How to measure a cam lock fitting

    how to measure a cam lock fitting

    Fluid Port and Connector

    How To Measure The Dimensions of Your Camlock. Measuring a metallic camlock fitting is reasonably easy. For instance, if the hose tail, male or female thread is 2” then the camlock coupling would be known as a 2” camlock coupling. Polypropylene is slightly different. Smart Choice Security are a multi-faceted home security products provider.

    Because connectors and ports have many applications in fluid piping systems, you need to correctly identify them before adding or replacing them on a tube or hose, in your specific application. Calipers: Used for measuring inner and outer diameters of threads Thread Pitch Gauge: Used to measure the amount of threads per inch, as well as the thread to thread spacing in metric applications.

    Accurate measurement of threads Before you start measuring the threads of your fluid pipe or tube, ensure that they are in good conditions. Distorted or worn out threads can give you inaccurate measurements. After confirming that your threads are in good conditions, measure their diameter and record. Match the dimensions provided in this guide with your recorded measurements. It is important to note that your measurements may not accurately match with the values provided in this guide.

    The slight differences are mainly caused by manufacturing tolerances. After measuring the diameter of your threads, determine their spacing in threads per inch.

    In the case of metric connections, measure the thread-to-thread distances. To get an accurate value, ensure that the thread pitch gauge is fitting well on the threads. Record the values and compare your measurements with the figures provided in this guide. Accurate measurement of four-bolt flanges Begin by using a caliper to measure the port hole diameter the bolt.

    Once you make a note of that, measure the distance from center to center of the bolt holes, noting the longest spacing. Dash numbers The sizes of tubes and fluid pipes are generally identified by abbreviations known as dash numbers, and are commonly used when ordering parts.

    When using a dash number to identify a fluid pipe or a tube, the numerator part of the fraction is just used. The denominator which is always 16 is generally ignored. Note: dash numbers are nominal. Since metric measurements give the true sizes of a tube or a fluid pipe, dash numbers do not apply for them. For example, for M12x1.

    The male and female threads connect and a seal is formed when the two are mated together i. This is known as a dry seal thread. If additional sealing is required, teflon and pipe dope can be applied. The National Fluid Power Association NFPA does not recommend the connection for hydraulic applications, however it is commonly found in fluid piping systems.

    Both male and female NSPM connectors' threads are straight, while the male has a internal chamfer, the female has an inverted seat.

    A mechanical connection is made when the both male and female are mated together. The tapered seat creates a leak-resistant connection, and are commonly found in fluid power systems. How to get brown marks off teeth flare seats of the male and female seal together when the straight threads are joined.

    The straight threads of the each half hold the connection together mechanically. These connectors are widely found in low pressure applications like refrigerant and fuel lines, as well as automotive piping applications. The female port of the O-Ring Boss has a sealing face, chamfer, and a straight thread. The male connector has an O-ring and a straight thread. The seal is made when the O-ring is squeezed into the chamfer. The male and female threads bind together to make a mechanically strong connection.

    This connection is common in high pressure hydraulic systems. The male half of this connection has a seat with a straight thread.

    The female has a compression sleeve with a straight thread. Along with the sleeve, a female nut and tube partly form how to measure a cam lock fitting female connection. With the male half, the seal forms between the 24O seat and the compression sleeve.

    With how to use d mannose to prevent uti female half, the seal forms between the tubing and compression sleeve. The threads mesh together to form a mechanically strong bond. This connection forms an impressive leak resistance and can be used in applications up to psi. The male half of the connection has an O-ring with a straight thread. The female half has a machined flat surface with a straight thread. A seal takes place when the O-ring on the male end is squeezed onto the female flat surface seat.

    The swivel nut on the female half holds the connection together. Widely used in automotive systems, the inverted flare connection features a machined male connector with a seat, and a flared male tubing with a seat. The female side has a seat that provides a sealing surface. The threads connect together to make a mechanically strong bond. The seal forms between the O-ring on the male half and the smooth face of the female port with t he O-ring seating on the ring groove of the male.

    Two clamp halves, held by four bolts, hold the connection together. These are available in two pressure groups: standard code 61 and high pressure code This connection is widely found in automotive and commercial air conditioning applications.

    Both male and female halves have a pilot could be long or shortand the seal is made when the O-ring is compressed. Threads tightly mesh together to form a strong mechanical bond. The male end has a seat, which tapered nose of the female swivel makes the seal with. The tapered male connects with a tapered female, with the seal forming in the threads. The parallel threads make a seal using a number of different rings or washers.

    The seal forms between the male end, and the smooth flat surface on the female end. ISO Metric threads. The male half has an O-ring and a straight thread, while the female half has a machined surface, a chamfer, and a straight thread.

    The O-ring on the male half compresses on the chamfer of how to measure a cam lock fitting female port, to make the seal. The straight threads mesh to form a strong mechanical bond. The seal what does thesis mean in latin between the recessed cone on the male and the tapered nose how to anchor posts to concrete slab the female.

    The threads of both halves mesh to form a strong mechanical bond. This connection is common in hydraulic systems. The male connector has a Cone with a straight thread, while the three female connectors have straight threads with a sealing surface. The seal forms between the cone on the male and the sealing areas on the females. Each has its own tube sizes and thread dimensions as shown in the following table:. Built with Volusion.

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    Ring lock boss port fitting adapters are available in beam seal, flareless, and flared designs. The serrated locking made from A stainless steel provides an interference fit between the boss port and the adapter, preventing rotation and loosening in high vibration and thermal cycling environments. Tee Fitting: As the name suggests, this kind of piping has a T shape. You will use these if you need to combine flow from two inlets into one outlet. Tee fittings are available in materials such as stainless steel and come in equal and unequal varieties. Despite being extremely difficult to remove for thieves, the Disklok steering wheel lock is very easy to fit and remove if you have the key to the anti-drill, anti-pick lock that makes Disklok steering wheel locks even harder to remove for thieves. It also comes supplied with 3 keys and Disklok offer a replacement key service for extra reassurance.

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