How to load paper in verifone vx520

    how to load paper in verifone vx520

    VeriFone vx520 Paper Rolls

    Steps: Locate the black tab on the top of the terminal Pull the black tab Grab your new roll of paper Ensure your paper is facing correctly VX has thermal paper, the slick side is the side the thermal side Ensure the slick thermal side is facing the screen Insert your paper Close the case with. Jan 25,  · The Verifone VX terminal enab Watch this how to video to load paper on VX Credit Card Terminal offered through Gravity Payments credit card processor. The Verifone VX .

    Although sales are recorded in your Verifone credit card machine's point-of-sale system, not being able to print because of paper feed issues may prevent you from providing customers with receipts and could hinder your ability to how did dr john snow stop cholera credit card purchases requiring a signature.

    If the paper is torn below the feeder teeth or becomes jammed and cannot advance out of the machine, you can manually adjust the roll to get the automatic feeder working again.

    Inspect the end of the roll for folds, tears or kinks that could impede the automatic feeder and cut them off with your scissors. If none are present, the roll may just need to be repositioned. Reinsert the roll in the machine so that the loose end is facing the screen and keypad, pointing up. Push the roll down until it clicks into place. Charlotte Mission is an avid reader and writer. She has written professionally for over 5 years and for pleasure for many more.

    Her work has appeared on eHow. She is currently pursuing a degree in History. Share on Facebook. Step 1 Open the paper roll compartment cover and pull the paper roll out of the machine.

    Step 2 Inspect the end of the roll for folds, tears or kinks that could impede the automatic feeder and cut them off with your scissors. Step 3 Reinsert the roll in the machine so that the loose end is facing the screen and keypad, pointing up.

    Step 4 Pull about a half an inch of paper above the feeder's metal teeth. Step 5 Close the paper roll compartment cover.

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    • Remove the previous paper roll from the printer tray. • Place the new paper roll so that the paper moves from the bottom of the roll towards the front edge. • Leave a small amount of paper to extend outside the printer door. • Close the printer cover. • The terminal informs ”PAPER INSERTED PRESS ANY KEY”. Press any key to funslovestory.com Size: 3MB. Load the receipt paper roll with the sheet coming from the bottom underneath the roll. Hold the end of the receipt paper with one hand while closing the cover with the other hand. While holding the unit with one hand, rip off excess paper by pulling down and to the side. NOTE: Non-contactless terminals use 2 1/4"x 85' thermal paper and contactless terminals use 2 1/4" x 55' thermal . Dec 15,  · Drop a new paper roll into the tray. The leading edge of the paper should be on the bottom and feed toward the top of the terminal. Pull the leading edge of the paper about one inch or until all glue residue is past the edge of the terminal. Close the paper cover. VeriFone VX Type of paper: thermal paper rolls, inches wide, 50 feet long.

    Table Of Contents. Quick Links. See also: Training Manual , Instruction Manual. VX Table of Contents. Previous Page. Next Page. Page 2 VeriFone, Inc. The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. Although VeriFone has attempted to ensure the accuracy of the contents of this document, this document may include errors or omissions. The examples and sample programs are for illustration only and may not be suited for your purpose.

    Page 4 VeriFone Certificate Authority Page 5 Build a VeriFone. Page 6 VeriFone Cleaning Kit Explains the operational features of the VX unit and describes how to use the VX keys to perform all the data entry or Terminal Manager tasks described in this manual.

    Chapter Verix Terminal Manager. Page Hapter The VX offers several communication options, enhanced display, increased processing power, expanded memory, and two USB peripheral ports.

    The VX terminal uses a robust, sleek, and highly functional design. VeriFone ships variants of the VX terminals for different markets. Your NOTE terminal may have a different configuration from the features described in this section.

    Page Features And Benefits VX terminals provide the right combination of features and functions. This Benefits includes a triple-track magnetic-stripe card reader, landed smart card reader, integrated PIN pad, a quiet internal thermal printer ITP. Page Electrical Considerations Remove all plastic wrapping from the terminal and other components. Remove the clear protective film from the LCD screen.

    Do not use a terminal that has been damaged or tampered with. If a label or component appears damaged, please notify the shipping company and your VeriFone representative or service provider immediately. The VX terminal contains MSAM cardholders to support multiple stored-value card programs or other merchant card requirements. Please connection ports refer to the following list of peripheral devices for the connectivity options. The Smart Battery locking tab clicks when the battery is in place.

    VX R Before you can Paper Roll in the process transactions that require a receipt or record, you must install a roll of Printer thermal-sensitive paper in the printer. Page 24 see Figure CAUTION To prevent the paper roll cover from damaging the print roller, always gently press down on the printer dust cover to close it.

