How to stop roof bars whistling

    how to stop roof bars whistling

    Roof box tips: which to buy, how to fit it, reducing noise and storage solutions

    If you don’t want to spend the money on a roof rack wind fairing, there is a quick fix that may stop your roof rack from whistling. This fix works by using a bungee cord to diffuse the wind hitting the rack. Simply wrap a 4-foot bungee cord in a tight spiral around the crossbars, attaching the cord at both ends of the crossbar. Jul 21,  · funslovestory.com or funslovestory.com, Best bungee cord deals online will help you eliminate wind howling noise from your roof rack. At first.

    If there is one complaint that you'll hear from roof rack owners at least once, it's about the annoying noise some cross bars make. It is enough to drive anyone nuts. The problem is worse on the older square and round bars but the new profiled bars can suffer whiztling same fate. We'll show you whistlling to stop, or at a how to delete songs off itunes on iphone significantly reduce the whisteling from your noisy roof racks.

    Check Prices. The wind noise we hear from some ahistling racks is known as Aeolian no ise and is produced by wind when it passes over or through objects. If the surface the wind passes over has a consistent shape, stopp disturbance becomes tonal and at certain frequencies very annoying.

    The amount of noise depends on the speed of the airflow how fast you are driving and the drag coefficient of the cross bar. The higher the drag coefficient, the more noise is created. If you compare the different shapes of cross bars, there is a masive difference in the drag coefficient between them. A square bar has a drag coefficient of about 1. The sstop to reducing the noise from a roof rack is by either diverting or disturbing the airflow around the cross bar.

    The first whietling is to add a wind fairing. Most manufacturers have one in their product line-up. A wind fairing is a plastic shield attaches to the front cross bar and attempts to divert airflow over and away from the bar to reduce wind noise and drag. Using a wind fairing will definetely help in reducing whistlihg noise, but let's face wgistling, it's just another piece of flimsy kit that gets in the way of loading and unloading your gear.

    Most of the premium racks comes with some type of textured rubber insert that disturbs the airflow and breaks up the frequency of the Aeolian noise we mentioned earlier.

    Uow helps reduce windnoise significantly. But what about a square or round bar? Whistping recommend using padded cross bar pads. Wrapping the cross bars in pads also disturbs the airflow over and around the bars thereby reducing the humming or whistling noise from a naked roof rack cross bar. An added benefit is that the pads serve as protection when strapping surfboards, SUPs or any other flat piece of gear to your roof. In many cases the padding also reduce side to side movement.

    If you want to go low-tech, try wrapping some bungee cord in a spiral around your cross bars. This does an amazing job of bringing down the noise. And it's a fraction of the price of a new profiled bar. The new aero foil cross bars provides a significant improvement in roof rack noise. The Thule Aeroblade and Rhino-Rack Vortex bars both feature noise reducing strips that what to give to a food bank them almost silent in many applications.

    This is something often overlooked when trying reduce roof rack noise. If you have a choice choose edge bars instead of load bars. Load bars are wwhistling good choice when you are moving heavy or large loads since it offers a larger surface area and therefore load capacity. A noisy roof rack can be very unpleasant and eliminating the noise should be a priority. With whisper quiet electric vehicles becoming mainstream manufacturers will have to step up their game to develop products that sfop quieter untill hopefully one day the noise from the roof will be a thing of the past.

    In the meantime, check out our Roof How to stop roof bars whistling Buyers Guide to find the right roof rack for you. Home Buyers Guides Which Manufacturer? Thule vs Yakima vs Rhino Rack - has the best ski racks? Sup Taxi vs SupDawg.

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    Oct 16,  · You can also wrap some 1/4" to 3/8" rope in a spiral around both bars. This breaks up the vorticies that create the whistling noise in the first place and is easier than repositioning your rack. Alright people, Took the roof box off for first time in a long time, drove 5 hrs to Cardigan and back and the whole way there, at any speed >60mph the most mind-bendingly annoying high pitch moan. Jan 31,  · In this video I show you how to fix the horrible LED Light Bar Whistle you get. I fixed it for under $10 and it works perfectly!Feel free to ask any question.

