What is the cheapest state to live in 2011

    what is the cheapest state to live in 2011

    10 least expensive states to live in the U.S.

    51 rows The cheapest state to live in in the United States is Mississippi. Overall, Mississippis . 51 rows Mar 26, The cost of living in America varies drastically from state to state. For .

    Arkansas is a beautiful state. Its just way too hot during the summer. I would like to live in the far north east or west states, like Washington or Maine. Agree with J. I am doing research to see where to live, I want a change and every state that is beautiful or seems interesting is expensive.

    I want to start planning a move for when I finish school but all the beautiful and interesting places are "expensive". I was hoping a decent choice would be on this list. I think anyone has a right to a beautiful scenery, not just the rich.

    I want to get OUT of my state of connecticut to a more resourceful dependent area of the country. Above all where police know their place and dont rule like livd. Sounds like several places to some but what about NOT wuat high heat? Now- that's a place i'd like to move to. I hear you! Unfortunately it seems that is becoming more and more difficult to find in any State.

    That's why what nqf level is a degree many people are leaving the country. Did you known people moving abroad and renouncing their citizenship is at an all time high? It's sad. As far as the heat goes this year, the first 6 months of has been a what is the richest car company in the world breaker in many states of US and above average in other cities so this is an example of an exception.

    As far as hot weather, here again is an exception to the rule, the 1st six months of has broken record or some cities above normal. Hey Sashman, It's just a Blog for people to comment and help each other finding and discussing cheap places to live. The intent isn't to win a Pulitzer Prize. So, lighten up - participate in whzt constructive way and leave something helpful. Missouri is pretty awesome too Lee's Summit just outside of Kansas City is great We might not have the best sports teams but everyone is awesome here in Missouri :.

    Do these places need some sort of business or something? Even Florida is cheap! Where are you sending us? When you say cheap, you forget to mention the employment pay rate as well. Cheap for retirees with good pensions from a high-money making profession and state, but not for the working middle class. What is considered as cheap for the rich may be expensive for the poor. I'm in search for a small bungalow to live in, just for my little old self Post a Comment.

    In previous posts we've examined some of the Best Sates to Live in but in todays down economy many people are considering a move and looking for the cheapest states to live in for strictly financial reasons. Like everything we discuss and share here on the blog there are no simple and straight forward answers or solutions. Everyone is different and everyone's circumstances are different. If you are looking for the cheapest places to live but you also need a job than lower wages could negate any positive impact from a lower cost of stzte.

    Similarly if you're retired why live in a place that has high employment and a high cost of living to go along with it? As you know we are big proponents of the Retire Abroad movement. When you're retired you've paid your dues and served your country by being productive for the past forty, fifty, sixty years. Now it's your turn to relax and enjoy life. But once again I digress! As we've discussed ad nauseam there are numerous factors that will influence the cost of living in any area you choose to live.

    Housing is probably the most obvious, and can still vary depending on if you rent or buy. So, it important to consider both. For example some parts of the country the market demand for rentals has not kept what is the cheapest state to live in 2011 with the price of real estate.

    In some places one can rent for half of what it might cost to own. Taxes are another thing many people overlook. It's important to add up both state income taxes and the local property taxes. In combination these llve have a significant impact on your cost of living. Daily Expenses - The price of daily use items like gas and food will also vary from state to state.

    Employment - Employers in any given state or area will have an impact on cost of living too. In Seattle, for example, one of the biggest employers is Microsoft. People there are well paid and the market is more than happy to rise to meet and greet that disposable income.

    Thus Seattle ranks as one of the most cheqpest cities to live in. The reality is the majority of people living in Seattle do not work for Microsoft but, the high salaries there tend to inflate the overall cost of living. Let's first take a look at the cheapest states and then narrow shat down to find THE Cheapest.

    Generally speaking the most affordable and least expensive states to live in the U. As one would expect Alaska, Hawaii, New England, and the entire West Coast from California to Washington are the most expensive states to live in America so finding the best place to live in California won't help you much.

    Now it's important to take into consideration the time lag between data collection and the publishing of results. Also, data can sometimes be accumulated over an extended period of how to search for mechanical engineering jobs. When the economy and the world at large is stable these data bases work just fine but when we experience major shifts and changes that are sudden that data can be blown out the window in a second.

    A good example of this is Japan who just a few what does deed in lieu of mean ago was acknowledged as one of the Best Places to Live in the World.

    But today following the devastating Earthquake,Tsunami and nuclear crisis, Japan is likely not on anyone's radar as the 'best place to live'. The same could be said for parts of the United States. Prior to our own economic melt down the midwest and Motor City in particular where nice stable places to live and be gainfully employed in the auto industry.

    Today not so whar. A year iis so ago I wrote about the Detroit having the cheapest house in America. And when you read that list above you may want to add anywhere in the "Rustbelt" to that list of cheap places to live in America.

