How to make suicide pill

    how to make suicide pill

    Suicide pill

    Sep 11,  · by Steven Ertelt funslovestory.com Editor September 11, Tortono, Canada (funslovestory.com) — An Australian euthanasia advocate has developed a suicide pill — a homemade concoction that someone can make at home to use to kill funslovestory.com isn’t the first time euthanasia advocates have come up with home remedies they’ve touted to disabled and incurably ill patients, but . Another tip is to grind the pills to make fine particles and making a liquid with warm water. Instead of using your mouth, you can administer the pills to your body through the anus. This will enable it to get on the nerves and the system faster. This will increase the chances of your death if not making it %.

    A suicide pill also known as the cyanide pillkill-pill how to cut diced tomatoes, lethal pilldeath-pillor L-pill is a pill, capsule, ampouleor tablet containing a fatally poisonous substance that one ingests deliberately in order to quickly achieve death through suicide.

    Military and espionage organisations have provided their agents in danger of being captured by the enemy with suicide pills and devices which can be used in order to avoid an imminent and far more unpleasant death such as through tortureor to ensure that they cannot be interrogated how to upgrade graphics card in toshiba satellite forced to disclose secret information.

    As a result, lethal pills have important psychological value to persons carrying out missions with a high risk of capture and interrogation. The term "poison pill" is also used colloquially for a policy or legal action set up by an institution that has fatal or highly unpleasant consequences for that institution if a certain event occurs. Examples are the poison pill shareholders rights amendments inserted in corporate charters as a takeover defence, and wrecking amendments added to legislative bills.

    During World War IIBritish and American secret services developed the "L-pill" lethal pill which was given to agents going behind enemy lines.

    Heartbeat quickly stops and brain death occurs within minutes. After the war, the L-pill was offered to pilots of the U-2 reconnaissance plane, who were in danger of being shot down and captured flying over Eastern Europe, but most pilots declined to take it with them.

    The Central Intelligence Agency how to unlock cruz reader r102 experimenting with saxitoxinan extremely potent neurotoxinduring the s as a replacement for the L-pill. Operatives would bite down, and the poison concealed inside would be released. In economics, a suicide pill is a form of risk arbitrage used by corporations to suicide during hostile takeover attempts. As an extreme version of the poison pill defense, this crippling provision refers to any technique used by a target firm in which takeover protection could result in self-destruction.

    Variations of the suicide pill include the Jonestown Defensethe Scorched Earth defense, and the golden parachute. One urban legend suggests that American astronauts could carry suicide pills in case they are unable to return to Earth.

    It is possible this myth was started by the movie Contact in a scene where the main character is given suicide pills in case she cannot get back to Earth.

    On the DVD director's commentary, it was asserted that because marooned astronauts could easily commit suicide by simply venting the air from their spacecraft or suits, such a pill would not likely be necessary. Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov stated that the Soviet space program gave him a suicide pill for use if he could not reenter Voskhod 2 after his March spacewalk.

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    To spare you any unnecessary pain, and to make it a little less gory.

    Known as the “peaceful pill”, barbiturate Nembutal is promoted by the euthanasia movement as the best and most peaceful way to end your life. Most have bought the illicit drug online from China, a country that has come to dominate the market. The drug kills within an hour of being consumed. You can commit suicide using a variety of drugs in the modern day. In a study done in the UK back in , it showed that there were more than a thousand cases of drug-related suicides. % of those were paracetamol, and its element related cases while % of the death was because of antidepressants. These two make up the top drugs for suicide. Nov 03,  · The following is a true story. I knew a girl in High School named Skyler. One day, not long after her 17th birthday, she got fed up with life and swallowed a whole bottle of pills. I would go into why, but we never knew why. All she left behind was a squiggly suicide note, scrawled in a tearful rage on the back of an Arby's receipt.

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    I obviously can't change your mind about this and you'd have no reason to listen to me even if I tried, BUT a person can screw up a suicide just like anything else and so I offer this guide on how to do it right.

    Yes, it does matter. This is the act that everyone will remember about you forever and ever. So, before you go rushing into it The following is a true story. I knew a girl in High School named Skyler. One day, not long after her 17th birthday, she got fed up with life and swallowed a whole bottle of pills.

