How to connect idea gprs to pc

    how to connect idea gprs to pc

    Idea Cellular & GPRS Quary

    Or Call customer Care to activate the GPRS Daily Power Plan and get the GPRS Settings save it. 2. Install Nokia PC Suit in your Mobile. 3. Check that you can connect and browse net in your mobile. 4. Now connect your Mobile with Laptop/PC. Select Connect PC to Web Option in your mobile. 5. Choose the "connect via a modem" option. Enter the telephone number to dial as *99# (No area code, and turn off dialing rules) Select the username and password for your Network Operator (GPRS settings here) When complete, go to Control panel > networks, and right-click on the icon for your GPRS connection.

    Once you start Bluetooth software on PC, it seeks bluetooth devices around and once it finds connecct, it shows there is sync between PC and CellPhone via bluetooth. When you install drivers for your bluetooth dongle, coonnect automatically sets the necesarry parameters for connection like:. Per MB you downloaded, you gotta pay approx Rs 20 i calculated myself i mean it ides reduced that way. This is total NO NO recommendation. Okay, this is for once and all. This is the most viable option for you all.

    Save money and start using this very interesting option. I see no future of Tp in coming days. Posted in Tips and Tricks. Lets hope they solve your problem ASAP. Bro I also have the same question.

    How do I how to install hardie plank internet on mero mobile? They pf that we do not have to fill forms to activate. I was finally able to activate oc. The browser of my phone only open merowap.

    Noomatter what I try ideaa open the only page that opens in merowap. But i dont know how the internet services on this RIM card will be.

    Can you provide me more information on this?????? In history channel, i saw once, those cordless phones were carried on the backhood of cars or large vehicles. Now, SIM means Subscriber Identification Module with unique number issued to subscriber which can be installed on different idae phone. But, as NTC launched PCMCIA personal computer Memory card interface adapter card for laptops few weeks ago,which is another form of wireless technology to enable laptops to surf internet, how to change nat type on ps4 think RIM is for Desktop computer which could also be wireless technology.

    Wireless internet works on one basic funda. We surf net using that access point and cell pgrs reaches that point through the frequency or network provided. By the way, what is GMS phones? GPRS enables services such as Internet browsing, e-mail on the move, powerful visual communications, multimedia messages and location-based services.

    GPRS offers complete solutions through which you can always stay online and getconnected with family, friends. Following are the pre requisites to utilize GPRS on your handset 1.

    Service activated on your number 3. You will see options in your screen containing 1. Account, 2. Service Operation, 3. Office How to connect idea gprs to pc, 4. How to call the call Center, and 5. Change Password. Your service will be activated. Settings for Sony Ericsson k, ki 1.

    Enter the main iddea. Select Connect Connectivity? Data comm? Data accounts 3. Press YES at Add account? Enter APN: mero 8. Enter Password: Leave this field blank 9. Press Save. Again go to the main menu. Select Iea connectivity? Internet settings? Internet Profiles Add New profile Enter Name: mero Changes made save?

    Yes Selct the new profile just created click hiw Select save. Settings for Motorola V3, L6, L7 1. Leave everything default and press done. Settings for Nokia, 1. Select Set 1 for Active Service Settings. Go to Edit Active Service Settings. Make Changes as follows a. Session Mode: Permanent. Connection Security: Off e. Bearer Setting i. IP Address: Authentication Type: Normal iv.

    Go Type: Automatic v. Exit Settings 6. Setting for Nokiai, 1. Session Mode: Permanent d. Authentication Type: Normal i. Login Type: Automatic j. Press Back to exit Settings. Settings for Nokia 1. Select Default access point and make changes as follows: a.

    Data bearer: GPRS ggprs. Access point name: mero d. User name: none e. Prompt password: no f. Password: none g. Authentication: Secure h. Select Back to exit settings.

    Leave the rest of the field as it is, do not make any other changes 4. Go to Settings and select Profile1 Info 3. Change the profile1 Info as follows a. Security: Non-Secure d. Bearer: GPRS f. User Name: g. Password: h. Enter APN: mero 4. Press the back arrow key to exit Settings 5.

