I have phimosis what should i do

    i have phimosis what should i do

    What is phimosis?

    Sep 12,  · Have the doctor recommend brands and types of ointments or lotions that are safe. If the paraphimosis continues for several hours, color changes occur, or there is Author: James Roland. Nov 13,  · Balanitis is usually treated with good hygiene, and in some cases steroid creams or ointment. Treatment options for phimosis depend on the Author: Amanda Barrell.

    ScaredGuy over a year ago. Guest over a year ago. Couldn't find what you looking for? New Reply Follow New Topic. ScaredGuy over a year ago Hey people, i've literally just turned 17 and I have noticed a problem with my penis well I noticed a year or so ago but I thought it was just normal?

    Even though I watch a lot of porn Yeah I masturbate quiet a lot could this be a cause? I have done my research and I have dug out so called "Stretching techniques" Do you feel I should do this?

    What method should I use? Sorry for bombarding you with questions but Please understand my fears. If you do it a couple of times a day, or as often as you can, you'll notice results shortly, a few months or less. As for creams, they usually are a steroid cream. If you want to go this route see your doctor.

    Steroids are hormones for one thing and you don't really need them near your testicles - they get absorbed into the skin. Also, you need the right strength, it does vary. Long term use can make the blood vessels on your penis prominent stick out or cause scarring. Prescribed by a doctor they're safe.

    Even steroids aren't an "instant" fix they take time. Hope it helps. Guest what seafood is considered shellfish a how to start a cleaning business in minnesota ago Thankyou for your Reply, could you please tell me a method of how I could possible stretch the foreskin?

    Others get an erection and just pull down on the skin on the shaft so that the head of the penis stretches the foreskin.

    Find a way that works for you. You don't have to pull so hard that it hurts but you may feel some discomfort. Quick reply. If you want to get notified by every reply to your post, please register.

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    Different types of phimosis

    Sep 05,  · In the event that you have detected the problems that may indicate that you suffer from phimosis, go to a specialist. Sometimes when phimosis is not very severe and it does not lead to a health risk, sufferers are recommended to perform special penis exercises in order to facilitate the mobility of the foreskin, as well as the application of funslovestory.com: Max. D Gray. Phimosis stretching should only be done on a healthy foreskin. If you have rashes or fungal infections, first try to resolve it first using clotrimazole anti-fungal creams. You can get back to stretching again once it is fully healthy. Glans sensitivity If you have phimosis, you will also most likely have a Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins. Phimosis or not?? Have I got phimosis Do I have phimosis? 16 years old 25 years old and phimosis How do i know if i have phimosis? I think i have a tight frenelum I can only masturbate when foreskin covers the head i have a relative phimosis penis and also head of penis painful Phimosis, Finally Retracted But Still Tight.

    Guest over a year ago. John over a year ago. I think you can get a Vitamin E ointment without a prescription. Vitamin E makes skin more elastic. You can also take it orally in capsule form, and I'm sure you can get that without a scrip.. After you take care of the phimosis, you may find the frenulum breve is better too. Roland over a year ago. Couldn't find what you looking for? New Reply Follow New Topic. I can retract the foreskin when i'm flacid even though it's uncomfortable due to the frenulum breve but when erect i can't even get two thirds past the head.

    Anyways i've been doing research a lot and i found out that i might need to get the frenoplasty is it covered by insurance? I don't want my parents finding out, i live by myself. My question is, Should i do the stretching of the foreskin to deal with the phimosis first and then when it's fixed get the frenoplasty?

    Or should i just go to the doctor now, and fix the phimosis and frenulum breve altogether? Anyone tried the steroid creams? Do they really work? Guest over a year ago The diagnosis of frenulum breve is frequently confounded with that of phimosis. The condition may be easily treated without major surgery by threading a suture through the lower membrane, and then tying a tight knot around the frenulum itself.

    After a few days the frenulum will weaken and eventually break apart to allow the prepuce to fully retract. Stretching exercises and steroid creams may also be helpful.

    Alternatively, it may be treated by a reparative plastic surgery operation called a frenuloplasty, or by complete circumcision including removal of the frenulum frenectomy. Your doctor may suggest getting both fixed at the same time since fixing the frenulum is going to have to be done by the doctor anyway.

    Phimosis is sometimes used as a justification for circumcision, so that it will be covered by a national health system or insurance plan. Regarding phimosis, application of topical steroid cream for weeks to the narrow part of the foreskin is relatively simple and less expensive than surgical treatments.

    It has replaced circumcision as the preferred treatment method for some physicians in the U. National Health Service. I know that a doctor can also give me a small operation to cure my phimosis but i think it's cheaper to stretch it myself.

    One more question: is the frenuloplasty covered by insurance? And is the operation for phimosis covered by insurance too? I'm 19 so i can go to the doctor alone and avoid the awkward conversation with the parents but won't be able to if i need to pay for the surgery.

    Or can i find something similar at a pharmacy over the counter? Guest over a year ago Sorry, I can't definitively say whether the procedures are covered by insurance. It most certainly varies with the provider and supporting documentation from the physician. The steroidal creams are by prescription only as far as I can determine. John over a year ago I think you can get a Vitamin E ointment without a prescription.

    Roland over a year ago You are normal for your age. Your foreskin is still developing. You can help it develop by stretching it. When your penis is erect, gently pull your foreskin back against the head of the penis. As the head attempts to pass through the foreskin it will stretch the skin a little.

    Do this every day and in a few weeks or months your foreskin will widen and you will be able to retract your foreskin. Do NOT force retraction. It works by tissue expansion. New skin cells are formed and the skin expands but it takes some time. The increase in size is permanent. Be patient and let mitosis do its work. The important thing is to put the skin under tension every day so that it will grow wider. Frenulum That piece of skin at the bottom of the glans is called the frenulum.

    It is normal and it is supposed to be there. The frenulum serves to limit the rearward travel of the foreskin. If your foreskin bunches up behind the head when you retract you most likely have a short frenulum frenulum breve. Test it by pulling back on the foreskin. If the head of your penis bends down when you pull back your foreskin, you have frenulum breve.

    You can stretch the frenulum manually just like you do your foreskin. That is the best course of action if the frenulum is too short to permit your foreskin to retract. There also is a minor operation to relieve the frenulum, called frenuloplasty and another called frenectomy. One of these might be necessary, if the stretching does not work.

    Urologists do this. Circumcision is NOT necessary to treat this condition. Quick reply. If you want to get notified by every reply to your post, please register.

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