What are the factors affecting consumer buying behaviour

    what are the factors affecting consumer buying behaviour

    What are the Factors that affect Consumer Buying Behaviour?

    Jun 07, †Ј What are the Factors that affect Consumer Buying Behaviour? 1) Cultural factors Ц there is culture in every society. Culture forms the ideas, beliefs, values and behaviour of a 2) Social factors Ц Man being a social animal, his behaviour is derived from the people he . Usually the factors affecting consumer buying behaviour include psychological, social, cultural and Buying the new home cleaning service involves consumers' research for the best option available.

    Not all consumer exhibit the same buying behaviour. The buyer in influenced consumeg various variables like cultural, social, personal, and psychological factors. Culture forms the ideas, beliefs, values and behaviour of a person living in a particular region. People living with each other in an area are influenced by each other.

    A person brought up in a Hindu family will have different set of behaviour for buying meat products as compared to a person raised in a Muslim family. They both have religious restrictions on consumption of cow and pork meat.

    Culture has a powerful influence on individuals with guidelines and rules acceptable to behavoour. For exampledisplay of nudity or partial nudity is fine with some cultures; some European cultures. Same is relaxed to an extent in America. Organisations take this as an opportunity to display intimate scenes in their advertisements, etc. So organisations have to be very careful when sending a delegation for a business meeting to such regions. In Japan, elders in the family are final decision makers.

    So in business meetings the discussion has to be done directly with the senior person. In each culture, Sub-cultures exist which share their value system based on common life experiences and situations.

    They include nationalities, religions, racial groups, caste and regions. In India, within the Hindu religion in a certain subculture, the bride wears a certain colour for her wedding and in a different region a Hindu widow wears the same colour for final rites of her dead husband. The American from the west will have different values than the American from the east. Advertisements Organisations have to align their strategies according to the culture in which they wish to market their products.

    There are further divisions based on social class. Social class refers to a group in a culture whose members have same values, lifestyles, preferences and behaviours.

    They depict distinct brand preferences based on quality, lifestyle, etc. This classification is not solely based on income group, but a mix of various variables how to write business email pdf occupation, income, education, wealth, lifestyle, etc. For example, there is a certain class of people who prefer visiting golf clubs, drive luxury cars, etc. Upper class, middle class, working class, lower.

    Marketers target social class as they have similar preferences for how much will it cost to paint my car. Upper class people will prefer travelling abroad for leisure whereas the lower middle class would prefer a local outing with family or friends, etc. These factors are reference groups, family, role and status in the society.

    Reference group is a group behavior the society where a person socialises and belongs. These are the source of his values, beliefs, attitude and behaviour.

    These are family, office staff, neighborhood, a sports club, etc. For Examplea decision making on buying a vehicle gets largely influenced by the reference group. You may come across a person saying that he wants to buy a particular vehicle because his friend also has it and he greatly recommends it. Same is the case when the youth make a choice of buying a smart phone, etc. Family members strongly influence buyer behaviour. There is a very open and close interaction within a family.

    Marketing people tend to study the family behaviour most often, because for purchasing most of the products a family is involved in decision making. They try to understand the role of a family member, husband, wife, children, for purchasing a certain product.

    For examplegroceries and household goods are generally bought by female members of the family so marketers create advertisements that appeal to housewives like nutritional and health benefits of certain products, etc. There are products that the entire family utilises such as washing machines, lawn mower, refrigerator, etc.

    Hence study of families with in a culture gives opportunity for organisations to create appropriate Marketing Program. To target what are the factors affecting consumer buying behaviour, fast how to tie knots in hair chains like McDonalds, have advertisements that target them.

    They even have how to do french manicure at home where children can stand and give their orders and freebies like toys are given with McDonald meals, etc. Advertisements Roles and Statuses Ч A person being a social animal is part behavlour a group like family, clubs, etc.

    In a group every person has a role and a status. In family, a person can be an elder, eldest child, youngest child, etc.

    Each of these persons has a role to perform and a status in the family. President of a club has more status than a Personal Relations Officer. The president will have a different choice of branded clothes, vehicle preferences, etc. We buy different products over our lifetime with the change in age. For example, Preference for a vehicle changes with our age.

    A teenager would prefer health drinks over drinks for children. Similarly a person who has started working would like to settle down in life, and would opt to buy a house and products like house furniture, etc. A consymer Job and income also has great influence on the products he buys. A person working in a management role will prefer branded accessories, travel first class, etc. Marketing managers keep a track of the income status and the occupation of the target market.

    For example, due to government policies sometimes the organisations have to move and change their region, this affects the occupation and income of the people in that region. These changes offer a marketing manager threats as well as opportunities for introducing a modified product at a clnsumer price, etc.

    Lifestyle Ч people often adopt certain lifestyle depending on their goal in life. For example, educated, wealthy, happy, etc. Lifestyle refers to attitude, belief, interest, and opinion a person exhibits with how to make stink bombs with household items to himself and the world around him. This is expressed in his day to day activities, thoughts, etc.

    Some youngsters prefer going out with friends and shop for latest accessories. And some prefer spending time serving as volunteers in an NGO. Hence, similar age groups can have different lifestyles.

    Families can have a lifestyle in which visiting a movie hall, partying with friends, etc. These families will spends lot of time and money on fast foods, trendy clothes, etc. Personality and self-image Ч Personality refers to certain traits in a person that distinguishes him from others. Similarly there could be people who socialise a lot and are adaptable, open minded to discuss anything.

    People with a certain personality would buy products that suit their personality. An outgoing person would prefer buying trendy and attractive clothes, and prefer sitting in a coffee shop with friends, etc.

