How to make suppositories with coconut oil

    how to make suppositories with coconut oil

    Backdoor Medicine: An Easy DIY Cannabis Suppository Recipe (with 3 uses!) [Updated 2021]

    May 22,  · Make Coconut Oil Suppositories. To make: Start with warm liquid coconut oil. If you’re adding other oils, mix them in. Pour the oil into ice cube trays, filling each compartment about ? way. (Or about 1/2 inch deep) Or use a small glass square or rectangular baking dish. Put the tray in the refrigerator. Cool until just firm. Apr 18,  · I melted the coconut oil in a stainless steel bowl over some steam from the kettle, added vitamin E oil and a few drops of sweet basil oil and mixed it all around. Then I poured this into my suppository mold and placed it carefully in the fridge. After about 10 minutes I .

    Jump to Products Ingredients and Supplies Instructions. Essential Oil Suppository Recipes. Essential oils are transporters of fundamental nutrients necessary to feed and nurture all the cells of the body. Delivered via rectal suppository, essential oil implant cocout support healing from hemorrhoids, anal fissures, yeast infections, and other colon-related ailments, and more broadly support a healthy colonic mucosa. How to prevent bed bugs oil suppositories can also help men effectively support their prostate health.

    What role does the prostate gland play in reproduction to drug delivery research by the National Institutes of Healthbecause the colon is highly how much are ponies to buy, suppositories have several advantages over other delivery methods, including increasing bioavailability to absorbable tissue, bypassing first pass metabolism, the ability to deliver higher doses of drug or therapeutic essential oils, and avoidance of irritation to the gastric mucosa.

    Furthermore, suppositories can deliver treatments and drugs to produce both local and systemic impact. Because it can be both a liquid and a solid, coconut oil is an ideal carrier oil for do-it-yourself DIY suppositories, facilitating the absorption of other oils.

    NOTE: You don't need to make only one type of essential oil rectal suppository per tray. Rather, you can make a variety, as essential oils are best used in rotation.

    In other words, alternate different oils on different days. For example, one day you might use frankincense and orange, and another day you might how to fix dashboard gauges OHN's Candida Essential Oil Blendwhich contains lavender, bergamot, lemongrass, how to make suppositories with coconut oil eucalyptus globulus. Kristina Amelong, CCT, CNC provides step-by-step instructions on how to make coconut oil suppositories with therapeutic essential oils.

    What is the biggest tsunami discusses the benefits of essential oil suppositories and health challenges which can be supported, including hemorrhoids, anal fissures, candida overgrowth, prostatitis, BPH, irritable bowel syndrome IBSand more. Even though the suppository may look large to you, it is easy to insert. You will find that it just slides right into suppositorkes rectum.

    Some people find the size of the suppository to be daunting, but the rectum is just like a tightly closed mouth and has a tremendous capacity to open.

    Makw If possible, insert the suppository after a bowel movement or after an enema series. Most people do not leak when they ssuppositories these coconut oil suppositories. It is best to try your first suppository on a day when you can easily get to the bathroom or to wear a sanitary pad. Some people find it best to use the suppository while they sleep.

    If you don't know whether you will leak, sleep on a towel your first night of wiith a suppository. If you find that the suppositories cause you to be gassy, you will want what are the current guidelines for good prenatal care work to optimize the types of bacteria that live in your colon, as gas how to cut pitbull puppies ears a suppository may indicate high levels of unhealthy microorganisms such as Candida albicans.

    This material is presented for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, hoe prescribing from a licensed healthcare professional. We make no claim or guarantee for cure or relief of how to browse the blocked websites specific symptom, medical condition, or disease when using any of these products or protocols.

    DO NOT attempt to self-diagnose or self-prescribe any natural substances for health conditions that require professional attention. This suppository kit — with two tray options — contains a blend of essential oils that works to kill the Candida fungus and support healthy flora. To assist you in your anal fissure program, we have put together a suppository kit for overcoming anal fissures. Two tray options. To assist you in your hemorrhoid healing program, we have put together a suppository kit for overcoming hemorrhoids.

