How to defend yourself when getting jumped

    how to defend yourself when getting jumped

    Defending Yourself Legally

    Sep 09,  · Eric and Eli Cole help me demonstrate what are some good options to do in defending yourself against multiple opponents. Thank you for watching this video I. If jumped, pull your pistol and put rounds into the center mass of those immediately upon you. The rest should run and you should not fire at them. Colonel Rex Applegate has a very good book on Point Shooting. Cowards travel in groups and assault lone individuals for fun.

    There will be no changes to other Yahoo properties or services, or your Yahoo account. You can find more information about the Yahoo Answers shutdown and how to download your data on this help page. Just a question if someone is planning to jump you and you use weapons in self defence because its like on 1 will you get in trouble?

    Lol yea i know there fighting style "ghetto fighting" usallly with a bunch of people the girl refuses and denys fist fighting 1 on 1 because i'm stong in the kick boxing arts and suck i know all the martial arts crap and fighting styles its just i'm only 16 and theres like 20 year old guys involved You know there is going to be a fight and choose to have that fight with a deadly weapon. Hence you were looking for trouble. I don't totally agree with that read, but I somewhat agree.

    After all, it would be easy to legally murder someone if all you had to do was hide your gun, and the go insult them until they got mad enough to swing their fist at you, then shoot em! Now, in general, if you carry a weapon every day, and totally out of the blue, the threat of severe physical violence by multiple people is well within the threat level to use deadly force.

    People do get killed from beating, and severe injury is enough justification to use deadly force. However, whenever there is armed vs unarmed even when unarmed have numbers all such incidents will be HEAVILY investigated, so plan on spending a few nights in jail until you make bail, and then plan on hiring a lawyer to defend your decision. Call the cops, let them know, make a note of who you talked to and at what time.

    File a restraining order. That shows you are taking the threat seriously and doing your level best to avoid a lethal confrontation. Do that, and you probably won't even spend a night in jail. Just Good For Me. My God girl, make a police report. Notify your counselor, the campus cops, whatever If there's a police report and you are violated then at least they'll have a starting point. Since you're just 16 your kick-boxing skill are your best defense. This way too, if you hurt anyone bad there'll be a police report that should help you with the self-defense legal issue.

    You could get how to put snes games on r4 trouble and probably will to some extent. It all depends on if you can convince a jury or DA that you truly were in fear for your life or that you would suffer severe bodily injury.

    The problem really is whether you are carrying your weapon legally or not. Also, if they feel you carried the weapon to go and confront the "jumpers", that could get you into hot water too. It really depends on the area in which you live and the views of the DA. If you know of someone planing of jumping you, you'd be better off calling the police first and letting them know what is going on. Kat, that depends. If you know that you are going to get jumped when you go somewhere, then yes.

    Thats xbox 360 how to fix freezing if you are armed and pick a fight with someone, then they pull a gun but you kill them "in self defence," well it wasnt self defence. You should consider your states laws before you walk into a situation where you know trouble awaits. In many states, even a lawfully armed individual has a responsibility to retreat before defending themselves with lethal force.

    That means that, if you know trouble is waiting for you and you voluntarily advance into it and take someone's life, you may be criminally liable for their death. The best policy for self-defense is to avoid those situations where you know trouble awaits, as much as possible.

    If you are taken at unawares and attacked, you have the right to defend yourself; however, you are going to have alot of explaining to do if you go after someone else, baiting them into attacking you so you can kill them. If they haave knives or such weapons I'd give them a little smoke-check [shoot them]. If they had their fists then I'd let one or scratch me to get some DNA in places on them to prove self defense first.

    Then smoke-check! Just don't aim for the head. If your good I'd go for the knee. If I how to set the dinner table a knife then I would tuck it under my wrist in my hand and wait for a good time to attack them back.