    FOR sony ericssion Step 1. I prefer USB cable instead of Bluetooth because, there is least chance of interruption while connecting net through it. Raju, it yow happens if you are what is life science for kids within the reach of tower or where there is network congestion. PS my service provider is celtel, Nigeria. Sorry, GodFather, i made this blogpost to help mobile users of my region.

    I am using nokia with mero mobile grps. I am able to connect in Internet through it connectt can dial up with PC but my desire is to connect to pc running internet and connect my set with pc and green tomato chow chow recipe without cabbage internet of PC sharing internet to my phone.

    IS it possible? GPRS is a technology initially built for mobile devices based upon radio frequency.


    Jan 23,  · Nowadays, you can connect to the internet very easily using your mobile phone. I hope I am not the only one to feel this but using the internet on the mobile is just not as fun or convenient as using it on a computer. So today, I will teach you how to connect to the internet on your computer using the GPRS internet pack you have on your mobile. Tap Network button on left-top. Toggle Cellular Data to ON and you should now see Personal Hotspot option. Turn ON Personal Hotspot. If you connect iPhone or iPad to PC through USB charging cable – you should now see new Local Area Connection under Control Panel > Network Connections. Generally you don’t even need to configure your mobile phone for using the 4G, 3G, GPRS, and EDGE internet. However, sometimes Idea may not have the 4G or 3G settings for your phone. And sometimes, the settings sent by Idea Cellular refuse to get your phone connected to the internet.

    Surprising, eh? I have confirmed this from Idea support. The setting is called APN. Read further for more info. On a technical level it is a configurable network identifier used by a mobile device when connecting to a GSM carrier. The carrier will then check this identifier to decide what type of network connection should be created. Great article tushar! Almost went mental tryin to setup a hotspot on my iphone..

    This 1 little apn crap holy cow! Even ideas own website has no infor on it. I find that on idea! Even if I am standing in a zone that has 3G for a minute, it will suddenly switch from 3G to 2G. I find it annoying too and yes, it does happen when 3G is available for sometime and then goes back to 2G for no-reason. Bad IDEA! First: make sure the settings are in lowercase letters. Once done, restart your device to see whether Internet is available or not.

    Let me know soon? However, you will have to send them a request to activate it. See above post details once your connection is activated. Thanks a lot!!! If you have cut the bigger sim into micro SIM yourself, then it probably is damaged. Get a brand new microSIM from your carrier. Show it to service center. I think you should once try rebooting ur device. The settings worked for me only after rebooting my iphone. While, rest of the settings remain as mentioned above.

    Glad to know it was helpful. The problem i am having on my iphone is that when I turn 3g on, the network goes down till is down to almost 1 or 2 bars, and often it switches to 2g. However when it switches to 2g the range goes back to full bars. Turning the airplane mode on and off helps for a a few seconds, but the 3g range goes down again. Really, they have a very bad coverage for 3G.

    Also, are you on House Full plan? I am from meghalaya.. Hi Tushar, Thanks a ton. The settings worked like a charm. I have a question not related to this post, hoping you help me out. I called Idea Celluar today to find out their unlimited 2G schemes. They let me know the various plans, Rs. Appreciate any help. Regards, Jake. See below1] Use default, zero rental plan to begin with. You wont need to pay anything upfront for nothing. I have one listed in one of articles.

    PS: I am using Idea Housefull plan. You shall get MB free of 2G. Appreciate your help! Thank you. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Wednesday, April 21, Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. Table of Contents. Audience Insights not saving the audience on Facebook? Thank you so much. Your post was extremely helpful. Hey, Awesome post, was very helpful. However, have a query which is off topic. Please Help! No, on my iPhone 4.

    Bad Idea! Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Tushar Tajane - March 30, 0. It is frustrating when the Facebook audience insights tool doesn't let you save the audience.

    October 28, Contact us: info techzoom. March 30,


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