How to use elmah in mvc 4

    how to use elmah in mvc 4

    Best Logging libraries for ASP.NET MVC

    You can use Elmah XML filter configuration in separate file, create and add custom filters: services. AddElmah mvc errors aspnetcore netcore error-handling asp-net-core netstandard asp-net-core-mvc mvc6 error-log net-core elmah mvc-core aspnetcoremvc netstandard20 elmah-core net-core-3 net-core-5 Resources. Readme License. Apache Feb 22, 4. Elmah (logging in SQL database) Source Code is available on Github link are provided at end of the Article. Creating funslovestory.com Application. Lets start with creating a simple funslovestory.com Web application using funslovestory.com Template with Name WebErrorLogging.

    Logging is the act of keeping a log. The log file is a file where all events or error of application is written. To know what is going wrong in your application logging is important. Icons made by Freepik from www. We have 4 logging libraries elmwh we are going see in details how to implement them with ASP. NET Web application using 4. After creating the application first library which we are going to see how to implement is Log4net. The Apache log4net library is a tool to help the programmer output log statements to a variety of output targets.

    For doing this in Log4net we need to add configuration in web. Then inside log4net element we can see root element inside that tag we have 2 more child element one is level and another is appender-ref. Allows the logger to reference appenders by name. Defines the logging level hse this logger. This elmab will only accept an event that is at this level or above. If the value is set to false then the file will be overwritten, if it is set to true then the file will be appended to.

    After initializing the XmlConfigurator method in global. Now for the demo, I have tto a Controller with name DefaultController with index action method in this to show elmay we can log error, debug information using it. After adding a controller and getting an instance of LogManager class we have logged message on various levels.

    Now we have completed with logging application into text howw next we are going to log the exception into the database. Adding this configuration in web. Now we are going to run the same application which we have used for logging message in the text file but this time we are going to log message into the database. After running ho and accessing Default Controller messages are logged in the database as shown below. After elmaah with understand Log4net next we are going to move forward and see how to use Nlog for logging messages.

    NLog is a flexible and free logging platform for various. NET platforms, including. NET standard. NLog makes it easy to write to several targets. For doing this in NLog we need to add eelmah in web. There are lots of options you can set according to your need you can jse logs based on time size of the file. After configuring NLog next we are going to add DefaultController with index action method in it for logging Next, we are going to use LogManager class to create Logger instance.

    After creating an instance of Logger, we are going to call various logger levels methods to log messages. Now we have completed with logging messages in text files next with few changes in config file we are going log messages into the database ho simple steps. After completing with creating Hoe table next we are going to add configuration settings to an existing web. We just need to add a new target with a new name in existing NLog configuration.

    After completing with understanding Nlog next we are going to move forward and see how to use Serilog Log for mvf messages. Serilog is mbc diagnostic logging library for. NET applications. It is easy to set up, has a clean API, and runs on all recent. NET platforms. While it's useful even in the simplest applications, Serilog's support for structured logging shines when instrumenting complex, distributed, and how to strip old paint from wood deck applications and systems.

    Serilog uses levels as the primary means for assigning importance to log events. The levels in increasing order of importance are:. I have created a static class with name helper such that sue can be used without creating an object. Now after creating an yo, I have created different methods according to different levels such that we can use different methods according to requirements.

    After creating a helper, we are next going call this helper class in DefaultController index elmaah method to test and log messages of all type. After adding Helper Class to logging message in Default Controller next we are going save the application and test it.

    After completing logging messages in a text how to install linksys re1000 wireless-n range extender using Serilog next we are going to learn how to log message into SQL database using same Serilog but mbc another additional NuGet package.

    After installing NuGet package how to make arroz caldo pinoy style we are going to write a similar helper class as we wrote for logging message in a text file, but this time we are going to logging message in the database. Till now we have configured Serilog entirely using code now we are going to use appsettings for doing the same configuration of logging messages in a text file.

    After configuration in appsettings next, we are going make little change in the code to make it works for this configuration.

    Finally, we have completed with logging messages using serilog Next, we are going to have a look at the last Best logging option we have is ELMAH. In a similar way, while installing elmah and elmah. After setting connection string next you need to execute Elmah. Sqlserver script in the database for generating tables and stored procedure of Elmah.

    Now we have configured ELMAH lets create a default controller with index action method which will throw an error. Now we have stored error viewing this error on uxe we need to do configuration in web. Finally, we have learned how to use all 4 loggers which are best for logging in ASP. These loggers are been used in live production application by many companies. Thank you for spending your valuable time on this reading article.

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    Configuring the Application to Run in Medium Trust

    Form includes @funslovestory.comthodOverride(funslovestory.com) in order to use the HttpDelete verb, as action marked with the HttpDeleteAttribute. In the JS function I do use action confirmation (with help of external plugin, but standard confirm works fine too. Don't forget to use bind() in call back or var that=this (whatever you prefer). MVC will iterate the IEnumerable and call the template for type T for each element. CodeCaster Sep 5 '15 at Regarding your edit: it's either your code that's wrong or a bug in that specific MVC version (in it works for me). 03/28/ funslovestory.com MVC 4, funslovestory.com Web API and funslovestory.com Web Pages v2 (Razor) now all open source with contributions: 03/21/ Extending the Visual Studio 11 Web Browser Chooser and Browse With Menu to include Developer Profiles: 03/20/ Features NO ONE NOTICED in Visual Studio 11 Express Beta for Web.

