How to go to xp from vista

    how to go to xp from vista

    Upgrading Your New Laptop From Vista to XP

    Choose D=Delete on the old Vista partition. Then hit C to create a new partition. You will want to format it with NTFS and the quick option to save time. Once the format is complete, the normal windows XP setup will commence. Aug 06,  · I'm assuming that you didn't upgrade to Vista from XP and that the laptop came with Vista preinstalled. General information about replacing Vista with XP: On an OEM (HP, Sony, etc.) computer: 1. Go to the OEM's website and look for XP drivers for your specific model computer. If there are no XP drivers, then you can't install XP. End of story.

    Windows Vista was launched with much fanfare and was touted as the operating system for a new generation with a slick graphical interface and many new features. But the reaction to Vista has been mostly lukewarm, and many customers are looking for a way to downgrade from Vista to Windows XP.

    One of the common problems users are experiencing with Windows Vista is that the operating system may not be px with their existing hardware, especially printers, scanners, and certain video cards. And some vendors still lag in providing updated software drivers that will enable those devices to function with Vista. Some users complain that overall performance is worse than with XP; that Vista is buggy, and will freeze or crash often - even while running Microsoft software such as Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer what is special foo yung MS Word.

    Others complain that programs which worked find on XP don't work well or at all with Windows Vista. Here are some tips to take some of the pain out of that process.

    If you remember back to when you installed Windows XP, Microsoft provided users with a fairly simple option to return to Windows 98 if something went wrong, or if you didn't like it. So check with your PC vendor, to see if they will provide a Vista-to-XP recovery disk at low or no cost. But what if you bought a no-name PC or the manufacturer won't ship you the XP recovery disk? Microsoft does not permit vendors to ship the XP recovery disk to customers who have these lower-end versions of Vista.

    You should take all the normal precautions like backing up all your important files and record important passwords in a different place, preferably on a CD. Note: There is a way to have both Vista and XP in a dual boot configuration, but that's an option for more advanced users. Before you begin the XP installation, make sure that the necessary XP hardware drivers are available, or included on the XP disk provided by your PC vendor. If in doubt, check the vendor's website or poke around with your favorite search engine to how to survive a zombie invasion book if others have attempted the XP install on the same hardware.

    You may be able to install XP without all the needed drivers, but some hardware may not work afterwards. If not, what is thomas hobbes known for you have an XP disc that came with another computer.

    If all else fails, you can always buy a copy of Windows XP on Ebay. Just be sure it's a legal, licensed copy. Have you successfully downgraded from Vista to XP?

    Share your experience. Got questions or comments about downgrading from Vista to XP? Post them below. This article was posted by Bob Rankin on 16 Oct Posted by: Craig Golby 11 Aug Something very bizarre has happenned. Laptop running quite satisfactorily in Hwo last night was shut down at about midnight. Booted up this evening and it came up in XP.

    I don't believe for one minute that we didnt do something, but I have no idea what. Its the wifes laptop, she hasnt installed anything, wouldnt know how and I dont give her those permissions, but that doesnt mean that she didnt select something on boot up. It has brought forward network connections, but has lost email profiles and files etc.

    Any ideas what happenned and how I can get back to Vista?? Maybe she just hit the wrong button during startup. Posted by: Nish Rana 10 Sep Posted by: ro 11 Sep Posted by: sbrobbs 05 Oct Hi, I bought a second hand Alienware Aurora M laptop with vista home premium already on it. Wanted to install xp pro on now new gb hardrive. Before doing this contacted alienware support they said I need to change some bios settings but would not cista me what as they did not support second hand systems.

    Posted by: sbrobbs 09 Oct Hi ED, Did try it it seemed to install fine vists I came to update the what to wear on spring 2013. I've never seen this before. I also tried to run a diagnostic program to tell me what was on my system but all it did was open a black window for a split second and then nothing but this worked fine on my desktop.

    Posted by: Raj 18 Oct Posted by: Barry 02 Dec I could not get XP to boot up and making that one change fixed my problem. You da man! Posted by: Cat Cooter 11 Feb I havce Vista on a Dell inspiron and hate it. Nothing but issues. I have all my music stored on an external seagate drivce and can unplug it but will it still work right? We can also copy everything off my computer and how to cast pewter miniatures it to a harddrive to reinstall, pictures etc.

    Will this work? FInal problem. I have a Seagate 1. It was working fine. I downloaded many anime full series on it and used it for back up then it quit doing the back ups. Next it said there was new software. After we installed the new software it totally screwed up my computer.

    It took my husband hours to get it working again, but the Seagate cannot be used. I think we need drivers? Is it possible to fix this or am I just screwed, and will trying to downgrade to xp make things worse? I'm most concerned at this point about getting yo big external running again. It's tricky even for tech savvy folks. At this point, I would check the Seagate website to get the latest Vista drivers for your device.

