How to make a handbag out of plastic bags

    how to make a handbag out of plastic bags

    Shopping Bag From Plastic Shopping Bags

    Jul 31, This is a tutorial on how to turn your used plastic bags into a reuseable bag. You can also just learn how to crochet with the bags and make other things. Th. Apr 07, I take a single strip and wrap it around plastic strips starting at one knot and ending at the other knot. With your iron on low cover the middle handle area between knots with foil and make a couple passes over the foil. Be careful not to touch the unprotected plastic with the iron.

    What do criminal justice do for Mother Earth, plastic is a problem. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, between 4. Those plastic particles end up contaminating animals, allowing it to work its way up the food chain where it can eventually poison the humans that eat it. It may be easier than you think to reduce your personal plastic waste.

    Here are a few simple and budget-friendly ways to repurpose plastic bags. Kids, fitness junkies, and environmentalists will all love this eco-friendly craft! It uses multiple plastic bags to create an adorable DIY jump rope.

    Decorating for summertime on the patio just got easier and incredibly budget-friendly with these pom pom lights. It's hard to believe something so fun and trendy is made using plastic bags! Instead, try upcycling some so-called trash laying around the house. These spooky ghosts, for example, can be easily made from repurposed plastic bags.

    Plastic Bag Ghosts from Small for Big. You only need a few simple supplies to transform your outdoor space into a cozy sitting area fit for entertaining guests. No need to invest in spendy patio decor, either. All you need is a cute tablecloth and a handful of plastic bags. Need somewhere to stash your coins or an eco-friendly gift idea? Look no further! This easy-to-follow tutorial will show you how to transform one of your old plastic shopping bags into a stylish DIY coin purse.

    Say goodbye to fishing for stray change in the bottom of your bags. There are no buts about iteveryone needs a cozy place to sleep. Plastic bags and some hard work will do the trick. This blog will walk you through ways to crochet a cute bag of any size using old, unused plastic bags. You can make one big enough to carry your beach supplies, small enough to carry your keys and wallet, or that in-between size to take to the grocery store. Keep costs down by creating your own DIY plastic mailers with fused plastic bags.

    Sending care packages will never be the same! Depending on what size basket you make, you could save a whopping 50 plastic shopping bags from ending up in the landfill. Talk about eco-friendly! Bows take every gift-wrapping job to the next level. Good news for environmentalistsyou can have your cake what month is the new president inaugurated eat it too by making your own upcycled DIY gift bows out of plastic bags.

    Reusing plastic bags for things like storing recipe cards or food scraps is an eco-friendly action, too. This blog is chock full of great plastic bag reuse ideas for you. Finding the perfect gift for the new baby or pet in your life is a tough task. Making one yourself will allow you to express just how much you care about them.

    Plus, you can customize it with cute patterns and colors to match their personality. Avoid water stains on your furniture and show off your eco-friendliness to guests by creating these one-of-a-kind coasters out of plastic bags. From there, you can make a number of cool crafts, including this adorable DIY wallet. Do you have a pet? If so, you most likely have a pet waste bag on youjust in case.

    Instead of buying pre-packaged ones, reuse your old plastic shopping bags instead. Recycling is another eco-friendly option when it comes to plastic bags. Recycling is an easy eco-friendly option. Earth will guide you through the process. How to Recycle Plastic Bags from Earth Making something out of seemingly nothing is an empowering experience. This DIY plastic bag plant pot will work well for both indoor and outdoor plants.

    Rugs are just functional pieces of art. By using plastic bags to make your own, you can create beautiful designs and customize the color scheme to your liking Plastic Bag Rugs from Homestead Weaver. Plarn: the art of making yarn out of plastic. How to Make Plarn from The Spruce. Plastic Bag Pom Pom from Lulastic. Give your room a cozy glow with this table lamp made out of cardboard and repurposed plastic bags. This craft is made even more eco-friendly by using an energy-efficient LED light bulb.

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    Step 1: Cut Plastic Bags Into Strips

    Shopping Bag From Plastic Shopping Bags: 12 Steps (with. Jul 06, One ball of plastic bag yarn aka plarn cut 1 inch wide Approx. 40 plastic grocery bags Here is my picture tutorial on how to make plarn from plastic bags Hook: J (6 mm) metal crochet hook. Description: Recycled Plastic Bag Sandals Womens Size M Directions: Make 2 soles for each sandal. Rnd 1 With plastic bag yarn (plarn) Ch May 04, Crafters from the Nanaimo Harbour City Seniors are turning plastic grocery bags into sleeping mats for the funslovestory.comt with Us!Twitter: funslovestory.com

    This project explains how to spin yarn from ordinary plastic grocery bags. This yarn can then be knit into a handbag. You will need 1. All the plastic bags under your sink. Scissors 3. A spindle ancient simple spinning tool 4. Knitting needles. Follow a spiral pattern around the bag to get one long strip from the entire bag. Don't use your best sewing scissors for this. Cutting plastic bags dulls scissors quickly.

