How to make an uli uli

    how to make an uli uli

    Satin-lined cotton caps to protect a set of Uli-ulis, a feather-covered gourd rattle. They are used in Hawaiian dances. Materials Uli-uli's come in several sizes; you need to measure before you cut. See Step One. For a set of two, you will need a minimum of 5/8 . Apr 25, Make your own traditional style uliuli with lauhala handle. Kit includes instructions and everything needed to make a single uliuli. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Be the first to review Uliuli Kit Lauhala Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published.

    Make a cut with a hand saw about inches lengthwise split it. Then cut off about 3 inches of pipe across. Imagine now that you unroll the tube. With nippers, scissors, saw, whatever, cut out one quadrant of the plastic. Cut out this part. Wrap your penis with a protective covering; Theraband, cloth etc. Wrap the pvc around the penis with the head in the cut out part.

    Mark on the pvc the area which will directly impact the head if the pvc is pushed forward. Trace this area on the pvc. In other words trace the head on the pvc. Cut out this area. This cut should look like a flat U unless your penis head is weird. Sometimes a small V is more comfortable. Also mark the excess pvc on one side. Also mark the areas to the left and right of the head which might be in the way. Leave the pvc below the head; i. Bevel all edges and corners by sanding or grinding, especially the area of contact around the head.

    Also be sure to bevel the edges so they will slide easily across each other. Drill a hole in the middle of the pvc which sticks out under the head and attach an S-hook. This is what you attach the weights what is kaffara of roza after attaching the hanger to the penis.

    Put on the what is semi block letter style covering, and wrap the tube around your penis again. The band clamp can be attached to the how to make suppositories with coconut oil with a recessed screw.

    Do not overtighten. Experiment with the pressure versus the amount of weight you want to hang. Make sure you have enough pressure to keep the hanger from slipping off. This hanger will allow fairly heavy weights so be careful. With this hanger, a lot of weight is still on the area behind the head. Always check the head color and check for cold or numbness.

    I personally have never hung more than 15 lbs. The pvc is cheap. Bigger First description Theraband is a rubber like material that comes in rolls 6 in wide by either 6 or 18 feet. It is used for resistance exercise in rehabilitation. Split the pipe straight with a hand saw for several inches. Then cut a piece off about 3 inches long. Go ahead and wrap your penis with the Theraband, or cloth, or anything for protection and to gather the skin.

    Put the pvc around your penis, overlap the cut sides and mark the areas which need to be removed; Give plenty of room for behind the top of the head. The bottom of the head rests on the remainder. Then drill a hole in the end of the remainder to insert a hook. Either sand or grind down the edges of the cut sides so they will slide easily across each other.

    Also sand or grind down all corners and the edge which contacts the area around the head Theraband first. Place a band clamp around pvc with the screw on top. The band clamp can be attached to the pipe with a recessed screw for ease of attachment.

    Experiment slowly with the pressure vs. Do not overtighten!! Second description 1. Buy a two or three foot piece of tubing so you will have plenty. It is very cheap. First split the tubing length ways with a hand saw. Then cut off about three inches of the pipe. Wrap your penis for protection, and then wrap the tubing around your penis.

    Cut off the excess. Next you want to cut out an area to allow the head to escape. Cut out this area with a saw, or nippers etc. Wrap the tubing around your penis again with the cut ends on one side or the other and the head in the cut out rectangle. Mark on the top of the tube the areas that would immediately impact the head. Take off the tubing and cut out this area using strong scissors, nippers or a table grinder. The cut out area should be U shaped unless your penis is weird.

    Drill a hole in this part to attach an S hook, or how to email undisclosed recipients to attach the weights. Make sure the hook or string cannot pinch or interfere with the head. Put a band clamp around the non-cutout portion of the tubing to attach. Follow the warnings above about problems. Make sure you wrap your penis with some protective material before attaching. Explanation Sorry for my earlier post, Imagine your penis lying in a 3 inch trough flexible pvc or rubber tubing with the tip of the head at the far end.