    Similarly an buyiing person will have a different choice of colours when choosing a dress, etc. We all have a self-image which is modified because of the situations we face, and also because of the influence of our role models.

    This has influence on our buying behaviour, and affects our clothing, manners, etc. This buyiing be our own perceived image behavioru how others perceive our image. Looking at our image and looking at ourselves from others eyes. All individuals try to bring these two self-image concepts into one and create a match.

    Buying of watches, opening bank accounts in particular banks, high end gadgets, etc. Advertisements 4 Conskmer factors Ч there are four psychological factors that influence buying behaviour Ч motivation, perception, learning, and beliefs and attitudes. Motivation Ч it has been studied and proved by psychologists that dhat person under the influence of unconscious changes his consciously made decision.

    Various psychologists have tried to explain motivation theory differently. A need becomes a motive when it continuously encourages a person to act. Consumers not only look for a good product considering the price and durability, but are also influenced by emotions. Ernest Dichter, a psychologist, in his study revealed that men smoke cigar as an adult version of thumb sucking.

    These are Social Needs which are sense of belonging and love. We can see that a person would not strive for esteem needs unless he has the first three needs fulfilled. This helps marketers understand the needs of their target customers, and design and produce a product that appeals to them. Perception Ч once a person conshmer a motive to make a purchase he is influenced by his perception which is the analysis of the information he has gathered.

    Perception can be based xonsumer knowledge, opinion or faith. Learning Ч a person changes his preferences basis his experience. If a person has a good experience with a certain brand, the brand image is positively reinforced. When buying a product fzctors may check for the same brand. Marketers influence customers based on the learning categories Ч drives, affectinf, responses and reinforcements. Beliefs and attitudes Ч A belief is a feeling or a thought about something that may be rational or irrational.

    An attituderefers to beliefs expressed in words or behaviour. People form Beliefs about a product according to the benefits it provides. Belief is formation of internal feelings whether negative or positive. It can be rational or irrational.

    A person can have a belief about a restaurant about its ambience, menu, etc. Previous experience, recommendation from friends, and other information affects the belief system.

    Factors Influencing Consumer Buying Behaviour

    Aug 04, †Ј Social factors affecting consumer buying behavior: A customerТs buying behavior is also influenced by social factors, such as the groups to which the customer belongs and social status. Each culture contains Уsub-culturesФ Ц groups of people with share values. Sub-cultures can include nationalities, religions, racial groups, or groups of people sharing the same geographical location.

    Have you ever wondered as to why customers pick your products over that of competitors? What drives them to purchase more, certain times of the month or year? Why they choose certain types of products over others?

    Finding answers to these questions is important to sustain and stay as the preferred choice of customers. When you understand your consumer buying behaviour, you can adopt more directed marketing efforts towards increased sales. Advertisements are one of the factors influencing buying behaviour, the way consumers make purchase decisions and consume products.

    We are constantly bombarded with advertisements almost every living moment. One could argue that advertisements have become such an integral part that they influence our lives in its entirety. From the kind of outfit we wear to the electronic brands we prefer, they are all choices that are influenced by the power of advertising. And, advertising has become an even bigger part of our life due to social media. Most companies run ads on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

    People are influenced not only by the products they see on advertisements but by the products that are discussed in media. The popularity of YouTube has further turned these celebs into major influencers of what products customers purchase.

    Personal preferences largely drive the decision of consumer purchase behaviour, as to purchase a product or invest in a service. Take for instance as a customer buying behaviour, age and lifestyle of individual customers. One of the factors influencing consumer buying behaviour significantly is the age.

    Every individual goes through the following stages and shows a different buying need in each stage:. Along with age, there are other personal factors of consumer behaviour like gender, body type, occupation, religious preference, colour preference, sexual orientation, lifestyle, etc.

    All of these play an important role in the way customers buy products. For example, one would expect someone in their teens, adolescence and young adulthood to invest in fidget spinners as opposed to someone in their 50s and 60s. The society we live in and the environment we are exposed to play an important role in how we make purchase decisions.

    Much like how advertisements coax us to try new products, people around us also play an important role in deciding consumer purchase behaviour. Most of us can attest to having been influenced by the choices of our friends, acquaintances and colleagues. Thinks about it, how many clothes, shoes, accessories, electronics you have bought, based on suggestions of your friends and acquaintances. People from a financially richer persuasion upper middle class and upper class are more likely to buy certain products than others middle class and below.

    Cultural values are also important in defining buying tendencies of people. For example, people of faith are more likely to purchase certain items over others. The country, state and language we speak play a role as well in shaping purchase decisions of customers. For example, Indians are more likely to buy white clothes before the festival of Holi. The sale of sweets, dry fruits and condiments also increases during the festive season.

    A person who makes less than 10 lakhs in a year is less likely to purchase a car worth Rs 35 lakhs as opposed to someone who makes 30 lakhs. Economics is important in deciding how we decide to make purchases. There are other economic factors influencing consumer behaviour. Credit and EMI facilities also dictate the purchase behaviour. If a store provides EMI facility on its products, it incentivises the likelihood of a customer making a purchase. You can obtain information about their income through feedback forms and surveys.

    A best POS software can help you with this. It can also help in building a loyalty program which is great to target people looking for economical options that come with good rewards. Zoho Survey. Feedback Management System. Aarvi Task Management System. Mink Foodiee Feedback Management System. Xoxoday Plum. Employee Vibes. Microsoft Office Business Basic. Monarch Smart Cut Pro. Filmora X. Techno Trade. Hompath Firefly. Marg POS. Plantronics Calisto Mcafee Antivirus.

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    Marketing and Advertisement Advertisements are one of the factors influencing buying behaviour, the way consumers make purchase decisions and consume products.


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