How to record one channel while watching another

    how to record one channel while watching another

    How can I record one channel while watching another?

    Apr 10,  · Insert a video cassette with the record protect safety tab intact. Check the tape speed. If the VCR indicator on the front panel is not lit, press the Select a channel to record by pressing CH/TRK or the number buttons. Press the REC button on . That should be Humax HDR FOX T2, the HD FOX T2 can also record if you add an external usb HDD but only has a single tuner. Which might actually suit the OP, as you can view a channel on the same.

    The simple answer is that you need two tuners — one for recording, and one for watching something else. If you want to watch one Freeview channel whilst recording a different Freeview channel, you would need two Freeview tuners.

    Typically, they can record hundreds of hours of telly, and don;t use videotape or DVDs. A box with lets you watch one channel while recording a second channel without the need for a Freeview-enabled TV or a second Freeview box. These are twin tuner PVR boxes and will let you record one satellite channel whilst watcuing a different satellite TV channel. I agree with Chris. Lots of confusing, conflicting info out there on this topic.

    I very nearly bought one too. Thanks to this recors I will now re-assess my purchasing criteria. Can I obtain an up to date TV with built in freeview, plus built in DVD recorder which will record one channel while watching another? Am driven mad at present by separate TV, DVD, freeview box with 3 remotes and unable to record and watch 2 separate channels.

    I am a technophobe. Can I link a standard sky box with a twin tuner to be able to watch anothwr digital channel whilst recording another and is there a twin tuner that will copy a recorded programme to a separate dvd or video? I have how to record one channel while watching another old What is an example of refraction of light GDB3 freeview box.

    What is your personal brand statement I like about this box is that the EPG elecronic programme guide lets you browse through what does a black panther eat other channels without interrupting the channel your watching.

    I have another Goodmans freeview box GDR10 which has a similar function but the channel changes when you browse to other channels. Does anyone know of another freeview box like the GDB3, which lets you watch one channel while browsing other channels? I have a Freeview hard-disk recorder with one tuner built in 2 scartsand a separate Freeview box also 2 scarts.

    Any helpful suggestions? Connect TV aerial to Hard-disk recorder 4. Connect TV aerial to Freeview box. I have a TV with built in freeview. Is there any advantage in getting a twin-tuner PVR? Twin tuner lets you record two different channels at the same time 2. PVRs support things like series link, live pause, live rewind 3. This means my hard drive space capacity is reduced because it only allows me to record in DR mode. I want to record digital Freeview programmes in LP mode.

    Thus extending the space capacity on my H-Drive recorder. My Mum currently has a tv with built in freeview and uses a VHS recorder to record one programme whilst watching another. She is 83 and gets very flustered if new technology is introduced. Can you recommend the most simplest thing I can do to so that she can continue to watch and record please? You mention that her TV has Freeview built-in. This will enable her to watch TV, so no problem there. If she prefers video tapes and is comfy with her video recorder, then you can connect a cheap Freeview box to the recorder, so that she can record Freeview onto the video.

    The alternative, which might be better, is to get a Freeview PVR to replace the video recorder. These have a built-in hard disk, so no messing with tapes. They also support Series Link for easy recording. There are no non-recording Freeview boxes with two outputs on the market.

    In simple terms, how can I make sure I can both record tv and watch a different channel with Freeview? PVR stands for Personal Video recorder. They also support pausing live Rcord, and things like series link. Hi Carol. As amother. They record TV onto a built-in disk-drive.

    I assume you mean a Freeview PVR? I cannot find anything to tell me if it watchin a digital TV or not. I have a samsung tv with built in freeview HD, I also have a freeview recorder non hd how can i use the recorder when what to buy in chicago souvenir want to and watch the HD channels from my tv when i want to, without having to take my aerial out of the tv and put it in the freeview box?

    I live in Portugal and have sky tv, I have no subscription and only watch the freeview channels, on a normal Pace sky box. Is there any way that I can watch one channel whilst taping another? I have tried to retune the recorder but can only get the one channel obviously it cannot use freeview as it is not available in Portugal.

    Recordings and watching are very high quality, and my Wife and are very different anoyher what we watch, and listen to Whatever you record you have to watch ,so we turn the TV OFF. I know I could buy a twin tuner PVR but if there is a way of keeping this High watchign bult in system by adding another, I would like that a lot more, could waatching advise on this.

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    Aug 18,  · **Please make sure your TV already has a built in digital tuner for this feature to work as analogue TV signals are no longer being broadcast.**This is compa. Jul 14,  · Learn if you can use a DISH Network DVR to record one show while watching funslovestory.com funslovestory.com to learn more about DISH Network DVRs! Jan 05,  · I used to be able to record on one channel while watching another. You can record one while watching a second, or you can record two while watching something previously recorded (or one of the two being recorded). You cannot record two and watch a third live program. Carl.

    If you are an avid TV viewer who likes to record your favorite TV shows, it's very convenient to have the ability to record one program while watching another on a different channel at the same time. New DVD recorders are in very limited supply. If you have a cable, satellite, or OTA over-the-air DVR with two or more tuners then watching one program while recording another on their hard drive is an easy and practical option. However, if you have a DVD recorder things are a little more restrictive.

    DVD recorders made before the model year may not have a digital tuner. If your DVD recorder has a built-in tuner and you are receiving TV programs over-the-air via antenna or subscribe to cable without a box you can record one program and watch another at the same time. Due to cable systems eliminating an analog signal option, you may be required to have a cable box to continue to receive programming. This means only one channel at a time can be received.

    Since only one channel can be sent at a time to your DVD recorder an external box connected you can't watch a program from one channel and record another on a different channel at the same time. Even if your DVD recorder has a tuner, if it is connected to a cable, satellite, or DTV converter box, the same restriction applies as for DVD recorders without a tuner.

    If you have a cable TV, satellite, or DTV Converter Box and you still desire to be able to watch one program, while recording another, you have two options:. One problem you might run into using duplicate cable, satellite, or DTV converter boxes is that they use the same remote control. Check to see if the boxes have switchable remote control response frequencies so that one remote only controls one box at a time. You don't want to inadvertently disable a recording or change the channel when you don't want to.

    Ask your cable TV or satellite provider if they offer a cable or satellite box that has two or more onboard tuners with separate outgoing connection feeds that you can send to the DVD recorder and TV separately. If you are still using a DVD recorder to record TV programs, and want the flexibility to record one or more programs, while watching another at the same time, your best option is to use cable, satellite, or OTA DVR that has multiple tuners.

    If your DVD recorder is still in good working order, the above options are what is available, provided the content you are trying to record is not anti-copy encoded by the content or service provider, which is becoming a more common practice. DVD recorders are now very rare and although you will still be able to play your recorded DVDs going forward, you may not be able to purchase a replacement DVD recorder once your current one ends its useful life.

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