What does a lion tattoo mean

    what does a lion tattoo mean

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    tattoo designs lion. what does leo the lion mean lion tattoo in hand. lion tattoo on hand lions with crowns tattoos. zodiac leo symbol leo the lion zodiac. lion meaning tattoo what month is leo the lion. story of leo constellation a lion tattoo. color lion tattoo leo the lion sign. symbol for leo. Dreaming of Lion cubs can also mean that you want to look after the cubs, protecting them and giving them all that they need to grow strong and independent. Lion Tattoo Meaning. The Lion tattoo meaning symbolizes the heart of the lion within; Tapping into strength, ferocity, and .

    Note: May be slow loading all cuneiform signs - dictionary packed into single page for easier browsing. Status: Mugsar17, CT 29vi. Contents Main Listings. Mugsar 4-Way Reference Appendix. Sumerian Cuneiform.

    English Dictionary. Copy for non-commercial purposes. Where relevant give proper attribution, see Reference section. It's all part of the unearthing process, Civilization Time, belongs to all of us, especially when the subject matter is the displaced first one — can you just see that black Kiengi designing that first tablet some years ago.

    Oh, and don"t forget the all important step 1, Write or tatto your name in cuneiform! This is ours:. Peter Hogan Mugsar Founder sumeriancuneiformdictionary gmail. Kindle was our favoured eReader faulty design won't recharge. Anyway, just send to your username kindle. Kindle now uses. Free Convert Software — The most popular seems to be Calibre. Though some say that you can"t use.

    The new Kindle. Add books [select. On job completion how long does Calibre take to convert? But first load it in, right click and use the Editor to fix up any bugs. As for converting to mobi, found Calibre far superior to Kindlegen or Kindle for PC - Kindlegen doubled the file size to over 16mb, bloated the graphics, some now not fitting the screen; and lost the TOC and cover.

    Calibre came up great, and actually reduced the file size. Online Convert - 2epub. All our Internet Archive downloads. The Mugsar is the only standalone Sumerian Cuneiform Dictionary for the founders of 'educaton', including the etymology of the word itself, years ago, in the world.

    Compare our world ranking already without any funding at academia. The unique Mugsar 4-Way. All together in each listing. At elite university sites it's all over the place.

    The real nifty part, the Mugsar QuickFinder. Specially designed for small "tablet" screens that may not be able to display cuneiform fonts. The first great civilization fl c. For the enlightened Sumer is aptly termed the "cradle of civilization". It's not going backwards, they come first at about CT.

    Inspiration for all this came out of not being able to find a Sumerian cuneiform sign list with unicode, lemma and translation. Just reading and translation is useless. And now of course linking everything is the unicode — see our unique " Mugsar 4-Way ", an example:.

    Inana and the Seven Cosmic Powers of her Loincloth. Once, my dear lady heaven roamed around. Some well funded universities like Oxford's Faculty of Oriental Studies ETCSL et al have everything separated, don"t give unicodes at all, and for the sign they link off to PSD University of Pennsylvania where it is often not clear which is the relevant one. And their translations are superficial, probably computer generated. When you work with the actual cuneiform signs, rather than just impotent readings using our boring English phonetic script, you start to see that what are forstner bits for scribes were not just telling a story, but literally painting the scene.

    When we start going deeper than such misleading translations it becomes very revealing. It's not just that to the chagrin of some, that the Sumerians keep referring to themselves as black, there's a sign in particular that clearly tells us that the very first professors, scholars, experts, master craftsman, the ones who could write and teach, were black….

    Gilgamesh, the hero of oldest written epic is also black BIL. And not only were the first scholars black, the earliest known author and poet was female and most likely blackEnheduanna.

    Starting with the Introduction see Google Books he adeptly covers the nuances using the awesome 9x6cm tablet containing 16 lines of Nertal's Axe story, encouraging the reader to begin to feel how enchanting Sumerian cuneiform is. Straight off he could have shown he was going to be totally faithful. Why not show us the beautiful picture of the magical axe, which when we go hunting for it on his own ETCSL baby c What a shame.

    Jeremy must have known the signs intimately, and could have told us so much about his personal findings on their evolution and little things to look for in the pictures.

    Really there should have been at least a chapter about the most common Sumerian cuneiform. Nope, just some pages of English phonetic script. And incredibly expensive. Yet you can find much of it around the Net see Google Books for starters and some fair dinkum cuneophiles share their contributions for free, like Frans van Koppen's Chapter 7 The Scribe of the Flood Story and His Circle at academia.

