How to secure a gate post to a wall

    how to secure a gate post to a wall

    How to anchor post to concrete

    The best way to secure a fence gate to a brick wall is by installing anchor bolts, using a hammer drill equipped with a masonry bit. If you don't own a hammer drill, you can rent one from a home equipment rental facility. Step 1 Place the gate against the brick wall in the closed position. When putting on the wire netting, bolt a stretcher bar to the cleats. Threadle galvanised wire through the pre-drilled holes and use it to tie the straining wire to the posts. Securing a wooden end post to a wall. If the fence adjoins a masonry wall, the first post needs to be attached to the wall .

    By far the easiest of the gate posts to fix and supplied in the same material as your gates softwood gates then softwood fixing stiles etc. Concreting posts into the ground? Please see our guide showing you how to sink your posts into the ground.

    Ideally choose a gate post that is large enough to fix you hinges to but not overly large our fixing stiles come in two standard sizes of 58mm and 70mm thick but other sizes can be machined upon request. Before fitting the fixing stiles it is always a good idea to get at least one coat of your chosen finish on the stiles, especially on the rear of the stile the side that would be against the wall and underneath what happened to many manuscripts of anglo- saxon literature stiles as you will not be able to access these once fitted.

    Aim to get the head of the fixings just below the surface. If using frame fixings, see below. If the post is not plumb on the side, then slightly loosen fixings and adjust accordingly. If the post is not plumb with the level sitting on the face of the post, then loosen relevant fixings and insert packers between gate post and wall and repeat until face of gate post is plumb.

    Once plumb re-tighten fixings and check for plumb once more. It pays to do this once the gates have been hung and you know everything fits! Another option to fix the wooden gate posts to the wall is frame fixings a larger version of a rawl plug and screw if you like, often used for fixing door and window frames, hence the name frame fixings. If you do use frame fixings shown as B in the picture then the method of fitting is much the same as what is mentioned above.

    However when drilling and fitting you must drill all the holes into the brickwork pre-drill the timber gate posts as before and place the plugs or sleeves remove the screws first! Brilliant video, i had never heard of masonary bolts not ones that dont use resin anyway. I will definately opt for these instead of frame fixings which would have been my default fixing. I much prefer them over frame fixings! Thanks for the comments on the video, lot of work went into that more to come shortly how to modify a xbox 360 to play burned games. Your video was great.

    Just a question, when you drill into wall with masonary bit do you drill all the way in for the length of the how to create foam in coffee to follow or just drill so far in? Thanks Philip. Normally you drill into the wall the length of the bolt plus a bit of clearance. Excellent information. Heading off tomorrow to fit my 1st pair of gates.

    Any tips would be appreciated. Just make sure you get a decent fixing to your brickwork and stonework, as using posts of that size there is a tendency for the posts to twist off, away from the brickwork otherwise. Top-hole Excuse the pun? I fully recommend this video to anyone who has a DIY gate job on hand. I wanted the low-down on hammer-fixings, but instead I found an even better way! I am another who had never come across the screw-in bolts. I am using decking boards coach-bolted to a 3x 2 frame for the gate btw.

    In case you need an idea for a quick side gate. Best of luck. Thanks fellas. For the post into the ground Tanalised softwood or better still and a bit more expensive sawn green oak. For the wall fixing post either the same timber as you gate or again tanalised softwood or the green oak!

    If it is not visible or showing up as just a black I think! Also if your viewing the site on a mobile device then then video may not be supported. Nothing comes up when I open the page saying it needs anything. Download the latest version of Adobe Flash-player. Takes about two minutes. Great thanks for letting us know!

    Hello Jon. Great video. One quick question please. I can hang one gatepost onto our house wall using these instructions. However the other how to secure a gate post to a wall of the drive, the neighbours house creates the border. They are not keen on me securing the other gatepost to their wall, so have no choice but to sink it into the ground on my drive. As the hole will be up against a brick wall, will it be OK to ignore that 6 inch guide and move it closer to their wall and just leave a smaller gap of say 1 inch from their wall, but 6 inch the other 3 sides if that makes sense?

    Many thanks. The other thing to bear in mind when sinking the post into the ground is you may well end up hitting the foundations of the house which may cause problems for you. Just wanted to thank you for putting up this information and recording the video. So my plan is to how do you convert kw to watts rid of all of that and start afresh with a proper gate build.

    Great vid, really useful thanks. I am fitting gates with one post sunk into the ground and the other post attached to a wall. You mentioned that bigger is better for sinking and for wall fixings the narrower the better.

    The gates are double, width cm x height cm. Pick a post too small for the in the ground post and you can find that the post bows under the weight of the gates, which in turn means you gate catches the floor as you open or close it. Nothing stopping you fixing a larger post to a wall, though for best results and a more secure fixing a narrower post is the best! Great tutorial, thanks. Do you have any advice for fitting a single pedestrian gate where how to catch palkia in soul silver two outer walls used to fix the posts on are at an angle?

    For reference, one wall is the house, the other wall is the garage at around a 30 degree angle. If you cannot do this then you should still be ok to hang the gate as normal but you may find you end up with tighter clearances gaps on the side of the gate which is against the gatepost fixed how to stop ads in android phone the angled wall. This is brilliant. Thank you very much. Hello, I am looking to purchase a pair of cranked band and hinges galvanised mm to fit on a mm garden gate.

    Can you please let me know what is a salaried position the width is of the hinge pin plate- My gate post is 47mm wide. Sorry to trouble you, but I do not want to place an order, only to find when I receive them they will not fit. Thank You in advance Ron Nutten.

    As others have said, great tutorial. Clear, easy to follow and to the point. If only all web tutorials were like this! Thanks very much. Hi im looking to fit a gate post to my wall however i was just wondering if you had any tips for pebbledashed walls.

