How to boost your iman

    how to boost your iman

    How to Increase Your Iman (Faith)

    Feb 19,  · 7 Steps to Increase your Iman Read the Quran. Reading the Quran will ensure that you connect to The Creator. Belief in Allah or a weakness in your Pray with Positive Expectations.. Make Dua, pray your 5 daily prayers with attentiveness. By attentiveness here I . How to Increase Iman First and foremost is to read, and ponder over the words of Allah by reading the Qur’an. When you read the Qur’an, you will be humbled and comforted by Allah, and as a result, you will try to always improve upon yourself. If you have Allah, hope is not lost, and nothing is impossible.

    Learn QuranQuranic Connection. Every muslim suffers from dips in their Iman. We all go through the highs and lows of life and our Iman can often be severely affected by it. Regardless of how religious or pious you see yourself to be, Everyone experiences increases and decreases in Iman faith throughout their life. The question is how can you increase your Iman faith when it becomes weak? Creating and nurturing a connection with Allah is the fastest and most beneficial way to increase Iman.

    This is the foundational requirement for increasing Iman, because your faith is in Allah. Iman is belief or faith. Belief is something which can strengthen and weaken, and there are lots of reasons why this happens.

    The prime reason for weakness of Iman is probably the fact that you have had to endure challenges and problems in life. When we face these challenges and problems, we become weakened in our belief. Reading the Quran will ensure that you connect to The Creator.

    When you understand your relationship with your creator. You will find automatically that Allah gives you many of the answers to the problems that you face in your life as you read through the Quran. The most important benefit that you will get from reading the Quran is that you will feel automatically more connected to your Creator, and you will feel as though your Creator is talking to you.

    Make Dua, pray your 5 daily prayers with attentiveness. By attentiveness here I mean be present, know that you are standing before your Creator, that you are raising your hands to The Creator of the heavens and the earth. There is nothing beyond the ability of your Creator. No problem too big or no solution to complicated. Any issue that you have, can be fixed by connecting to The Creator, Allah.

    So why do I tell you to pray? Having Positive expectations is the key to the Dua that we make, because Allah will only give you what you expect, and if you expect only negatively that your supplications will not be answered.

    Then you will get what you expect. Nothing will ever change until we take action, so you have to be an action taker. And the best thing that you could do is to find the things that Allah is pleased with and then take action towards doing those things. Everything that How to use 110v in 220v countries is pleased with is something that will benefit us all. The benefit that you and I feel from doing something good is the increase in Iman, which is a direct result of taking action.

    Most people sit around praying and asking Allah, and even expecting that Allah will answer their prayers. Allah says in the Quran, in Surah AlBaqarah You see in this verse Allah is telling us that belief is accompanied by actions.

    And if those two come together, belief and action, then you will get the fruits of that which is gardens of paradise in the hereafter, but how to put on football pads video blessings how to repair cracked steering wheel this life.

    And sin is one of the greatest negative contributors to the weakening of Iman. In other words, you will become weak and then we commit more. The weaker a person the more sin they commit. Weakness of faith and strength of faith is all connected to actions. If you do good deeds your Iman will increase and then if you commit sins your Iman will decrease. So if you are persistently doing bad deeds, that decreases your Iman and you will become weaker.

    If on the other hand you surround yourself with people who do a lot of good that Allah loves, then your Iman will become stronger and stronger. The people who you surround yourself with they are like a mirror reflection of you.

    Be selective. Charity in Islam is not just financial, it is something as easy as a smile, or even half a date, as it has been described in the Sunnah of the messenger of Allah peace and blessings be upon him.

    Giving is one of the main ways of increasing in faith because Allah loves that we should help one another. So when we give each other, we have an automatic increase in faith and a strengthening of Iman. Giving to people, is serving the cause of Allah because Allah has made how to get text read by computer from the highest type of actions that a believer can take.

    If you believe in Allah, and you are a giving person, then automatically, you are reinforcing your belief and making it stronger and stronger, the more you give. Giving is not always financial, although financial is what helps how to boost your iman often more than anything else. Anyone who feels weakness of Iman should get up in the 3rd part of the night for the night prayer. The best of the believers that have preceded us were people who woke up when everyone else were fast asleep so that they would worship Allah.

    You are not the only one who is going through trials in their life. Every person that you know whether you know about their problems or not, they are facing challenges and problems in their life.

    And that state of thinking can lead to ingratitude and despair. Allah is telling us not to despair because everyone is challenged. Everyone has problems, but the mercy of Allah is far greater than any challenge or problem that you and I are facing.

    Because if there was one sure solution that you could utilise to make your life easier, then it is to how to cook asparagus tips in the oven a connection with Allah.

    With over 10 years in his journey his number one Goal is to help people reconnect to the Quran, so that each individual is able to Optimize their lives to live how to boost your iman to their greatest potential.

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    #1. Repent

    Sep 19,  · Here is presented how to increase your Iman. 1. Fixing or Improve Prayer. One of the easiest way to improve our Iman and Taqwa is fixing your prayer. It is need a quality and solemn shalat, which is reflects the faith and devotion (or Taqwa in Islam terms). What better way to increase our iman than by reading the book of Allah (SWT)! This will remind you of Allah, his commandments and guide you towards righteousness. In fact, Research has shown that the Holy Qur’an has healing qualities on the body, mind and spirit. Reading or listening to the Qur’an will eleviate us in this world and the next. Jan 04,  · NEW SISTER CHANNEL - THE MUSLIM REMINDER KIDSfunslovestory.com to increase your Iman (faith) & 4 ways to Increase Iman (Low iman) I.

    Or failing to seek Barakah [holistic Divine Blessings]? Life is full of ups and downs, and the downs are sometimes powerful enough to distract us and lower our enthusiasm. Yet, there are easy solutions that can help us get over an Iman low. Here are some tips that can help you refresh your Iman in sha Allah :. It all starts within you: if you want to be active, you will be active and nothing will stop you in sha Allah.

    The same is true with Barakah. Whatever happens, even if you pray it with wavering concentration, do not stop praying; especially salatul Fajr and Isha. Abu Hurairah reported that the Messenger of Allah said:. Nobody wants to be like those described as hypocrites. Never let them slip! Allah says:. Allah has said:. It will definitely help you know exactly what you need to so as to lift up your spirits again.

    Unlike any other way of worshipping Allah , fasting usually gives a special feeling of purity to the soul. Most Muslims fast in the month of Ramadan and when it ends they keep waiting for the month to come again, missing that exceptional feeling that it gives. It also means you miss out on Barakah. Fasting is a great Iman booster especially if you accompany it with doing good to others.

    When you fast and you get exhausted from helping others that day, the feeling of satisfaction you feel at that moment is indescribable! Try it and feel it yourself! Visualize the reward in the next life for holding on to your faith in this life: imagine Paradise. Imagine its beautiful rivers and palaces, imagine meeting the Prophets and the great Muslims of our past, imagine meeting righteous loved ones who have passed away, imagine never falling ill, never having to struggle or pay for anything, imagine how beautiful you will look, in sha Allah!

    Talking about Paradise, Abu Huraira narrates the Prophet said:. Ultimately, remember that Iman lows are very normal and are bound to happen every now and then. The most important thing is to sincerely have the will to change and to not settle for who you became in your weakest moments. This is not a comprehensive list of tips. She has a great interest in writing, especially poetry.

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