How to make personalized glass cutting boards

    how to make personalized glass cutting boards

    DIY custom cutting board

    a glass cutting board (you may even be able to find one at a thrift store) pretty paper (or possibly fabric) of your choice – I used apple themed scrapbook paper; Mod Podge and a (foam) brush; scissors; Begin by laying your cutting board on top of your paper and tracing the shape. Then cut the paper to the dimensions of the cutting board. Creating the framework for the personalized glass cutting board is quite different from creating a design for the normal standard version we offer. It is important that your read through the Best Practices so you have the proper understanding of how to create a design overlay that works with the teelaunch personalization feature.

    Creating the framework for the personalized glass cutting board is quite different from creating a design for the normal standard version we offer. It is important that your read through the Best Practices so you have the proper understanding of how to create a design overlay that works with the teelaunch personalization feature. The Personalization Feature allows your customers to have a hand what are the gold coins for in coin dozer the design process by giving them the ability to upload how to make personalized glass cutting boards own image to the product.

    We like to use the example of a picture frame to illustrate how the feature works. You will be creating the picture frame and the customer will have the ability to upload their own image that slides behind the frame.

    The customer will have the ability to scale and move their image to fit the frame however they see fit. You MUST create artwork that has a portion of transparency for the personalization feature to work properly. If you do not have transparency within your design that you upload, the design will print without the personalized image from your customer.

    The glass cutting board is one of the personalized products that we are also offering the option to leave the design area completely blank. Publishing a product with no design will allow your customers to take advantage of the entire print area of the product for their own image. We suggest offering one with this option in your store for two reasons — It takes no time or effort to create the product as well as it gives your customer complete control of the design on the final product.

    When your customer personalizes the product, the entire print area will be open for them to place their image. How to make personalized glass cutting boards average consumer does not have the access to design software, nor do they know how how to build a kitchen sink base properly use it.

    We created the personalization feature with this in mind. Since most people use their cellphones to take and save their images, we have made a mobile friendly version of the feature that is intuitive and easy to use for even the most basic of smartphone users. They will have the ability to touch and drag their images as well as use the slider bar and directional arrow tools to properly place their image. It is extremely important that you follow the print templates provided in the app when creating artwork for personalized products.

    You are giving your customers the ability to customize the final product which means it is up to you to create the proper boundaries to ensure the product they receive is satisfactory. The Safe Zone is denoted by the green outline. The red Bleed Area represents the edge of the product and then some. Since the glass cutting board is sublimated, it is important to extend your artwork all the way through the bleed area. Bleed areas within print templates are in place as a preventative measure in case of errors that can occur in the printing and cutting process.

    The design tips in this Best Practices are specific toward creating graphic overlays for the personalized glass cutting boards. Design With a Purpose: Obviously creating artwork that appeals to the masses will give you an opportunity to sell to more people, but creating artwork that is designed for a specific demographic will help you fine-tune your marketing strategy. Not only will you be able to trim down advertising costs by having higher conversion rates, you will also be able to test out your overlay designs to better suit the type of personalized image your customer will most likely upload.

    It makes more sense to create an overlay that has a large and unobstructed opening for your customers to place their image. When you create your designs with a purpose, you can test out potential image scenarios to make sure you are giving your customers the best opportunity to personalize their product with a high success rate. Below is an example that better illustrates this concept. We ask that our users upload artwork in RGB because they are uploading a graphic to the web.

    Some colors are created specifically for your screen using RGB. We call these backlit colors as they are using light from your computer monitor to add more intense vibrancy that cannot be reproduced in the printing process.

    This is why we always recommend checking your files in CMYK before uploading because there can be drastic shifts in color that completely change what is shown on your mockup image versus the final product. Please see the example below. Skip to content.

    Create your own gift basket

    Apr 26,  · The custom cutting board itself makes a great gift, but I wanted to do a bit more, so I put together a Mother’s Day gift basket. Seriously, you can never go wrong with gift baskets.I chose a great basket that is big enough and sturdy enough to be useful long after Mother’s Day ends. And I filled it up with fun cooking stuff that is practical but also nicer than what we usually buy for Total Time: 15 mins. Custom Glass Cutting Boards. Available in 2 Sizes - Large (12x15) - Small (8x11) Spice up your kitchen with a custom glass cutting board! Custom glass cutting boards are perfect for home chef's and restaurant owner's alike. Imprint any image on our new specially coated glass cutting board.

    Holiday time is right around the corner. Time to start thinking about giving gifts. Giving something personal always makes the gift all the more special. So lets get started! Etching cream you can get it here. A small bottle really lasts a long time. To start, make sure you use something to protect your surface. You need a stencil. You may be able to find a stencil already made at a craft store that you love and want to use.

    If not, use a piece of contact paper or vinyl. These particular cutting boards are only about 7. If you have a computer program that you can design something, great! You could also find a design you like, and simply print it.

    Then trace onto your stencil paper. Be sure that when you are cutting your stencil, you want to cut the part away that has the design. Example; if my stencil was a sticker, I would want to keep the pink and black designed area, it is the designed part. Make sense? Once the stencil is ready, you are going to stick it to the bottom of your cutting board. Apply the stencil, making sure to smooth it out. Carefully apply your etching cream in small taps. DO NOT use a stroking motion. You risk rubbing some of the cream under the stencil.

    Only use an up and down patting motion. Cover it with a good, thick layer. Now, the bottle says to leave on for 5 minutes.

    If you are going for a very light image, go ahead and follow that. If you want to be able to see your image when you are done leave it on for no less then 20 minutes. I forgot about mine and left it on for an hour. I think it turned out perfect. Peel off your stensil and rinse well with water. I use my hands to rub all of the etching cream off. Be sure to wash your hands well when you are done.

    There you go! You are all done! Add some yummy snacks, some new kitchen towels, or a nice recipe book and give a gift that is sure to touch their hearts every time they use it! Looking for More Online Deals? Please note that Amazon prices tend to change often so prices may be higher or lower without notice. So this works like a glue? If I cut out my design with my cricut on vinyl then place it on the bottom of my cutting board the etching cream will hold the vinyl?

    I would also like to know how to put a picture on a cutting glass cutting board. Like a family member or pet but not etched in. Spread the love. Pencil Wars — Drawing Game. Nature craft for kids. Scrapbook Activity Craft Kit. How to Make Oobleck. Follow Us. Follow us on Instagram athriftymom.

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