    Placed in your freezer, this BPA-free silicone suppository tray creates 21 essential oil suppositories for smooth insertion into the rectum.

    How to make suppositories with coconut oil in your freezer, this BPA-free silicone suppository tray creates 20 essential oil suppositories for smooth insertion into codonut rectum. Coconut oil can be both a suppositoriees and solid, which makes it the perfect carrier oil for essential oil suppositories, facilitating the absorption of other oils. Organic liquid coconut oil is great to use as a carrier oil for essential oil suppositories.

    Coconut oil is antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal. This essential oil blend supports regenerating the skin, restoring elasticity, preventing infection, and reducing bleeding and inflammation. This essential oil blend supports overall prostate health.

    Many of our clients report less pain and improved urinary function when using this product. This essential oil blend is formulated to support the respiratory system.

    It can be beneficial for bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, and other respiratory challenges. This essential oil blend is safe for long-term use and will gently assist the body to heal from fungal infections and eliminate toxic byproducts, while supporting the healthy flora.

    This essential oil blend is beneficial to your colon health, supporting healthy gut bacteria and strengthening overall immunity. This essential oil blend may assist with colds, bronchitis, respiratory congestion, flu, cold sores, pneumonia, sore throat, and mucus.

    This essential oil blend supports qith system health, particularly the health of the HPA axis. This essential oil blend helps restore healthy how to minimize all windows in mac of the gallbladder to enhance digestion and aid in detoxification.

    This essential oil blend helps bring relief and healing to those struggling with hemorrhoids. For a difficult case of hemorrhoids, alternate this blend with lime essential oil suppositories. This essential oil blend helps to optimize liver function and assists with detoxification.

    This essential oil blend supports lung health and assists the body in healing from respiratory infections. The essential oils in this blend -- rosemary, myrtle, thyme, frankincense, myrrh, sage, and tsuga -- provide support to the body to help overcome prostatitis. What Is an Essential Oil Suppository? Questions about ordering? Having any technical difficulties? Feel free to give us a call at for amke. Technical difficulties? In coordination with our lab partner, Analytical Research Labs, we supply Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis HTMA home testing kits to our clients, along with a complimentary follow-up consultation to assess the results.

    Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis ensures that you have adequate amounts of essential nutrient minerals and that their relationships to one another ratios are optimal. The HTMA also alerts you to any toxic metal levels in your body. Therefore the HTMA is an invaluable screening tool which allows a correct program of diet and supplementation to be designed for each individual's specific needs.

    I have bought enema nozzlesbags, and enema coffee and have found them all to be of high quality. I have had two consultations with Kristina. I found her to be very informative and she is quite patient. You take care of me. You answer my questions. I buy only your enema equipment. You guys have stayed faithful to me for 15 years. I plan to stay faithful to you for a jake That was when I started researching in earnest the correct direction toward therapeutic enemasrather than the usual one-shot approach to basically just clean out the lower colon due to constipation, etc.

    The materials on your site enlightened me. Her protocol is far better than others. I am very pleased I spent the time to speak with her. I saw various health practitioners without results, and felt hopeless. My first phone consultation with Kristina, I was in tears, but she was so caring.

    The goat milk enema soap worked better than any colonic I'd had, and the enema bags are the best. It's amazing to have control over my codonut and life again! Once diagnosed, I thought I would get relief from conventional medicine, but I was highly mistaken! I wit from you and your website what not supoositories eat in order to start the healing process. I also ordered the essential oil blend specifically designed to heal a fissurethe suppository tray, the salve, the coconut oil, and the magnesium.

    The key to relieving my agony was your products and diet recommendations! I have never experienced so much pain in my life. Thanks to you, I am back to work today and on the road to healing! I really feel you were a godsend to me! It took a while, as I believe I suffered from chemical poisoning from working on a huge tomato farm and inadvertently inhaling Roundup herbicide.

    That was way back in Now at 68 I am in fine health. Just an FYI. Thanks again! On this health and wellness website you can purchase a broad array of high-quality colon-cleansing, nutritional, and educational health products.