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    Lohan's dad arrested for steering patients to rehabs. Bunny steals the show at Giants game. OSU students: Sever ties with Columbus police. Simone Biles ending 6-year partnership with Nike. Olympic athletes hit out at IOC over protest ban. Update: Lol yea i know there fighting style "ghetto fighting" usallly with a bunch of people the girl refuses and denys fist fighting 1 on 1 because i'm stong in the kick boxing arts and suck i know all the martial arts crap and fighting styles its just i'm only 16 and theres like 20 year old guys involved Answer Save.

    This Site Might Help You. RE: Getting jumped.? Good luck. Source s : Whoever gave Akluis the thumbs down doesn't have a clue. He is right on with his advice!

    Old Hickory Lv 6. Not in most cases. Some states what is a failing grade in college criminals more rights. A concealed carry permit would be best. My home state we have the right to defend our self. Don't be a victim. You have the responsiblility when armed to avoid conflict. Hope this helps. Show more answers Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

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    It’s a shocking thing, just try not to let it scar you, do what you normally do, go about your life as you normally would. Don’t let it throw you off your game. But once again if you do know them, and it was more than one person who jumped you, then ring up a few friends and go to town. K views. Jun 30,  · Establish yourself as a hard target by striking at your attacker first. When you do strike, move swiftly and effectively and focus your force on your attacker’s face, throat, groin, knees, and stomach. For advice on how to defend yourself . Apr 09,  · Favorite Answer if someone plans on jumping you, the fact that you know in advance and do not notify the authorites can be used against you as premeditated murder. .

    The world has gone crazy! Turn on the evening news and you will be bombarded with stories of innocent people being attacked, robbed, and killed on a daily basis. Now throw in an emergency situation or natural disaster, and the lunatics of the world will be swarming the streets like roaches looking for innocent victims to target.

    While having a firearm can certainly level the playing field, and is something I think everyone should be trained to use, there are certain times and situations where you might be without one. Even an innocent trip to the local grocery store can quickly go bad if not prepared to face the very real threats that are out there. When confronted with this type of attack, there are a couple of things you need to do. Do you have an escape route?

    Tough Guy. Survival does not mean fighting; if you have an escape route take it now. Can you talk your way out of the situation? Talking your way out of an attack is more art than science, and takes a considerable amount of street smarts to pull off.

    But there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind. If you have no other options, and your life is in jeopardy, then you need to know how to protect yourself. The following actions should only be taken if your life is in immediate danger. The following actions may be signs that they are getting ready to attack.

    Beer bottles, tree branches, garbage cans, bricks, and even the pen in your pocket can be used as improvised weapons during an emergency situation. Psychology — Fighting a group does not always mean having to fight the whole group. In fact, your goal is to fight as few of them as possible. Instead of defeating each of their bodies, you must instead destroy their minds. Identify the leader — Who is the strongest link? This person is your main threat, and must be taken out first.

    Remember, you want to create a strong visible injury that will make the group rethink its attack. Where to Attack — In a life or death situation, there are no rules. Take out their eyes, break their kneecaps, jab them in the throat; do anything you can to win the battle.

    Your goal is to immobilize the attackers by any means available. If in that situation there is always a loud one do you take him or her out first or the quiet one? How do you know which is the head of the group so to speak. Never let an armed person remove you from or take you to another location. If person has a gun , your best bet is to fight like hell , scream , attack , lunge , tackle , bite , gouge eyes , make such a scene and noise that it is not worth your attackers efforts to try and subdue you for the chance of getting caught , seen , or identified.

    Remember ,you are fighting for your life. A person with a gun , is up to no good. Sooooo, I need to disagree. Attacking the largest, strongest, most aggressive member of a group first is a last ditch effort. Gives me a better chance of cutting the group number down by one before having to move on to the next person. Drilling the techniques against resisting opponents is what matters. The advice above is useless without it. Any random person against three people has a TINY chance of victory If you really want to be able to handle multiple opponents, get four guys together that want to learn.

    Do one on theee drills, experimenting with what works. The other three use all possible speed and strength, but none of the special techniques you will discover. As a tip, the only things that will work that I have found are things that allow you to use one opponent as a shield to protect you from the others. For all I know, you guys are the deuschbags that are going to use this to harm innocents, so no more.