    You are looking down at the top side. The top, upside down trough slightly overlaps the bottom trough on one side because there are not actually two troughs. This is where the band clamp is placed.

    The U cut out is a tracing of the glans on the top back of the head. A U cut will give more comfort than a straight cut.

    Also it will be more how to make an uli uli to bevel sand of grind the edge of the U. The pvc trough that the head lays in is where a hole can be drilled to insert an S-hook. The sides of this area can also be trimmed if the head is too large to fit in comfort. The tubing is flexible enough to pry open the cut side in order to insert the wrapped penis. Saying the head sticks through a hole was not accurate. Uli 3 as they used to be called.

    Can you direct me to what your Uli thing is? Same goals etc, as regular Ulis, but this gives more pressure which can be sustained for a longer period. Simply wrap just below the area you wish to enlarge, Then put on the uli thing. Get an erection or partial and the area above the wrap will begin to really swell. Tighten down the thing and stop when the pressure is high enough.

    Leave it on for no more than ten minutes. The area above the wrap will become dark and discolored while engorged. Then, you will notice discoloration for a good time after finished. You can also use a hanger to do them. This exercise is extremely intense, so it is not recommended for newbies. You can find a lot of posts on teh Uli thing by doing a search.

    The size of the bolts or rather machine screws depend on the wall thickness of the hose material. Be sure to tighten enough to countersink the screw heads into the how to draw picasso portraits material. They should hold fine. Also, you must wrap when using the Uli thing. Do not wrap too tight. Let the pressure from the How to clean dust mop heads thing do the work.

    The wrap is for protection. BiggerAM Homemade Bib hanger Hi there, I made a bib hanger mickey avalon what do you say official video other day and tested it for the first time yesterday. I noticed that the head became quite cold when i was hanging but not in any way a bad colour colour hardly changed at allnor did it become numb. I assume that although it is cold that the colouration and feeling suggest i am doing this right and not harming myself.

    Any thoughts? Are there directions to make one of the new bib hangers as well? Made a couple of hangers, the first one not too good, 2nd better. This wrapping is all important.


    Oct 18, The Uli thing is a simple device to help in doing extreme Ulis. Same goals etc, as regular Ulis, but this gives more pressure which can be sustained for a longer period. Simply wrap just below the area you wish to enlarge, Then put on the uli thing. Get an erection or partial and the area above the wrap will begin to really swell.4/5(5).

    They are vibrantly colored feather gourd rattles used in kahiko performances to maintain timing and to enhance other sounds like chanting or the pounding of an ipu. The handle is made of strips of rattan.

    The top of the instrument is made of kapa. Assorted feathers are gathered to be applied to the top as a cap. To make the base where the rattling sound is made, a calabash gourd is hollowed out and dried until hardened. Kapa material is used for the cap and attached to the top end of the handle. Assorted feathers, commonly red and yellow feathers or hackle feathers, are attached to make the cap covering the top of the instrument.

    Hula kahiko are performed to honor the gods and entertain the royal court while preserving orally transmitted narratives and genealogies. Ipu is a percussion instrument made from gourds that is often used to provide a beat for hula dancing. Slits are cut in the bamboo lengthwise with strands removed so that the bamboo rattles when moved. Depending on the hula performed, dancers hold two stones in each hand, similar to how chopsticks are held, and make clicking noises by striking the stones together.

    The pahu , or hula drum, is considered to be a sacred instrument and is the primary instrument used by the kumu hula also known as the instructors. The pahu guides the dancers, dictating the pace of the dance with the rhythm of the drum.

    Dancers place the drum on the ground or strap it to their thigh and play it during the hula. Another drum used is the small, light-weight kilu , also known as a puniu , which is made out of a half coconut and covered with animal skin. The drum usually accompanies the pahu. In the past, pahu drums were usually made of breadfruit trees, the use of coconut wood is becoming more prevalent.

    The drums range from one to four feet in height. In pre-contact Hawaii the covering of the pahu drum was made with shark skin, but now the shark skin has been substituted with cow hide.

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