    I would go into why, but we never knew why. All she left behind was a squiggly suicide note, scrawled in a tearful rage on the back of an Arby's receipt. The family thus were led to believe that Skyler suffered from Coprophilia, or a fetish for eating human feces. And since death is no time to judge a person, Skyler's mother and father and three brothers openly embraced what they believed to be their beloved's love affair with poo. Who knows, maybe it was her shame over this unusual habit that pushed her over the edge.

    So they went public with the note, outing their poop-loving daughter to the community as to shed light on those still persecuted. Skyler's classmates rallied around her memory, condemning the fecalphobes who they figured had taunted her as she took repeated trips to life's turd buffet. A memorial service was held in our school gym two days later and first up to the podium was little Kim Wittaker a teammate on Skyler's dance team , who read this poem dedicated to her memory:.

    Skyler, with your newfound wings, you can fly high-ler you'll have the poop pile of kings and a golden poop piler wherever you're at, you have phat scat sat near the fat scat vat we miss you. At this point, Principal Clark unveiled an airbrush painting by award-winning art student Cody Gunderson, which would honor Skyler's memory by forever hanging in the main entranceway of the school. Do you get the point? Skyler didn't plan to fail.

    She just failed to plan. So before you get down to business, here's three things you need to think through. It won't take long:. I had a friend who worked as a cook at Denny's and hated it. On his feet and tossing salads all day. So he decides to rob the place, figuring he can take the money and start a new life.

    Instead he gets caught and goes to prison, where he winds up doing kitchen duty all day and tossing salads all night.

    What I'm trying to say is that depending on where you end up, you could find yourself in the exact same bullshit you're in now. Most of us sit around the campfire late at night and talk about the afterlife as a distant, vague thing but you, if you do the suicide you're actually going to be there in a few minutes.

    So we have to stop talking about the afterworld as a shadowy hypothetical and start talking in terms of an actual place where you'll actually be before your next Birthday. There are really only two popular views on the afterlife, the religious view and the nonreligious one. Now I don't know what you believe and I don't particularly care, so we'll just examine each possibility equally. If Christians are right, you can expect Hell. The best picture of Hell we have is from Italian author Dante Alighieri, who years ago took a trip through Hell and then wrote an unreadable book about it.

    His picture of Hell is about what you'd expect, in that there are different levels of hellness depending on what kind of an asshole you were. If you're surprised that suicides wind up in Hell at all, you have to understand that the bitch about suicide is that under the Christian scheme, it qualifies as murder. Dante's Hell has the suicide cases living in a suburb of murdererville. This may sound unfair, but remember that murder isn't a horrible crime because of what it does to the murdered.

    That person is gone, what do they care? No, the crime is against the murdered person's Mom and brother and sister and best friend and all their coworkers and the people he or she owed money to. All of the people who depended on that person or would have depended on them in the future had they been allowed to live, all of the people who will feel the crushing waves of misery and loneliness due to their abrupt absence, they're the victims. And since suicide creates the same real and emotional devastation as homocide, the two are treated as the same crime.

    I know, it sucks. But remember you're not being punished for what you did to yourself, but what you did to those around you when you pulled the trigger. That's the thing, suicide has a way of only hurting the people who liked you. The people who hated you will forget your name in a month and, in fact, the evil bastards who tormented you and drove you to this will actually be a little happier with you gone. Suicide is like a bunch of your friends saving up money to buy you a car and then you taking the car and running them over with it.

    So under this plan you would get the murderer's punishment, which is to be plunged into a river of boiling blood, continually bitten by ravenous eels that secrete fire as venom whilst flying badgers swarm on those who try to swim out.

    This goes on for 1,,,,,, times infinity and the whole time, this video plays continuously in the background. There are differing thoughts on the actual torture, of course. Some don't believe in the boiling blood thing and say it is merely a "boiling" pool of carnivorous maggots or a simple boiling sea of shit. But most do think that the suicide cases are continually attacked and tortured by the murderers they're imprisoned with in Hell, because to them you're such an incompetent murderer that the only victim you could find who wouldn't overpower or outwit you was yourself.