    Figure 4 armbar if you can get the on the ground and mount them. The noise alone will make someone cringe. If they are on the ground sit on their chest knees on their elbows adding pressure to them.

    Next hit the nose up, grab a sharp object nearby, a bottle maybe amd jab in the armpit several times on their right side, they will not get up after this… ever. Take him to the ground, achieve the dominant position, and execute a submission… while surrounded by his friends.

    Let me know how that goes for you. I have first hand knowledge of this working, I was attacked by a group of people once luckily I busted the main aggressors nose which caused the other 3 to take off running.

    If you are in arm to arm combat , pull your attacker towards you as you deliver upthrust knee punch to the solar plexus. Rip out ears , Bite… eyes , knees , tops of feet..

    I tend to use my fathers tricks he taught me during his military combat training, it kills people more than hurts so I like it better than martial arts at times.

    Martial arts I tried but the tactics are too predictable for anyone to accomidate in the time I use them, brute force is what I suggest. I would think the obvious reason is that not everyone will have a firearm in their possesion at all times. Also, if you have managed to legally obtain your firearms then you had to take a safety class at some point in time. One thing they teach when training certified officers for firearms carry for duty is that if your subject is within 21 feet of you, you can not accurately use your firearm.

    A man with a knife can close 21 feet before a man with a holstered gun can draw, aim and fire. If you are wearing a concealed firearm then it takes even longer on the draw.

    If you are armed in this type of situation your best bet is to follow standard armed security responses and keep backing away, make sure you have a 21 foot, or more, gap between you and the closest subject and only use it as a last resort.

    By all means attempt to difuse the situation first. I know there is never a text book scenario in real life, use your best judgement but always treat lethal force as a last resort.

    Shoot the first two before reassessing. Conserve your ammo. Be aware of your surroundings. Double tap!!! Imagine less than that. What he is saying is that if someone is lunging at you with a knife, pulling a weapon from a holster and putting shots on target accurately is difficult in such a frantic situation.

    Trained officers and certain people like me can shoot a 9m. Not sure if you understood the comment. I see where you could think he was saying that. But that was not the message he was trying to convey. The 21 foot rule is very important to understand, especially if you carry concealed.

    Picture this training scenario. The situation involves a suspect possibly on drugs, inside a restroom at a convenience store. Cops called to deal with him. As the officers enter they notice the suspect is in the far corner approximately 21 feet away. As the officer attempts to start a dialog with the suspect, the suspect charges the officer at full sprint. In this scenario it is very rare, right on the border of impossible for the officer to draw his weapon from his hip holster and get a shot on the target before being the suspect is already on him.

    Drawing a weapon as you are being taken to the ground is a horrible idea. The article was meant for those that might be caught in this situation without a gun or other traditional weapons. I personally do not get caught in situations without a firearm.

    I take my firearm everywhere I go period. Thomas Jefferson even carried two concealed pistols while in the capitol. And look where we are today. I totally Agree!!! I have a CPL went through the class and work with my firearm daily, weather its dry fire practice or just practicing clearing a jam and reloading.

    You have to be aware of your surroundings at all times and be able to assess the threat and be able to defend yourself or a loved one hand to hand… if fleeing is not an option. Robert is correct being a legally armed and properly trained citizen is your best bet in this situation, unless of course you are Chuck Norris. Awesome Tips, its really hard to fight even 2 bodies especially if they think like convicts. This is all accurate, if you happen to run into a textbook scenario. In my line of work Ive dealt with fighting people en masse and there is usually no order, leader, or time for discussion.

    It usually becomes a flurry of thrown projectiles, fists, and feet. As far as emergency situations go, the worst I was involved in was Katrina. First as a citizen and then returned to work armed security after. Count on the worst. There will be NO order. Best advice: Be invisible. Beyond that? Keep in mind that you are outnumbered. They know they outnumber you.


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