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    Or Learn more Continue. Song of the Paddle Forum. Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. I think the majority of noise is from the front bar and I can move it by about cm forwards to try and change the 'attack' angle. I think that the T-Track rubbers are fitted correctly isn't much choice really. Mal Grey. Most of the time my Thule are fairly quiet - you get wind noise, but no whistling. Every now and then, though, I do something different I've never worked out what!

    So yes, worth moving them about slightly. I use Thule square bars and keep the noise down by turning the stereo up. I wouldn't beleive the aero-hype, the drag coefficient will be lower but they will still have an impact on fuel economy - best to get used to taking them off when not needed, like what I rarely do. I actually took mine off last week because I had miles to do for work before I needed them again. Coupled with new injectors a couple of weeks ago I managed very close to 50mpg for the first time since I've had the car 5 years - previously I could manage about 45 without roof load but felt it had dropped away recently.

    Previous weekend with 3 boats on and strong winds, well I haven't worked it out yet, it will have been closer to 30mpg though. Still a long way short of the original manufacturers claim of 60mpg extra-urban, but with k on the clock I don't ever expect to get near that! That's partly why I bought quick-removal roof bars. Mine whistle as well at low speed if there's nothing on the roof not when my canoe is on. I think it's kinda cute so I don't mind, but if they were on all the time I think it might get old quickly.

    Think I'd go with Mal's suggestion of sending them back. If it's that bad they are not fit for purpose. I put a set of these on my audi and they were fine right out the box, no tweaking required other than some black tape over the unused adjustment slots. I'm not sure if they'd have whistled but it was easy to do while they were new, clean and off the car.

    YMMV as perhaps it's the interaction of the car and bar that are making the airflow weird. I like the whispbars, fitting bike racks and roofboxes etc is a two minute job. My round Yakima bars hum when bare, but I control the hum either with clip-on Windjammers, or with a slanted front fairing.

    The Yakima fairing is on now, and it quiets the hum, and also supposedly improves the mpg a bit compared to bare crossbars. The fairing attachment clips do interfere a bit with carrying our tandem canoe, but not with my usual solo craft. Others report that various things attached to the Yakima crossbars, such as attachment hardware, or even a towel wound around, will quiet the hum but will leave some rushing air noise. A slanted front fairing is the quietest solution, short of removing the bars and towers.

    Is there a customer service number for the manufacturer? They may have run into this problem before and have some solutions. Thanks for feedback guys - I had bought these bars as they should have been quiet, but aren't!

    I wanted aero bars with T-Track as they are much easier to use with bike carriers, etc. Alan - I had looked at the Whispbar but the price was nearly double the ones I bought! Will post back Mine were from Lidl and are silent and really cheap!

    I don't think that there is any such thing as 'virtually non-existent', it either exists or it doesn't, and to be honest if you stick something on the roof of your car you have to expect some noise.

    Turn the radio up or take them off are probably your options. It's an Audi though, a new A6 too, you wouldn't want to be putting Lidl bars on it! Maggot wrote: Mine were from Lidl and are silent and really cheap! I can't see the picture on Tapatalk. I know on my insignia estate they are noisy why they're closer together for kayaks than when further apart for the canoe.

    Maybe worth considering. Chestnut Bob. The only time my bars "hum" is when I get the tie downs wrong. I now have the OCA wide straps that are very quiet. My bars are Thule aero bars, not the wing type, and they are very quiet. Here's a question for those with noisy bars that should give some context - how far a journey would you need to do before you removed your bars?

    Thats how bad they are. Sent from my D using Tapatalk. John K. I had chunky Rhino bars on my last van and they made a lot of noise above 60 and cost me about 3mpg. I took them off whenever they weren't being used.

    I now have Thule Wing bars and you wouldn't know they were there at all. I don't see any point in taking these ones off! MaxiP wrote: Here's a question for those with noisy bars that should give some context - how far a journey would you need to do before you removed your bars? The missing bit of information about my cheap roof bars being silent may be pertinent.


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