How to build a plyo box for crossfit

    how to build a plyo box for crossfit

    How To Make a CrossFit 30/24/20 Plyometric Box

    2x ? x ? (this cut will be the sides and will fit within the other pieces to make a streamline box.) How to Build a Plyometric Box, Step 2: Gluing and Screwing, what all DIY Projects need. Now, you have all your pieces just put them together. (Refer to the pic of the box . Sep 30, Update: version 2 funslovestory.com?v=-X9_rNjjboU&ab_channel=BreakItYourselfWe're making / showing you how to build a diy 3 in 1 crossfit .

    Procure your materials. Somebody you know has a jigsaw and stuff right? Be very nice to them for a few days and then pop the question.

    I recommend using birch or blondewood plywood. Pre-cut all your sides. If you add that to the measurement you want to cutand clamp the straight edge therethe blade will land right where you want it to for your cut as you run the edge of the base down the straight edge. Remember to measure twice and cut oncedouble check where the blade will hit once you have the straight edge in place. You do not want to eff up this expensive wood!

    With your plywood laying on the saw horses measure each side of your board and clamp the straight edge between the marks. Cut all your pieces to size per the drawinglabeling them with pencil as you go how to build a plyo box for crossfit help keep it all straight. Be creative. Measure and cut the holes for your handles. Now trace the lines with your jigsaw until fully cut.

    Ready to assemble. This way I can put all the sides except the top together and it will stay before I put in all the screws. Then add the left and right sides make sure your handles are both in the same orientation with more glue at all contact points, and finally attaching the front.

    Now attach the bottom in the same fashion and move on to step 6. Pre-drill and screw your box together. Screws go through the face of each overlapping sideinto the edge behind it. Referring to the PDFscrews go through the yellow sides into the blue and through the red sides into the blue and yellow.

    I like to measure it out and put pencil marks where the screws will go just so they are the same on all sides. Pre-drill where the screw will go with a bit smaller than your screw. This will prevent any potential splitting of the wood. Then drive in your screw until the head is a little below the surface.

    Do this for all sides. Attach inner bracing. Place them inside your box since your top is still off and screw them in to secure. I put in the long brace first and then the shorter one. Now you can finally attach your top. So attach the top with glue and the pre-drill and screw method from Step 5. Pretty good. You could surely use your box just like this. Rough edges might even give you added incentive to do really good box jumps.

    BUTif you want to go a little further to clean it up read on. Depending on how amazing you were at cutting your sides perfectly squareyou could have a little overhang on some sides. You could try to sand this tediously by hand or with a sander to get them flush OR you could use a planer.

    Almost done. It will say on the package. Fill the holes with a putty knife and leave it to dry. Once dry sand off excess until smooth. Make sure you how to read people book chosen the perfect shade to match your decor. You can find it at Home Depot. Perfect for jumping on, no?

    It requires two coats. Co-author of the bestselling cookbook Primal Cravings. Sweet post! I love it! Do you have one for building a Oly lifting platform? Wow, this is super impressive!! Great what five states border the ohio river My husband and I went to our first CrossFit class this week and have lots to learnthose jumps are impressive, too!

    Thanks for the ploy plans. Do you have details on that build? Thanks for the great write up and plans. Made one of these today. Came out awesome and only took a few hours.

    Going to do all of the sanding and finishing tomorrow. This will make a great addition to my new home gym! Thanks for the good looking plans! I am planning to make a box to your specs and a smaller one for a friend 16x20x The Deckover paint looks awesome but I am curious how much you used of it. Do you think 1 gallon would be enough for two coats on both of my boxes? I followed these plans and the box turned out great. But instead of Deckover paint I just used some old leftover paint in my garage and added a bit of sand and mixed it up really well.

    Great instructions. I what does harden off seedlings mean the box this weekend. I am ready to use the router on the edges. Question: I am afraid that the what do paparazzi look like are too close to the edge and will get in the way of the router.

    Is that ever a problem? If so, what do you do in those cases? Do you happen to know the measurements I would need to use if I wanted to cut down the sizing to 24x24x20? Great Post guys, Anyone have the measurements for a 12x15x18 box? Im assuming its made the same way just different measurements? How has the Deck Over paint held up?

    Building my box today. Took them like 10mins as opposed to probably taking me all day just for the cuts!

    Thanks so much for the plans the pdf was a huge plus!! Thanks for the PDF and detailed instruction. Very well written how to check pagerank of website you. I was feelin those jokes too. Gonna build a smaller version for my credit card-vertical jumping self. If you have Lowes or Home Depot cut the plywood for you make sure they have a plywood blade in the saw.