    Do i just bolt straight through on top of it how will i know if im in the middle of the masonry behind it and not in a mortar bed? Just fit it straight to the wall as normal, if the pebbledash is uneven then you may well have to pack the post plumb in several places. Any idea which fixings to how to release neck tension if you have an oak gate post?

    My understanding is that anything other than stainless steel will stain the oak the when it reacts with the tannins?

    Yes, ideally all fixings and fittings should be marine grade stainless steel. Using anything else will cause a reaction between the metal and the tannins within the oak which over time will cause blue stain on both the metalwork and Oak as the metalwork corrodes. If you are building a block wall and plan on attaching a gate later, is it better to add some bolts to the wall as you building it?

    Rather than using screws later? If building a wall and you intend to fit gates at a later date you can actually get away without using gate posts by using hooks to build.

    These are the hinge pins that get built in. Your email address will not be published. Log in. How to fit gate posts to a wall By far the easiest of the gate posts to fix and supplied in the same material as your gates softwood gates then softwood fixing stiles etc.

    Alternatively, drill all holes then insert the fixings all at once and tighten up. Facebook Twitter Email Pinterest linkedin. Newer How to fit band and gudgeon gate hinges. Back to list. Older How to fix gate posts into the ground. July 23, at pm. Jon says:. July 24, at am. Philip says:. August 11, at am. August 11, at pm. Paul says:.

    Using metal spikes

    Drive a 2 1/2-inch exterior screw into each hole to secure the post to the wall. 6 Attach two hinges to the gate, evenly spacing them from top to bottom. Use either the screws that come with the. Nov 01,  · Depending on the type of bricks the wall is made of, Thunder Bolts are your best bet. 1. The hinge post must be of suff cient size to support the weight of the gate. A 4 x 4 is not suff cient for a drive gate for example. 2. Brace the gate hinge post to the f rst line post. We strongly suggest that the bracing between the hinge post and f rst line post for larger and heavier rail or driveway gates should be done as shown above.

    This article is about how to anchor post to concrete. This diy step by step project project is very useful, as when building a deck, a railing or a fence, you need to anchor posts to concrete. The techniques needed to attach the wooden posts to concrete are straightforward, as anyone can get the job done very quickly. First of all you have to buy the post, as to know its dimensions when buying the hardware post anchors.

    The post anchors come in many forms and dimensions: from standoff post base, up to uplift post base. In addition there are regular post anchors, for home improvement projects, and heavy duty post anchors for greater stability.

    Irrespective of your needs, you also have to know that there are also adjustable anchors, for attaching posts to an unleveled concrete surface. They are more expensive, but at least you know you are able adjust the height of the posts, as to make sure they are perfectly aligned one with another.

    In order to anchor post to concrete , you need the following tools and materials:. In this project, we show you how to anchor post to concrete. In our case, we had to build stair railings and consequently we needed to attach post to concrete.

    First of all, you have to take a look on the concrete surface, as to see if it is level. Although they are more expensive than regular post anchors, they will allow you to adjust them to the other posts.

    Next, we have to build the wooden post, that we want to anchor to the concrete platform. In order to cut the wooden posts we have to use either a circular saw or a wooden chainsaw. We strongly recommend you to use a good circular saw, as it is better for an unexperienced diy-er. We have used the chainsaw, as we were pressured by time. After you have adjusted the post to the needed dimensions, you have to install the post anchors to concrete. Consequently, in most of the cases the metal anchors have to be fastened to concrete, with several plastic dowels and lag screws.

    Align the anchors one with another, before making the marks. In order to dill holes in concrete, we used a good drill machinery and masonry drill bits. Make sure the drill bits are in good condition, otherwise you might damage the drill machinery. You can use sleeve bolts as well. After we have drilled the holes in concrete, we have installed plastic anchors, using a rubber mallet. Next, after we have inserted the plastic dowels in holes, we have to drive in the screws , as to fasten the post anchor.

    After you ensure the post anchors are locked into position, you could proceed to installing the wooden posts. Consequently, in order to anchor a post to concrete , you need to paint its bottom section with wood primer, as to make sure it will resist against moisture. Consequently, the last step when anchoring a post to concrete , is to drill pilot holes with a drill machinery through the holes in the post anchor. After driving in the lag screws, we have finished anchoring a post to concrete.

    The wooden post is plumb, as we have used a spirit level, and it is secured properly with 4 lag screws. There are many types of anchors you could use for your project, therefore use the ones that fit your needs an match the rest of your backyard. Thank you for reading our article on how to anchor a post to concrete and we recommend you to check out the rest of your projects. I bought them from Europe several years ago.

    They appear much more stout than the Simpson E-Z Base brackets. Would love to get some of these! As I have already mentioned in the previous comments, I bought the brackets from a DIY store a long time ago. The Simpson brackets should work as well, from what I see. Looks like the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Is this a before or after picture? Weaver , I concur. Are my eyes deceiving me or did you not even attach 2 bolts to the post anchor on the lower step???

    The step was not aligned with the deck, so they is why half of the base plate is outside the concrete surface. However, everything got covered in concrete and then tiles.

    Everything holds perfectly after 8 years. Deck Posts. Also, follow me on Pinterest to get many ideas for your backyard from all the internet! Installing post anchor Anchoring post to concrete. Building wooden post. Cutting wooden post. Marking where to install post anchors. Drilling holes to anchor the post. Installing dowels in concrete.

    Installing post anchor. Anchoring post to concrete. Using a wrench key to drive screws. Attaching post to concrete. Jack Sander. Tim Poindexter. Robert Weaver. Mr Howell and Lovey. Looks like leftover hurricane debris. Thank you for your time! Cancel reply.


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