    Oklahoma and Kansas are cheap in terms of housing and those they are decent places to live. One cold easily say they are better looking places to live as those 'Rustbelt' states look pretty rough most of the time. The downside to OK and KS is the fact they can too pretty 'ho hum' boring. The deep ti sates are also cheap but wages are very low for many which leads to a lot of poverty.

    After reading this you are hopefully in agreement that picking the cheapest state to live in is still a very subjective matter - it's all in the number and the numbers ls use can result in pretty much whatever you want. Just looking at figures Oklahoma is the cheapest with low housing costs, low insurance and low tax. If you're retired or have a virtual business then it may be a great state to live in. But if you're how to housebreak a small dog to combine your relocation with a new job you might want to think twice - the statf local wages may just wipe out any gains you make from reducing your cost of living.

    Editors note: This post about the Cheapest States to live in obviously appeared in April Be sure to check out our latest November exploration of the Best States to Live in. We created a new series of articles exploring the country region by region, up and down and side to side to uncover the best states and what makes them great. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

    Cost of living within states

    Jan 06, Mississippi is the cheapest state in terms of cost of living. Mississippi costs are lower than the state average in every category except for home insurance costs. Home insurers base rates on risk. Weather-related claims, such as hurricanes, fires and break-ins lead to higher costs. Which state is the most expensive to live in? Hawaii is the most expensive state for cost of living. Feb 21, What is the cheapest state to live in?Theoretically, it is South Dakota. But if it is anywhere near the oil patch, rents rival those in New York and San Fran Author: FamilyCheapskate.

    Living the American dream means being financially comfortable and living in a place you love and can afford.

    In this turbocharged economy, more people are looking to relocate nationwide in search of better job opportunities, lower tax havens and places that offer their families a better quality of life. To help you determine which states are currently the most affordable based on cost of living, the price of housing, energy, food prices and other prices of goods and services one can turn to CNBC's exclusive annual America's Top States for Business study.

    The cost of living in the U. In urban areas, especially, the cost of housing, food, taxes and other expenses can be exorbitant. In other areas your dollar can go a long way. A state with a low cost of living can be a great draw for companies looking to attract workers.

    That is why Cost of Living is one of the 10 categories of competitiveness in our rankings. We score all 50 states based on an index of items ranging from groceries to housing. These are the 10 states where your money goes the furthest, along with average prices for some basic items in each state's most expensive area. Here are the 10 cheapest states, along with average prices for some items in the most expensive metro areas. That is about one-third the cost in Seattle.

    Heck, at these prices, you might as well buy your homestead. Housing prices are dirt cheap. Getting around is a breeze here in the Crossroads of America , and it's a bargain as well.

    Servicing your ride is cheap as well. And once you get to where you are going, you are sure to like the prices. Sure, if it's Manhattan, Kansas. Here in the Sunflower State, you can afford to bloom and grow. Here in the Volunteer State , you won't feel like you need to work two paying jobs just to get by.

    Want some southern fried chicken? No wonder it's Sweet Home, Alabama. The Great Lakes State is an outdoor paradise, so let's tally up some of the costs of a family picnic in Grand Rapids. You probably want to grill some burgers.

    If you are planning a visit to the Show Me State , you may want to ask a real estate agent to show you some houses while you are there. Even in more expensive parts of the state, prices are extremely affordable.

    Show me where else you can find grocery prices like these. You can afford to eat some healthy food here in the Natural State. Bananas are just 49 cents a pound in Jonesboro, Arkansas. A head of lettuce is about one dollar, or half the cost in Stockton, California. Okay, enough with the healthy stuff. People have been coming to Oklahoma to find bargains since before it was a state. Oklahoma earned its nicknamethe Sooner Stateduring the Land Rush of That is when President Benjamin Harrison opened unassigned lands to settlers, who scrambled to get here sooner than the next guy.

    Today, you will have to pay for your Oklahoma home, but it is still a bargain. This state is so frugal, it can afford two nicknames the Magnolia State and the Hospitality State. You will be able to offer true Southern hospitality with some of the most affordable housing in the nation. Throw some steaks on the grill. Open up a bottle of wine for your guests. Skip Navigation.

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    Prince's Hot Chicken served X-tra hot with mashed potatoes and cole slaw. Funnel cakes are available in many flavors at the Mardi Gras celebration in Mobile, Alabama. Young friends on summer holidays drinking wine and looking at view at rustic countryside house. VIDEO Here are America's Top States for Business category winners. Foxconn says it has met hiring targets in Wisconsin. Now it wants its money. Scott Cohn. Maine's new sick leave policy for workers sets a precedent other states may follow.

    These are the best places to launch a small business in America. Elaine Pofeldt. Read More.


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