    Thus, suicide is considered to be the same embarrassing insult to murderdom that Uwe Boll is to the world of film. I'm not saying their harrassment will be worse than what you currently suffer at school or at work or at home, you know your situation better than I do. I'm just saying that they're murderers and there are millions of them and some of them have had several thousand years to be driven insane with rage. They have eternity to work you over and that there are no laws to stop them.

    Remember that in Hell, the only punishable crime is failing to torture the nearest person weaker than you. Again, I doubt you think you deserve all that, but you probably don't think you deserve what you got in this life, either, and that certainly didn't change anything.

    All I can really say in response is that it's difficult to find anyone who was ever punished for anything who actually felt like they deserved it. Also note that Christianity is not a religion for pussies. You may also point out that your life was your own and it should be a lesser crime to destroy something that belongs to you. But the Christians reasonably point out that you didn't buy or earn or plan or construct your own birth.

    It happened totally without your knowledge and the subsequent life could have ended at any second if your heart had decided to stop beating which also happens without your knowledge or if some heavy object had fallen on you in your sleep. So they say that it's really God who owned your life and for you to claim ownership of it is like saying you own the sunlight that beats down on your face on a hot summer day. Of course, you can take comfort in knowing that lots of smart people disagree with the above picture of Hell.

    Many say, for instance, that it's unjust to punish the kind, devout Buddhist right alongside the con artist who steals the life savings from an old woman, leaving her to eat dog food on the street so that he can buy a ticket on a naked pedophile cruise to Bangkok. Eastern religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism, though, also believe in an afterlife where some kind justice is carried out, be it through reincarnation or time spent in a spiritual obstacle course.

    What you learn in each life develops the soul and eventually you graduate. Your problem there is that suicides tend to come back as suicides. They live a couple of decades and then BLAM , they hit the reset switch and start over. So they never progress because they never give themselves a chance to learn or experience anything. If these religions are right then you've probably committed suicide before, in another life. And another, and another. And you'll do the same in the next one.

    So be prepared. If whatever afterlife is coming involves justice of some kind, you'll still have to answer for the fact that you ended this life by emotionally devastating all of the people who have helped you up until now, while simultaneously having bailed out on all of the people you were supposed to have helped in your remaining decades of life.

    From the friend who would have needed you to talk them through a tough time a month from now to the sweet girl who you were supposed to marry six years from now, all will be waiting to kick your ass in the afterworld. And even if you survive that ass-kicking gauntlet, at the end you'll have to look this baby in the eye. He was born with a rare skin-eating disease that makes his flesh harden and tear off in chunks Oh, and Now, if you look around long enough I'm sure you can find a religion where everyone goes to a paradise of some kind after death.

    The obvious problem with that is that not only will Hitler be there, along with the aforementioned thieving child rapist, but all of the people making your current life a living hell will also be there with you. And for a personality prone to suicide, the sheer fact that you can't escape this time you can't kill yourself when you're already dead turns even this universal Heaven into a kind of Hell - unless you somehow find a way to live with those people.

    And if you're figuring that, yes, you can man up and face whatever challenges the next life presents, then you might as well do that now, in this life, and skip the extra step. It's just more efficient that way. All of us wind up in the same cold, black, non-living state. Bush, Michael Moore, Mel Gibson, child molesters, child molester victims, all wind up in the same spiritual Terri Schiavo state of mindless vegetation.

    Of course there are some scientists who say that consciousness is preserved outside of the body in a sort of Quantum energy state so that the mind can live on. These energies, they speculate, congregate with other energies and, like on Earth, the bad apples are shuttled off to be quarantined in some place where they can't do harm to the good ones.

    We can't know what this is like for a suicide such as yourself, but one experimental attempt to communicate with this plane of existence was able to detect the faint sounds of screaming, badgers, and this song playing over and over again. We have no way of knowing the significance of this.

    There's a Catch here, in that the methods that leave you unconscious taking pills or sucking car exhaust also leaves the possibility that someone will find you and rush you to the hospital. But the methods that leave you wide awake also leave you to experience the last few seconds of absolute bodily terror that comes with the realization that the thing you feared your whole life - death - is upon you, real and ugly and big as balls.

    Did you see that movie The Ring? Why were you scared of that little girl? What's the worst thing she could do?


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