth, and compare them to your own, and then interpret the results to give more specific information.

    If you would like to explore this further, please see astrology compatibility reports. People with Cancer rising in their natal chart or horoscope, tend to be less vital than average, sympathetic, compassionate, passive, nurturing, receptive, protective, retentive, changeable, psychic, sentimental, tenacious, timid, quiet, sensitive, acquisitive pack-rat , and moody.

    The crab's claws symbolize the clinging nature of the sign, the glyph also suggests the nurturing quality.


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