What does his eminence mean

    what does his eminence mean

    His Eminence

    Define His Eminence. His Eminence synonyms, His Eminence pronunciation, His Eminence translation, English dictionary definition of His Eminence. n. 1. A position of great distinction or superiority: rose to eminence as a surgeon. 2. A rise of ground; a hill. 3. a. A person of high station or great. His Eminence His Eminence is a historical style of reference for high nobility, still in use in various religious contexts. How to pronounce his eminence?

    All rights reserved. A circumscribed area raised above the general level of the surrounding surface, particularly on a bone surface. A position of great distinction or superiority: rose to eminence as a surgeon. A person of high station or how to build a large retaining wall achievements.

    A projection or protuberance from the surface of a body part, especially a bone. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. Synonym s : eminentia [TA]. Circumscribed area raised above general level of surrounding surface, particularly in bone.

    Mentioned in? References in periodicals archive? His Eminence Bishop Niphon Saikali of Philipopolis recalled his visit to Bahrain on th anniversary of the Hindu Temple in Manama, hailing the Kingdom's religious liberties with churches representing all Christian communities and congregations.

    Bahrain's religious liberties hailed. His Eminence added, "Finalising the agreement is vital for UAE investors in terms of expanding their projects in the Netherlands, as it will safeguard against non-commercial and political risks limiting their expansion.

    UAE signs final agreement to protect and encourage investments with the Netherlands. As the four generals were released, His Eminence questioned the integrity of a tribunal that comprises international judges who cannot ruin their reputation in a political deal, and in case one of them does, the others do not. About October 3, His Eminence called the deceased and informed him that it was necessary to sell the scrolls in a short span of time in order to get out of his dire straights.

    Russian officials hail Bahrain's successful elections. Vatican Special Mass for Sri Lankans. Amoli Larijani in a letter addressed to Ayatollah Khamenei said that the unifying comments of his eminence have roots in pure fountain of Vicegerency. A spokesman for Wangpo said: " His eminence came to Birmingham to teach the ancient Tibetan Buddhist practice of resting the mind, which is a powerful practice and particularly relevant in today's world where the ever increasing pace of life often leaves us feeling disorientated, lost and confused.

    Calming influence in city. Cardinal Carter once more. Medical browser? Hiskey, Marshall S. Full browser?

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    Eminence is a position of superiority, high rank or status, or fame. In other words, eminence is the state of being eminent —high in station, rank, or reputation. Someone who is eminent is prominent or . Definition of eminence. 1: a position of prominence or superiority. 2: one that is eminent, prominent, or lofty: such as. a: a person of high rank or attainments —often used as a title for a cardinal. b: a . Your/His Eminence a title used when talking to or about a cardinal (=priest of high rank in the Roman Catholic Church) > eminence Examples from the Corpus Your/His Eminence • Filaret owed his eminence less to his holy office than to his son's willingness to treat him as a co-ruler. • Let me understand this, your eminence.

    His Eminence abbreviation H. The style remains in use as the official style or standard form of address in reference to a cardinal of the Catholic Church , reflecting his status as a Prince of the Church.

    A longer, and more formal, title is " His or Your when addressing the cardinal directly Most Reverend Eminence ". Patriarchs of Eastern Catholic Churches who are also cardinals may be addressed as "His Eminence" or by the style particular to Eastern Catholic patriarchs, His Beatitude. Styles such as "His Grand Eminence" or "His Eminent Grace" amongst others were used as well, some formalized by the pope or other powers, such as monarchs.

    However, many others were simply the personal preference of the cardinal and by the merit of other earthly offices. While the term is shunned by many individuals of other faiths or denominations of Christianity , the title is officially maintained in international diplomacy without regard for its doctrinal , philosophical and theological origins.

    Archbishops in the Eastern Orthodox Church are addressed with the styles of "Beatitude" or "Eminence". In Oriental Orthodoxy bishops holding the rank of metropolitan are referred to as "His Eminence". It is also used, informally perhaps as a rendering of an oriental style , in Islam for highly honorable religious leaders. For example, an Ayatollah or Marja' in Shia , Imam of the Sunni Barelwi school of thought, Moulana Syed Madani Mia, is often addressed with this title, along with individuals such as Moulana Khushtar Siddiqi of Mauritius , although these titles are, in essence, unofficial.

    Beyond this, the traditional rulers of the sub-national states of the Fulani , Hausa , Nupe and Kanuri peoples of Nigeria use the style as an alternative to the HRH style that is usually used by the country's royal monarchs, highlighting by so doing their positions as spiritual as well as temporal leaders.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the racehorse, see His Eminence horse. Central concepts. Monarch Monarchism Imperialism. Divine right of kings Mandate of Heaven. Trienio Liberal First French Empire. Liberal Wars Second French Empire. Italian unification Meiji Restoration. Chinese Revolution Russian Revolution. Iranian Revolution Modern Cambodia. Related topics. Archived from the original on Retrieved The Catholic Encyclopedia.

    Robert Appleton Company. Imperial, royal, and noble styles. Forms of address for popes , royalty , and nobility. Milord Millourt. Pater Patriae Augustus Sebastos Dominus.

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