How to read arabic text on android

    how to read arabic text on android

    How to make My Samsung Galaxy S read Arabic TXT messages?

    Android has Arabic font but does not show your word correctly. Android 3.x supports Arabic completely. For Android you must set the typeface funslovestory.comsiFont(this) and then use funslovestory.comt("????") For Android you do not need setting font but must use funslovestory.comt("????") And for Android 3.x forget all of the above. Mar 21,  · But now, you can read Urdu texts on any phone. Mirsal is a free Android app that lets you create, forward and reply to text messages in Urdu, Arabic and Persian language. RELATED: How to Type in Urdu on Android Phones. For all those who have problems in reading Urdu or Arabic font, can now use this free app to read and write.

    Sep 26, AM via Website. Thanks 3 rique hich mohamed hassim ahmed. Thanks 0. Sep 27, AM via Website. Sep 27, PM via Website. Recommended reading for new AndroidPIT members! Sep 28, AM via App. Sep 28, Txt via Website. Oct 12, PM via Website. Oct 13, AM via App. Oct 13, AM via Website.

    Jan 25, AM via Website. Feb 3, PM via Website. Feb 23, PM via App. Aug 26, PM via Website. Nov 14, AM via Website. Dec 21, PM via Website. Aug 1, PM via Website. Jul androod, PM via Website. Have you carefully searched the play store? It doesn't require root access. Also, it works weather you see separated Arabic characters or even squares.

    Please click here if you are not redirected within a few andorid. To the NextPit homepage. Facebook Twitter. Mobility News E-Bikes. Ibby K. Forum posts: 2. Reply More Link to post. Forum posts: Is the problem that the messages don't come through right? Or you just can't read Arabic? If there was some way to copy and nadroid between apps, you could copy the text message and paste it into google translate in your browser. Anyone know of a way to copy and paste between apps on android?

    Thanks Jeremiah for your reply! The problem that the ohw doesn't come through right? Squares kind of things! Samsung does Middleastern virgin of the Galaxy, hence I am trying to find androjd a thing on their website, withno luck! Cheers Ibby. Douglas Carter. Forum posts: 1, Did either of justJay's suggestions work? Even if these fixes don't work, once Android androie. Forum posts: 3. My problem is: I cant find the suitable software for my phone I have Samsung Galaxy i Many thanks for the help.

    I believe that in certain regions google does not allow market to be used. This is dependent on where the device what is the molecular structure of water purchased. If you have a phone without this app it likely came from one of these regions. There's an alternative app store I've used called SlideMe. It will also tell you if the App is compatible with your phone as well.

    Make sure to in-able: "allow install of non-market applications" in "Settings" under "Applications". Note: it works a little different then what is the population of newfoundland and labrador Android market it doesn't auto-install after downloading. The page I linked to has links to Arabic support for phones running Android 2. Your phone is likely still running Android 2. Once Android 2. Forum posts: 1.

    Alex Ahmed. Good luck. The Snake. Hi, Andgoid out this web site www. Let me know please if this helps. Yahya Al Ethawi. Hi there It is easy, it work with me 1. Download multiling Keyboard from andorid 2. Open Multiling Keyboard Now 1. Enable multiling 2. Switch IME to Multiling 3. Enable languages from drop list 5. Keyboard setting 6. Restart your mobile if language did not appear 7. Choose the language by continuous pressing on the spacebar Regards. You can download applications for Samsung galaxy S2 to read Arabic text.

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    For the sake of example I can say it as a words meaning application. The word is in English and user will get it's meaning in Arabic. For Example: Test ?????? // Test is the word and then there is it's meaning in Arabic But when I read this local file I don't get Arabic as intended. Instead I . it works fine when i set the text of a TextField directly from xml file using android:text="???", but when i try to set it from Java code funslovestory.comt("???");, it displays as question marks character (???). According to this answer How to support Arabic text in Android?, Arabic is supported for Android . Jul 16,  · Android Market was removed per requirements of Google in the individual Arabic regions such as UAE, Egypt, Oman and Saudi Arabia. If you have a phone without this app it likely came from one of these regions.

    In case required, it is really easy to change the display language on an Android phone or tablet. Android is currently the worlds most popular operating system for mobile devices, it supports multiple languages in order to appeal to its wide user base spread all over the world. You may want to change the display language on an Android phone or tablet, in case the device that you just received by home delivery is in a language that you are not familiar with.

    For example your Android device ordered from a China based online shopping website might be speaking to you in Mandarin. Luckily, it is not difficult to change the display, keyboard and voice searching languages on Android devices. From the home screen of your Android phone or tablet, tap on Settings. Tip: Look for the Gear icon, in case you are unable to understand the language displayed by your Android device.

    Tip: Look for the Globe sign, in case your Android device is set to display the Settings Menu in another language that you do not understand. See image below. Select your language from the list of languages that you will see arranged alphabetically. This should be easy, as you will be looking at each language option in its own native format.

    Hence, it will be easy for you to choose your desired language displayed in its own native version. Once you select the desired language in Step 4 above, you will be taken back to the Language Input Screen. On this screen you will be able to see and confirm that the display language has been changed on your Android Phone or tablet.

    You will be interacting with your keyboard a lot. Hence, it is important to make sure that the Keyboard input is set to the language that you understand. Under Keyboard and input methods, tap on Google Keyboard.

    Make sure that Use System Language option is turned off. In case it is on you can turn it off by simply tapping on the option. Finally, Tap on the language that you would like to set for the Keyboard under Active input Methods.

    Another way of interacting with your Android Phone or tablet is by using voice inputs. Follow the steps below to change the Voice input language on your Android device. Tap on Voice input under speech section See image below. On the next screen, Tap on the language that you would like to use for speech input. On this section you can even select multiple languages. Changing display language changes the language for system menus, app drawer and Google related apps like Maps , Photos and Google Now.

    Third-party apps installed on your Android phone or tablet may or may not follow the change in language settings. Some apps may require you to change language settings from within the app and some apps may not support change in language settings. Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar In case required, it is really easy to change the display language on an Android phone or tablet.

    Why Change Display Language You may want to change the display language on an Android phone or tablet, in case the device that you just received by home delivery is in a language that you are not familiar with.


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