    The scribes who invented writing years ago clearly had no inhibitions about the basis for the design of their cuneiform, nor should we bowdlerize [etym. Scratching and dragging a pointed stylus would not have been near as effective and enduring for us to be able to read now. To top it off, at long last, for the many frustrated cuneophiles out there, comes the nifty Mugsar QuickFinder Index. Can you find an elite university that nifty? Oh, and if any nuts were looking for evidence that these first great civilizations got some help from aliens …well, your first glance at the arrangement of many signs sure reminds one of spaceships, docking modules, rocket thruster exhausts — take a look at LUGAL King he's in a spaceship man!

    Seriously though, enduring Sumerian picture script on tablets offers us a lot more than say Greek phonetic writing on papyrus much of it disintegrated almost immediately.

    One might first say that for starters the Greeks were much more intellectual. But how much of the basics were plagiarized from the Sumerians. With the tablets we have a conduit, like electrons through a main circuit travelling at the speed of light straight back years ago. Analogous to astronomers and their powerful telescopes peering back into the evolution of galaxies now there's an aptly interesting True Etymology — see F2 GAL big and the universe.

    The pictures the scribes have transmitted on those tablets impress a profound insight into exactly how the people of the first civilization were thinking.

    Even with only a basic familiarity with the meanings of the logograms, it can be like watching timeshifted live video. Much more fascinating than the most expensive Steven Speilberg blockbuster but then what's a movie without a scriptwriter, and we"re talking about the very first writers ever, who put down the motifs of Gilgamesh and Inana. Stop a moment and think about it.

    Put the huge amount of time in perspective. In that time many cultures did not develop writing at all, some had it and lost it. When plagio-religio somehow began to dominate the Romans the West was plunged into the Dark Ages, ironically only a bunch of monks were allowed to rehash one group of stories with a flood story, etc.

    What's in it for me, my family, my school, my business, my community? Taking the high road, it's a major altruistic endeavor. From a selfish viewpoint, it's a genuine shot at immortality. To validate such a bold answer let's do a comparison. Which has a better shot at Immortality: iPhone vs Mugsar?

    You know the iPhone from the zillion dollar Apple advertising campaigns. The epochal Mugsar is the only standalone Sumerian Cuneiform Dictionary for the founders of 'education' in the world.

    Only the Mugsar rides the coattails of, and promotes 'Civilization Time' for all students in all cultures. It constantly highlights the position of the Sumerians in CT to avoid the what does a lion tattoo mean of referring to them as 'ancient', and as a symbol that we are all part of its ascent - no cultural or class barriers, and so that users can see an unbroken timeline cf. The Mugsar will become the defacto standard for every student in every school in the world to know Sumerian Cuneiform.

    Can any other product realistically boast a market share that big? Will a well run society's top educators think it reasonable to make sure students know Sumerian Cuneiform and how they founded 'education' to make Western Civilization possible in the first place.

    Will they really be able to keep their jobs by only pushing the Romans and Greeks, like they got nothing from the Sumerians? Or will those students be browsing the Mugsar with those brain implants? Which do you think has a better shot at growing market share, year in year out, decade in decade out, century in century out, millennia in millennia out — iPhone or Mugsar? Benefactors-Sponsors of Mugsar Sections-Signs. Immortalize yourself, your family, your school, your business, your community by sponsoring the entire Mugsar, sections, like the nifty QuickFinder index, individual signs.

    Obviously signs would have different values, depending on special attributes. High value ones would be particularly prestigious, for example, the very first on the alpha-numeric unicode system:. Heck, even dispossessed families like ours could how to reset an htc touch pro 2 assigned some immortality pixels somewhere, including obscure variants that may still become more valuable for compound-making; and even turning graphics like the cover into a 10x10 pixel mosaic aka image mapping.

    All welcome. No candidate too small. Whatever happens, it would how to unlock handheld blackberry nice to think one day there will be a campus at the Mugsar Founders' Byron Bay Australia ancestral home, BallyHogan est.

    There would be 2 levels of MugsarFests: 1. MugsarFest International — a big annual event held to rival top film festivals hosted by the worldwide headquarters. MugsarFest Fundraisers at the local level — meaning at any school, town, charity, not-for-profit.

    Sumerians – Kings of the Earthlings

    Mar 30,  · A Foo Dog tattoo design could be colorful and playful, or it can be a mean and intimidating creature. There are many names that the Foo Dog goes by, A Komainu, a Fu Dog, A Guardian Lion, or Imperial Lions. Lion Tattoo Prices. A realistic lion tattoo portrait is likely to take 1 to 2 hours to complete, which can cost about $ to $ on average. A lion tattoo full sleeve design can cost around $ an hour and might be 8 hours of work or more depending on the size of your arm and the image. Heart Tattoo Cost. Lion Tattoo. Show off your courage and bravery with a lion tattoo! This majestic creature is the king in the animal world, a powerful predator that is feared and respected. Lions can also appeal to a man who is passionate about family; they live in a pride, and their strength and survival are dependent upon this close familial unit.

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