How to make a woven newspaper basket

    how to make a woven newspaper basket

    Turn Your Newspaper Into a Basket

    Aug 08,  · Start by making the strips. Cut a full page of the newspaper into thirds lengthwise. Working with one piece at a time, fold over the paper one-third of the . Oct 18,  · Learn how easy it is to weave a basket using newspaper. This basket is made using the technique of weaving with two tubes and it uses the basic type of edgin.

    Working with one piece at a time, fold over the paper one-third of the way widthwise and crease firmly. Your strip should now be one-third its original width. Now, run the glue news;aper along what has become the right side of the strip and fold it in half again, pressing down and creasing well.

    The strip should now be one-sixth the width of its original size. Repeat the whole process so you have 18 long, thin pieces of newspaper. Place six of the strips vertically on a table next to each other. Using six more strips, weave each through horizontally one by one, going over and under the vertical strips, starting in the middle. Each new strip should follow the opposite path of the one above what is amox- clav used for. When bewspaper of the strips are woven together, creating a bbasket square, pull on the baxket of each individual strip, making sure the edges are neatly aligned.

    Take a new strip. Leaving about a half-inch tab of newspaper sticking out at one edge, take your paper clip and affix the strip underneath one of the corners, which holds it newsppaer place while you weave around the basket. Weave the strip over and under each of the six strips on one side, bending every other one upward. To secure the strip, put a small amount of glue on the tab that you created at the start and press where your strip meets the corner to finish the square.

    Full disclosure: The first round is the how to cure a stye on my eyelid. Take another strip and, this time, paper clip it to what size is a7 in inches inside of the basket baket order to hold it in place.

    Then, weave it around the square using the same over-under technique, but opposite the row beneath, pulling up the remaining strips on the table as you go. To neaten the top, crease the strips at top of the basket, fold over to the other side and tuck into a lower layer. Trim any excess paper. Start by making the strips. Cut a full page of the newspaper into thirds lengthwise.

    Build the base of the basket. Add some height. Give it a trim. Try one of our most popular recipes from Instagram. Let us help you pick your next book — a quick woveja comfort read or another recommendation from our editors.

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    Step 1: Materials Needed

    Jan 02,  · 1. To start weaving, join two tubes together as shown in the images just below. Bend in half and thread around the first upright. This is where it gets tricky in the explanation, but I have included a video link that may help. The process is one tube in front - .

    Last Updated: March 29, References. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. This article has been viewed 37, times. Learn more Newspaper is a perfect tool for crafts. If you have some crafts materials to help you, you can turn boring old newspaper into a homemade basket. These baskets are remarkably durable, and fairly simply to put together once you get the basic hang of it.

    Although some adult help may be needed if you're a kid, creating a newspaper basket is a safe and fun exercise.. Afterwards, you can decorate and personalize it to your heart's content. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers. Please log in with your username or email to continue. No account yet? Create an account. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow.

    Download Article Explore this Article parts. Tips and Warnings. Things You'll Need. Related Articles. Part 1 of Gather your materials. Fortunately, they're all probably lying around your home. If not, the materials are inexpensive. Here are the main things you'll need for this craft: A cardboard box, such as a cereal box or cracker box. Anything with thin cardboard will work for this craft. A newspaper. It's preferable that you get a bigger newspaper for this.

    That will maximize the material you get to use. Scissors and glue. Crafts glue like Elmer's glue will be perfect. A circular template. Any solid circle shape should work. You will use this to trace the foundation of your basket.

    Make sure the template is as big as you'll want your basket to be. Fold a section of newspaper in half. Following a fold, each sheet should be half the width it originally was.

    Folding these sheets as such will prepare them for cutting into strips. Cut newspaper along the fold into strips. Because they're all the same size and very thin, you can line them up and cut them into equal-sized pieces. You will need approximately of these strips to create a basket, although more may be needed for larger crafts. Approximately, these strips will be about 10cm wide. You won't be able to see the exact measurements in the resulting basket. Roll individual strips up.

    By rolling up your strips of newspaper, you can make the pieces your basket will need to come together. Place a pencil on a strip lengthwise and roll the newspaper strip around it to make a tight roll. Roll Watch TV or something while your make your rolls. Leave your pencil slightly protruding so you'll be able to take it out afterwards.

    This will make it easier to pull out when the roll is complete. Trace the foundation on cardboard. Take a round shape like a plastic lid for butter and trace around it.

    Cut it out with scissors once you've traced the circle. You should make a second cardboard of the same size to act as an overlying piece for your foundation. If you want to give your basket a lid, make a slightly bigger cardboard circle cutout.

    Set stripped rolls on the foundation. Now that you have a foundation and rolls, it's time to put the two together. Place strips of newspaper crossing through the centre of the foundation.

    Place them like spokes of a wagon wheel, then glue them down. Once this is complete, set another identical cardboard layer of foundation on top of the glued spokes and glue it down.

    It's important that these "spokes" are evenly centered. The protruding lengths of either side will make up the pillars of your basket, and having them uncentered at this stage will make your basket's walls uneven. You need an odd number of strips to make the basket work. Allow your basket foundation time to sit. With regular craft glue, at least an hour should be enough time to resume. Because hot glue dries a lot faster, waiting may not be necessary. Place a book atop the foundation to allow the glue to set properly.

    Part 2 of Glue a strip the base of a spoke. The "walls" of your basket will be made by weaving the same type of strips you used for the spokes around the spokes in a knitted format. Take the end of a strip and glue it to the base of a spoke where it meets the cardboard foundation. Take a paperclip to further secure it. Weave the strip through the foundation spokes. Prop the spokes up and move the strip back and forth on alternating sides of each following spoke.

    In this fashion, the a strip should hug the bottom running around the circumference of the foundation. Continue to weave it around until the strip is done.

    This step may seem difficult at first, but it gets quite a bit easier once you get the basic hang of it. Glue and secure a new strip onto the end of the next.

    With most baskets, a strip should last approximately one lap around the foundation. When a strip is done, glue on another strip to the end of the one you just used, thereby extending it. Use the clip you used on the first strip and spoke to keep the new pairing intact as you move forward. Once it's secured, continue weaving between the following spokes. Weave your way up the spokes. Once you get a few rows up, the spokes will stand up on their own.

    This will make it easier to keep going. Continue the process of gluing and clipping until you've reached near the top of your basket. Tuck the top of the spokes into the basket.

    Instead, fold it in inside the basket. You can either secure it with glue, or lace them through the existing weave. Make a handle. This should be done before you take to decorating it, as a handle should be coloured in the same as the rest of your craft.

    Decorate your basket. Acrylic paints will allow you to pain vibrant designs and patterns over the basket's surface. You can use a variety of other art products, from markers to pens and pencil crayons.

    If you're looking to do an elaborate pattern on the basket, you might consider using the existing text on the newspaper to your advantage. For instance, drawing speech bubbles around headlines is one way of taking advantage of the material's news-related origins. Watercolours will allow the newspaper text to show through. Consider uses for your basket. Because they're homemade, they're perfect as a gift.


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