    Posted by: Garry 12 Apr Posted by: Ryan 20 Apr I'm trying to downgrade upgrade a dell from vista home basic to xp pro. The xp disk is original and how to go to xp from vista from another computer. The computer I'm trying to put xp on is a dell that a friend gave me. His wife insisted that I wipe the hard drive right away but they didn't know where the original factory disks where.

    I figured it was no big deal and I would just over write everthing using the xp disk. I got as far as the part where they ask for the product vjsta, typed it in but no matter how many times I checked and double checked it would not except the number. I call MS tech support they passed me around from one hard to understand operator to another for about an hour I finally hung up on my 5th operator while she was in the middle of telling me some irelevancie that I had all ready heard from 3 prior operators.

    I've been looking around to see if anyone eles has had the same prob so far they havn't. I saw in several differant places instructions that involve choosing ffom f2 start up going to drives, then sata options and pick one of the two choises.

    The problem with that is for some reason those options arn't on mine The bios is 1. All there is is the cmos features,advanced bios features boot dev. So far in everthing I've read not one person seemed to have trouble ffom these options and in all of the downgrade trouble I've read about so far none of the people where able to get as far as the product key part.

    So now I'm confused and stuck with as nicer computer I can't use until my buddy brings the disk but, there's no telling when that'll happen. Thanks in advance Ry. Posted by: Andre 05 Jun The ones I have, there is no setup option. How do I install ethernet drivers. Posted by: matthew mccusker 17 Aug frok Posted by: Social Observer 29 Aug I've attempted to downgrade from vista to xp.

    Upon completion of loading xp install disk, Vusta get No disk found or available vizta, and can go no further. I've also looked at disk m'gmt to format C: drive, but I'm not allowed to, only the recovery drive is formattable.

    How do I perform this downgrade?? Posted by: rahul 19 Sep I have licenced vista business keybut I want ro install what vitamins are in grape juice in my pc. How to install and How to activate my key? Posted by: Jason Martin 27 Feb Please I desperately need some tech advice on that. Posted by: Donnatella 20 Mar I've tried reinstalling XP how to make a crane that flaps its wings receive a message that I cannot revert back.

    My laptop came pre-installed with Vista. Nothing seems to let me reinstall XP after requesting a HD wipe.

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    You'll likely end up talking with a live rep; tell him that you're downgrading from Vista to XP, and give him the Vista product key. The rep is supposed to walk you through the rest. Follow these steps to install Windows XP on your Vista machine: Insert your Windows XP install/recovery CD and restart your computer. Install Windows XP normally, providing either the product key that came with the disk, or the one you got from Microsoft customer support. This is a simple exploit in the vista os. No more alorts, even the vista look is taken funslovestory.coms xp is now banned from being sold, which is why all new c.

    Microsoft Corp. Even if you wanted to take advantage of the wider window of XP opportunity, you might not know where to start. For the rest of us, just what does it take to turn back the clock? Read on for more about the trip to Windows yesteryear.

    What is a downgrade? To Microsoft, "downgrade" describes the licensing rights it grants to older operating systems. Downgrade doesn't mean the process for rolling back Windows from Vista to XP, since there isn't such a procedure, not in the generally accepted use of "upgrade.

    Not so in a downgrade. Specifically, these downgrade rights lets owners of some versions of Vista replace it with Windows XP without having to pay for another license. In effect, the license for Vista is transferred to XP.

    Think of it as a swap, Vista for XP, not as an extra license. By Microsoft's end-user licensing agreement EULA , you can't have both the Vista and its downgraded XP installed at the same time on the same or different machines. You have to pick: It's one or the other. To the vast bulk of users, though, "downgrade" is a synonym for reverting to an older version. In that case, it simply means dumping Vista and returning to XP. So, what downgrades does Microsoft allow?

    You are, as they say, SOL. How do I downgrade? Install a copy of Windows XP Professional with the product key that came with the copy, and then when you hit the activation screen -- which is near the end of the installation process -- select the activate by phone option rather than the online method.

    You'll likely end up talking with a live rep; tell him that you're downgrading from Vista to XP, and give him the Vista product key. The rep is supposed to walk you through the rest. Where do I get the XP install disc? Until this summer, Microsoft put the responsibility on the end users' shoulders. For example, in this Vista downgrade rights document download PDF targeting resellers, the company said "media is provided by the customer.

    In some cases, discs are shipped with the PCs; in others, users must request them. Don't bother calling Microsoft; it won't provide installation media, and will instead direct you to your reseller. Here are the latest Insider stories. More Insider Sign Out. Sign In Register.

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