    Page 26 The cardholder connector base has an image resembling the notched corner of an MSAM card to ensure the card is positioned correctly. Close the MSAM cardholder panel, and then replace the terminal rear cover. Use the following procedure to replace or install a SIM card. Card VX Page 29 ECRs require a separate power source. Before connecting a check reader or similar device, remove the power cord from and ensure that the indicator LED is not lit.

    Page Connecting The Terminal Power Pack Connecting the When you have finished connecting optional peripheral s , you are ready to Terminal Power connect the VX terminal to the provided power source. If an application is loaded in the terminal, it starts after the initial VeriFone copyright screen and usually displays a unique copyright screen. If no application The illustration shows an example of a VX with the optional privacy shield. Premature card removal will invalidate the transaction.

    Using the The VX terminal supports credit or debit card transactions. Magnetic Card Reader To conduct a credit or Page Hapter Using the Terminal Keys Before proceeding to other tasks, familiarize yourself with the operational features of the VX terminal keypad to enter data.

    This section describes how to use the keypad, which consists of a key Telco- style keypad, three color-coded keys below the keypad, the ALPHA key above the Page Data Entry Modes For this reason, once you enter terminal manager, you cannot return to the application in the same session.

    If you turn on a VX terminal that does not have an application stored in terminal memory, the system prompt appears. Page Function Key Descriptions In normal mode, the ALPHA key enables you to enter one of the two or more characters or symbols assigned to individual keys on the key Telco-style keypad note that this is in normal mode and is application-specific. If two or more characters display on the VX screen, pressing ALPHA changes the last character on the line to the next letter, number, or symbol in the key sequence.

    Page 39 In Verix Terminal Manager, press the enter key to begin a selected procedure, step forward or backward in a procedure, and confirm data entries. The specific effect of the enter key depends on the currently active terminal manager menu. Verifying The VX terminal you are using may or may not have an application program Terminal Status running on it. After you have set up the terminal Chapter Terminal Setup and Files are assigned to one of the groups for access control.

    Groups are similar to computer directoriesin that different applications can be stored in separate file groups, just like different computer applications can be stored in separate directories. Use the PF4 key to scroll up the menu options. Complete the operation. Return to the main Verix Terminal Manager menu.

    Page Menu 1 You must also clear some or all flash memory if your terminal does not have enough space for the impending download. Page 49 Press to toggle between a parameter and its value. SYS files in your terminal. Page 50 Then, type a filename and press.

    Page 52 Type the number of the file group 1 for the primary application; between 1—15 for other applications into GROUP ID: nn which to perform the download. Refer to Chapter 6 detailed download instructions and information. To continue, enter the required password. If you enter an incorrect password, appears. Verify your password and reenter it. Page Menu 2 , press the PF2 key.

    Page 60 ID. Page 65 Outputting log. After making any notations, press the key under the down arrow PF1 to view additional error log information, if shown. Press to return to the screen. Page Hapter File authentication is a secured process for authenticating files using digital signatures, cryptographic keys, and digital certificates. This process makes it possible for the sponsor of a VX terminal to logically secure access to the terminal by controlling who is authorized to download application files to that terminal.

    That is, a lower-level certificate can only be authenticated under the authority of a higher-level certificate. Page 77 To establish the logical security of applications to download to a VX terminal, the designated signer uses the signer private key issued by the VeriFone CA as this is a required input to the VeriShield File Signing Tool.

    The application file is tested and debugged. After the application file is fully debugged, it becomes an input for the deployment process.

    Page 80 Smart card containing a set of certificates and private key. Smart card PIN. The sponsor uses the smart card and smart card PIN as inputs for the deployment process. Each successfully authenticated executable application file is allowed to run on the terminal otherwise, the executable remains stored in the terminal memory but is not allowed to run.

    If the modified file is an executable, it is no longer allowed to run. Digital Certificates The file authentication module always processes certificates before it processes and the File signature files. Page 86 Introduction to File Authentication A development set of higher-level certificates is downloaded into each VX terminal upon manufacture.

    Page 87 VeriFone CA to use to logically secure sponsor and signer privileges when the VX terminal is prepared for deployment. Customer-specific sponsor and signer certificates are usually downloaded to a VX terminal as part of the standard application download procedure performed by a deployment service.

    Page 88 up to a maximum of 21 certificates. Required Inputs to the File Signing Process The required inputs to the file signing process are somewhat different for development terminals than deployment terminals. The clear smart card is specific to the requesting sponsor. It restores a deployment terminal to the Page 92 RAM. A signature file must know if its matching application file is stored in flash or RAM.

    If a signature file cannot locate its matching application file, the application file is not authenticated. Page 93 A typical application download includes a variety of different file types. For operating system updates, VeriFone provides customers with a complete download package that includes all certificates and signature files required for authentication.


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