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    I don't want to use buttons. I guess it has something with jquery. Or just call the form's submit method with or without jQuery which would be non-AJAX , perhaps in the onclick event of whatever control takes your fancy.

    Use "return false;" at the end of your onclick javascript event if you want to do a server side RedirectToAction after the post otherwise just return the view. Aidos had the right answer just wanted to make it clear since it is hidden inside a comment on his post made by CodingWithSpike. Here was an answer baked into the default ASP. Form submit using pure javascript to some containing form.

    My Solution to this issue is a fairly simple one. I have a page that does a customer search one by the whole email and the other by a partial, the partial pulls and displays a list the list has an action link that points to a actionresult called GetByID and passes in the id.

    This has been a difficult problem for me to solve. How can I build a dynamic link in razor and html that can call an action method and pass a value or values to a specific action method? I considered several options including a custom html helper. I just came up with a simple and elegant solution. The point here is that Url. It will access either type of method. You can pass your data to the action method using.

    I have tried this and it works. No, you are not technically doing a post or submitting the form but if the routeValues object contains your data, it doesnt matter if its a post or a get. You can use a particular action method signature to select the right method. JavaScript function confirmDelete id which is called when the link generated with Html. ActionLink is clicked;. OnClick event for buttons could be attached with jQuery for all buttons in the list as alternative probably it will be even better, as it will be less text in the HTML page and data could be passed via data- attribute.

    Form includes Html. HttpMethodOverride HttpVerbs. In the JS function I do use action confirmation with help of external plugin, but standard confirm works fine too. Response has code which redirect to Index action, by this you refresh your screen after delete.

    See the following post for details: Http Deletes. So a hybrid method needs to be used for this purpose. Steps: 1. Create URL for href which calls the a method with url and parameter 2. This can be any parameter as you require. If you want to post existing form, it's easier to use ajaxSubmit. And you don't have to setup this code in the ActionLink itself, since you can attach link handler in the document.

    I did not need as much as Vitaliy stated but it pointed me in the right direction. All I had to do was this:. Stack Overflow for Teams Collaborate and share knowledge with a private group. Create a free Team What is Teams? Learn more. Asked 11 years, 3 months ago. Active 1 year, 8 months ago. Viewed k times. Improve this question. A-Sharabiani 13k 12 12 gold badges 85 85 silver badges bronze badges. I've wrote a method that is similar to Html. I'll see if I can give option to replace button with link that submits form.

    See here: stackoverflow. Add a comment. Active Oldest Votes. Improve this answer. Aidos Aidos 2, 3 3 gold badges 25 25 silver badges 29 29 bronze badges. Note that to make this work, you will have to include one of the ajax javascript files, for example " jquery. Syntax to make the link would be like: Ajax. Btw, I am using ASP. CokoBWare this one stackoverflow. It does not seem to be broken for me Just give them the same CssClass name.

    Razor Code using Html. ID Html. Idris Idris 3 3 silver badges 3 3 bronze badges. ActionLink will never fire post. It always trigger GET request. Navish Rampal Navish Rampal 1 1 gold badge 5 5 silver badges 8 8 bronze badges. Use this link inside Ajax. BeginForm Html. Alexey Smolyakov Alexey Smolyakov 6 6 silver badges 6 6 bronze badges. I have a page that does a customer search one by the whole email and the other by a partial, the partial pulls and displays a list the list has an action link that points to a actionresult called GetByID and passes in the id the GetByID pulls the data for the selected customer then returns return View "Index", model ; which is the post method.

    Brandon You can pass your data to the action method using Url. Action string actionName, string controllerName, object routeValues the routeValues object. I tried your sample and browser sends GET to the server, even form has Post type.

    If actionMethod in controller has attribute [HttpPost] request fails as route not found. I have done the same issue using following code: using Html. Hidden "ProductID", item. If you have many items on the page, you will need to wrap each of them into form, and as result many forms will be generated.

    VitaliyMarkitanov you're suggest to use jQuery ajax? Look at my post below in this thread, i explained my solution there.

    This is my solution for the problem. HttpDelete] [System. Delete Html. ActionLink is clicked; confirmDelete function required id of item being clicked. Stacked 5, 5 5 gold badges 51 51 silver badges 68 68 bronze badges. Vitaliy Markitanov Vitaliy Markitanov 1, 17 17 silver badges 20 20 bronze badges. Hidden "returnUrl", Model. Maya Maya 5 5 silver badges 10 10 bronze badges. Following is the solution which is working for me. Rest are simple.. Tejasvi Hegde Tejasvi Hegde 2, 23 23 silver badges 18 18 bronze badges.

    All I had to do was this: using Html. Grandizer Grandizer 2, 3 3 gold badges 37 37 silver badges 65 65 bronze badges.

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