    It will splinter if it has a regular blade in the saw. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Step 2 Pre-cut all your sides. Step 3 Measure and cut the holes for your handles. Step 4 Ready to what year did color tv. Step 5 Pre-drill and screw your box together.

    Step 6 Attach inner bracing. Step 7 Now you can finally attach your top. Step 8 Pretty good. Step 10 Almost done. Step 12 Deadlifts and Box-jumps. By Megan Keatley. Megan Keatley Co-author of the bestselling cookbook Primal Cravings.

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    Cross fitters use plyo boxes, they are expensive to purchase so I made my own. My friends and family enjoy jumping on the box, and doing pullups with the assistance bands. Check out this instructable my first to make your own! Be careful, read your power tool manuals, and save the alcohol for after your building and jumping. When you are done I recommend Sierra Nevada Celebration! I drew up the attached cut list to use an old 4x8 foot sheet of weathered plywood for my box.

    I minimized the cuts, and ensured that cuts of the same width were made together to limit the of times I had to adjust my table saw. Follow this guide and you'll save time. I made the first cut with my circular saw. You can make all the cuts this way if you don't have a table saw. Hold the plywood off the floor using spare 2x4's or something similar. The straightedge I use is one I made, but you could use another board. Clamp the board, and run the circular saw against the straightedge.

    I used my table saw for the cuts after the first one. I find cutting the plywood in half, makes getting it through my smaller table saw much easier than trying to manipulate a full sheet. You can see all the cut pieces laid out as they originally fit into the 4x8 sheet. There are two scrap pieces, and two pieces leftover you can use on another project. I recommend you complete this step now, although i worked on it after assembly.

    If you do it earlier, you can round off the edges of the cuts on the inside of the box, which makes it nicer on your fingers when you carry the box, avoiding splinters. I used three methods to cut them, with a drill, with a rotozip, and with a router.

    With drill If you have only a drill, you can use a hole cutter, and high speed on the drill, to carve out the opening you want. The edges will be rough. You can use a rasp or file or chisel or sanding block or dremel tool to smooth it out. With Rotozip This produces a faster and smoother cut, although again the edges are left sharp so you need to round them with a sanding block or rasp or file. With Router Using a drill and cut a starter hole, then you can use the router with a straight fluted bit to cut the opening.

    Then use a bearing round bit to smooth inside and outside edges. This produces the best result, and I finished both sides off with this method. Screw the box together. The challenging part is holding the parts together initially. I have some nice clamps and a friend to help me dry assemble it.

    If you have good wood glue, you should use it in conjunction with coarse thread 2" drywall screws. Try driving the screws in without pre drilling first. If you can easily drive in the screws that will provide the strongest result. If you don't have the clamps, you should find a helper to hold two pieces together on the edge of a workbench.

    The helper should hold the pieces tight against a framing square, or speed square, while you drive in a three screws through the edge. Once you complete three screws in each edge, then add more screws.

    Target a screw every 6" or so along the edges. A stronger box will result if you glue and screw the box together. That is my recommendation. I used a belt sander to remove the weathering from the sides of my box, and to round all the edges and corners. This will reduce the likelihood of scraping skin off your shins, or pulling long splinters from under your skin.

    I started with a 50 grit, then 80, then Same results, just takes a bit longer. For a nicer look you can paint the box add some sand to the paint for "grip" or using skateboard grip tape on the box. A clear polyurethane would look nice but might get slippery in humid warm weather so don't use that. I left mine unfinished for now, as it will stay indoors until next summer. Thanks for the directions, is the plyometric box strong enough on it's own for someone lbs?

    Or should it be reinforced with 2x4s? Reply 6 years ago on Introduction. Great question. To beef it up, I'd recommend marking the three "jump on here" sides, and support those with a 2x2 on the inside of the box.

    Put them around the perimeter of those three faces, and one across the middle of each face in the long direction. Be sure to use longer screws to attach the plywood to the inside 2x2s securely.

    This will improve the bending strength and the shear strength of the box, though I couldn't say what someone's weight could be supported without asking an engineer. Jump at your own risk! I used sand on the painted the 'landing' faces. Turned out to have a nice grip! Thanks for the instructable! I thought it would be easy and cheaper to make a box myself but I didn't have too much success. I found that the quality plyo boxes you buy online are a lot more stable and durable then the DIY ones.

    In my opinion save your money, time and risking yourself from getting hurt and just buy one. Some things are better left to the professionals. Introduction: Plyo Box Build. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Ant Decorations Light Up at Night. Reply Upvote.


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