    Spindles are the simplest way to spin fiber, or plastic bags. The pictured spindle is a round piece of wood with a dowel glued through it. The end of the dowel has two narrow saw cuts at the end to attach the end of the string to.

    Once attached, grab the spindle by the point of attachment and spin between your fingers. The weight on the bottom keeps the spindle spinning. Hold the plastic strip in your other hand and pay out the strip as it twists into yarn. As the spun yarn gets longer, wrap the yarn around the stick portion of the spindle and re-attach at the tip. Keep goiing. When you get to the end of one strip of plastic, you don't need to tie one strip to the next.

    Just overlap the two ends, fold them together and continue spinning. The twisting together will be enough to join the two strips. Sadly, I don't have action pictures of this step.

    The bag shown has a very simple pattern. The body of the bag is a long strip of nothing but knit stitch. The handles are another long strip of the same stitch. The two pieces were sewn together using more plastic yarn.

    This bag was a first attempt. Some suggestions for improvement. The fabric is surprisingly heavy duty. Keep to purse size, or make something you don't plan on lugging around. This large tote bag is a little bulky. Have fun with color.

    Just a thought If you cut the bags through both thicknesses, and from side to side, making them into strips, you get pieces that are kind of shaped like rubber bands, except bigger and plastic! You can then "link" them together to form one long continuous strip.

    That makes them twice as thick Wow, these are some of the cutest and most interesting bags I have seen yet! Great work, I can always use a new handbag.

    I'll have to see if I can follow the instructions and make one of these. I crocheted one of these years ago when Walmart had the gray bags. I used it as a lunch bag for work. Still have it, now it is a utlility bag in my Jeep.

    Takes a lot of plastic bags though :. I crocheted 2 bags one out of grocery bags and a hand bag from bags telephone books were delivered in. I tried knitting but I like crocheting better. This looks like a fun project. About what size were the strips you cut? And did you use a supported spindle?

    Or is it easy to spin with a drop spindle? What type and size of needles did you use to knit up the "plarn" Plastic Yarn? I put my kids to work helping me make lots of plarn, but from joined loops of bags instead of long strips. My problem arose when I tried knitting -- the plarn was so "grabby" and sticky on the needles I tried nickel and wood both that it was torture to complete even a few rounds.

    Perhaps the smaller diameter of the spun "plarn" makes it easier to knit. Reply 11 years ago on Introduction. These are all the rage over in England. On my trip over there in November I was given two from old friends.

    They are absolutely great. I am planning to make at least one! That is so awesome :D Hmm. I'm gonna see how much it costs to get the spindle and such. I started sowing and I dunno how to get the bobbin thread underneath. It's such a headache and when you finally get the thing ready, it JAMS and clumps the thread.

    I was using plastic bags as a spinning practice tool with vague ideas of what to use the spun "yarn" for next. This is a good idea. Thank you for helping the earth. This reminds me of a pod I saw on making handbags out of candy wrappers.

    Very cool idea. Reply 13 years ago on Introduction. In the UK, don't try this with Tesco carrier bags - they biodegrade quite quickly, especially when exposed to sunlight.

    I forgot to say, though, that a video of the spinning or even a whole Instructable on spinning would be very useful. I agree I never heard of spinning plastic bags and that would be very interesting I have crocheted purses with bags and was going to try knitting It is hard on the hands but fun Maggie Jiggs.

    I made one of these a while ago, but instead of spinning the strips, I just knitted them in. I wanted to make grocery bags, but, like you said, it's heavier than making a bag out of yarn. Introduction: Knit Plastic Bag Handbag. By pluralmolecule Follow. More by the author:. Did you make this project?

    Share it with us! I Made It! Kid Name Circle Board by julien. BeadDesigner 8 years ago on Introduction. Reply Upvote. Andib 11 years ago on Introduction. I totally don't understand spinning or how it works.

    A video would help. Dalya 13 years ago on Introduction. Doctor What 13 years ago on Introduction. LMO 13 years ago on Introduction. Kiteman 13 years ago on Introduction. Kiteman Kiteman Reply 13 years ago on Introduction. Maggie jiggs Kiteman Reply 13 years ago on Introduction.


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