What is a shoo fly

    what is a shoo fly

    What Is Shoofly Pie?

    Definition of shoofly. 1: a child's rocker having the seat built on or usually between supports representing an animal figure. 2: any of several plants held to repel flies. The word “shoo” means go away, and presumably to do so “on the fly” is what the track is meant to achieve. The word shoo-fly has other meanings, too, including the well-known pie (in which the molasses is expected to attract flies), a policeman, and the most relevant, I suspect, is a child’s rocking horse (or other animal), dating from according to Merriam Webster.

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    What Is Molasses?

    Mar 16,  · Shoofly pie, also written as shoo fly pie or shoo-fly pie, is a classic Pennsylvania Dutch pie containing molasses. With a crumbly topping, the pie resembles coffee cake and is a delicious treat for breakfast. You could also have it as a dessert with some ice cream, or top it . May 15,  · Alright, giving this recipe 1 star is really unfair. I grew up in Lancaster County, and had many a shoo fly pie during my years of living there. I can tell you this is exactly the way shoo fly pie /5().

    Classic Pennsylvania Dutch recipe. Grandma's loving attention not included! To Make Bottom Layer: In a medium bowl combine molasses, hot water, and baking soda. Stir well. Whisk in beaten egg. Pour mixture into pie shell. To Make Crumb Topping: In a medium bowl combine flour and brown sugar. Mix well, then cut in shortening until mixture resembles coarse crumbs.

    Sprinkle on top of molasses layer. Bake in preheated oven for 15 minutes. Lower temperature to degrees F degrees C. Bake an additional 30 minutes. All Rights Reserved. My Grandma's Shoo-Fly Pie. Rating: 3. Read Reviews Add Reviews. Save Pin Print ellipsis Share. My Grandma's Shoo-Fly Pie hayleym. Recipe Summary. Nutrition Info. Ingredients Decrease Serving 8. The ingredient list now reflects the servings specified.

    Add all ingredients to shopping list View your list. Preheat oven to degrees F degrees C. I Made It Print. Per Serving:. Full Nutrition. Most helpful positive review kiliki. Rating: 5 stars. I loved this recipe! I was looking for a shoo fly pie recipe like the ones I grew up with in Pennsylvania, and this is authentic! I used a 9 inch deep dish shell, and I still did not use all of the filling and crumbs.

    If you do, it WILL spill over, and believe me, it's a mess. I also think to get the right consistency, you need to alternate layering the crumbs with the filling, with crumbs on the bottom and the top. Bake time was just right, even with the deep dish crust.

    I let it cool 30 min. This pie is best served warm, but don't microwave it to reheat it. Thanks for a recipe that I will make when I want some true comfort food! Read More. Thumb Up Helpful. Rating: 1 stars.

    Something in the instructions is missing I followed all the instructions and had a mess. Other recipes I've come across say to add most of the crumb mixture into the mixture of molasses and then sprinkle the remaining crumbs on top of the pie. When I put the crumb mixture on top of the molasses layer it then all ran out of the pie shell. Please check to see if something is missing in the instructions. Reviews: Most Helpful.

    Always trying to perfect it. And, this is almost a perfect recipe too. Those trying it for the first time.. The liquid part. So it doesn't overflow. The pie wont' taste so bitter if you use the lighter types. Some only use karo, but, you won't get the traditional flavor of a true shoefly pie. This will make it less robust, and prevent it from spilling over. You will also get the the wet bottom if you sprinkle a little of the dry topping in first, then liquid, then more dry, etc.

    I prefer this way, as it won't be too liquid on the bottom. I also add a couple drops of cider vinegar to the liquid mix to give it a little more umph. But, only a few drops. Otherwise, it may overflow. Good luck! John Stine. Alright, giving this recipe 1 star is really unfair. I grew up in Lancaster County, and had many a shoo fly pie during my years of living there. I can tell you this is exactly the way shoo fly pie should taste.

    I did not alter anything, except I added a dash of nutmeg and of allspice into the crumb mixture. I would maybe ad a little more butter to the crumbs next time. I guess I used what is considered a deep dish stoneware pie plate, because the amount was correct.

    I had to be extremely careful putting the pie into the oven because it was sloshing around, but when it was baked it was firm but gooey, like it's supposed to be! This is really a fail-proof recipe in my opinion, any beginning baker should be able to make it, especially if you don't make your own crust.

    You have your layer of goo, then the crumbs you put on top sink into the goo, and stay on top as well. The crumbs should cover the entire surface. My pie came out perfect, with a gooey filling and a crunchy top! So make sure you use a deep dish pie plate, and other than that you should have a real Pennsylvania Dutch shoo fly pie! Richard Stiles. I have tried many recipes for Shoofly pie and have been disappointed.

    I would recommend to anyone. The perfect Shoo Fly Pie! I have searched high and low for a recipe that had just the right amount of "goo"! This is it! My family loved it! I live smack in the middle of Amish country. I followed the recipe and had no problems at all with over flow. Crumbs do not need to be mixed in. If you want a truly "wet bottom" shoo fly pie this is it. This recipe is comparable to the pies that are sold at the Farmer's markets in this area by the Amish and Mennonites.

    Great recipe!!! I haven't had shoofly pie since I was a kid. And every year at Christmas time I crave it, but, haven't ever been able to get a recipe for it until now. Of course I looked for the easiest recipe, and came across this one. As it was baking, the wonderful aroma swept me back to Grandma's kitchen. I could almost picture her tending the oven, making sure us girls didn't peak.

    Thank you so much for posting this simple and so totally delicious recipe. I let it rest for about 10 minutes. That's all I could wait. I just had to dig in. My son and I have eaten half the pie already. And I made a 12in. This is definately one of those comfort dishes and I will treasure this one always. Thanks again for the wonderful recipe.


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