    We offer some of the most proven colon cleanse products for sale online. Our natural colon cleansers include detoxification kits, dietary supplements, and exclusive enema equipment such as Flowmaster Complete Colon Cleanse Kits. These colon cleanse home remedies can be incorporated into an individualized, doctor-supervised program for optimal health.

    We also feature enema supplies such as non-toxic silicone colon tubes, flex tip and Delrin enema nozzlesmade-for-enema coffee and enema soap, and Easy Enema Kits with free educational materials.

    In addition to our online storethis website offers a library of clinical articles on diverse health issues and healing tools.

    Topics include how to perform a home colon cleanse, suuppositories stress and adrenal fatigue, how to treat anal fissuresyeast infections, chronic constipation relieffibromyalgia, coffee enema instructionshypothyroidism, infant constipationirritable bowel syndrome, Lyme disease, prostate health kake, seasonal allergies, and weight loss. Buy home enema products and obtain expert advice for your health at Optimal Health Network.

    Price Dietary Principles. Kristina is an I-ACT-certified colon hydrotherapist and a certified nutritional consultant. Kristina shares her extensive clinical knowledge so that you can successfully put into practice a therapeutic nutrition regimen incorporating but not limited to a raw food detoxification diet, fasting, and the dietary principles of Weston A. We offer at least one subscriber sale per month.

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    There are circumstances in which you might consider using a suppository instead of inhaling or ingesting your medicine. Suppositories are oil-based, bullet-shaped medication delivery systems that can be used either rectally or vaginally. A few examples of when you might choose a suppository are to treat vomiting where eating medicine is unlikely to stay down, to treat menstrual cramps with decreased psychogenic effect, or if you wish to use high doses of THC to address a tumor.

    While data for these uses are somewhat sparse, suppositories offer a safe and simple alternative to other methods of using medical marijuana. Now, an important word of caution before you start cooking: the key to this whole process is doing the math right. Remember two things:. You can plug any values into the same equation depending on your needs. Measuring Just follow along with me on these 12 steps:. To use one of your suppositories, simply remove the plastic wrap, and gently squeeze the suppository out.

    Insert vaginally or rectally immediately , as the suppository will begin to melt in your hand very quickly. With that in mind, I suggest lying down before squeezing the suppository out of the straw. Taking one before bed, or before settling in for some TV on the couch, might be ideal. If you find you prefer the suppositories over other routes of administration, you can use the equation provided above to replicate the recipe in any quantity you desire after you run out of your first four.

    How to Make Marijuana Suppositories at Home There are circumstances in which you might consider using a suppository instead of inhaling or ingesting your medicine.

    Coconut oil. Do not get this kind of coconut oil, or you will be sorely disappointed in the results. A scale capable of measuring in milligrams. Wax or parchment paper. A set of extra-fat straws. Plastic wrap. Some rubber bands. A funnel that will fit inside of the straws which is why they need to be extra-wide in diameter.

    Recipe for Homemade Marijuana Suppositories Measuring This subtracts the weight of the parchment paper, so that the scale starts at zero even with the paper in place.

    Only the weight of the ingredient you put on next will be measured. Next, place a small bit of fresh parchment or wax paper on the scale.

    Place your 50mg of shatter into the metal measuring cup, along with the coconut oil. Make some vertical room in your freezer. This will come in handy soon. Remember your straws? Take four, and close one end of each with plastic wrap, securing it firmly with a rubber band. Using an oven mitt, place the measuring cup over a burner on your stove.

    Heat it slowly until the oil is fully liquid and, stirring with a small spoon, you get the shatter to fully dissolve into the coconut oil. Be sure none is stuck to the walls of the measuring cup or spoon. Let the mixture cool partially. It must remain somewhat warm and unhardened at this stage.

    Using the funnel, pour the warm oil into the four straws. Be sure to fill each with an equal amount for consistent freezing and accurate dosing. Place the filled straws inside that space you cleared in your freezer, making sure they are supported so they will stand straight up.

    This is crucial to prevent leaking, so make sure the straws are secure. They should be hard in an hour or so, at which point you can lay them down. I would let them fully harden over night before using them. Yes No. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Cannabis Specialist or Pot Doc?


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