How to beat vice city

    how to beat vice city

    How to beat hillary in the race ?

    Aug 31,  ·!!!important links:funslovestory.com://funslovestory.com Jan 26,  · The eastern half of Vice City spreads out before you, from the scenic Ocean Beach to the swanky Vice Point. But before you begin, there are a few Author: Justin Speer.

    Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! How do you get to final mission? I have beat all of the main missions but i dont know how to get the final mission. User Info: shiro Top Voted Answer. Once you get a message saying "blank" asset completed, it should be enough for that asset. For the Boatyard one, you must get into one of the two boats there to start the mission. Hope that helps. User Info: GaaMoo. You don't need to complete all of them The "Protection Ring" asset must also be completed by finishing "Copland" The remaining missions If the business is not whatsapp plus holo free download a completed asset, the icon won't be there.

    Once you've completed "Sir, Yes Sir! User Info: moneypoops. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to ask and answer questions. Question Status After i beat the mission cop land ,where is the next mission,i went all over the mansion???? Answered Having mission problems? Answered Pizza mission??? Answered What to do after cop land mission? Ask A Question. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password?

    After i beat the mission cop land ,where is the next mission,i went all over the mansion???? Having mission problems? Pizza mission??? What to do after cop land mission?

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    Apr 04,  · wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 11 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time%(32). Aug 24,  · Vice City's hardest mission (The Driver) just got easier with this tutorial! You are finally going to be the best driver for this mission race against Hilary. I have beat all of the main missions but i dont know how to get the final mission. User Info: shiro shiro - 11 years ago. Top Voted Answer. Vice City, Opportunity abounds in a city emerging from the swamps, its growth fueled by the violent power strug.

    Tommy Vercetti's got a dirty job to do, and a lot of ground to cover. Help him sort out all his business and uncover every last one of Vice City's secrets in our comprehensive walkthrough. Having just spent 15 hard years doing time, Tommy Vercetti is no sooner released than his old boss sends him to the hedonistic tropical paradise of Vice City to carve out a slice of the narcotics pie for the family.

    But his first big job in Vice City goes bad, leaving him penniless and out to get back his money and get revenge. As a stranger in a strange land, you have to prove yourself, make connections, and get your hands dirty in Vice City.

    The newest Grand Theft Auto is a huge game in every sense of the word. A huge living city lies before you, boasting an amazing degree of freedom and a wealth of diverse gameplay options. This guide will provide: Strategies for survival and techniques for handling all vehicle and weapon types. Tips on how and where to acquire properties and seize complete control of Vice City.

    Complete walk-throughs for core, secondary, and extra missions in the game. All the secrets, cheats, and bugs you need to know. And more But before you begin, there are a few things you should know.

    Keep multiple save files. If you really enjoy a mission, save on a different slot when you complete it, and keep your last save for future enjoyment. There are also other reasons you may want to keep multiple save files, which will be addressed in the following points. Never save or reset with a cheat activated. The only way to disable a cheat is to load a previously saved game. If you get stuck with pink aggressive cars and a riot where the pedestrians are all out for your blood, you may have problems furthering your career.

    There's a reasonable chance that your saved game will be permanently corrupted and will not load. Play the game the way you want to. Feel free to play the game any way you want to. Anything and everything is completely optional. If you simply want to finish the story, complete the core missions and follow the additional instructions to reach the finale.

    Each vehicle has its own characteristics: speed, acceleration, handling, weight, center of mass, braking ability, and so on. Helicopters and planes also have unique characteristics. As you spend more time in the game, you'll learn which vehicles you enjoy driving most, which are the most durable, and how to match the right vehicle to the right mission.

    And remember, let other drivers know what you think of them by pressing L3 the left analog stick to sound your horn. Hit select to change the view in any vehicle. Wherever you are, remember that you can check a detailed map simply by pausing the game. You'll see roads, important places, and the exact locations of any destinations or targets. It's a great feature that wasn't in the last Grand Theft Auto, so use it well.

    When you begin the game, Tommy is a bit out of shape. You'll be able to sprint only short distances before needing to take a breather. However, if you can stick to a rigorous exercise program, your endurance will improve and you'll be running for blocks before fatigue kicks in. Jump by hitting the square button, and look behind you by pressing down R3 the right analog stick.

    Use the circle button to attack with your equipped weapon. The Infernus boasts great performance and sleek looks. Get One To get into a car, simply press the triangle button. If there's nobody inside, you'll slip right in. If there's someone behind the door, you'll toss him out. Very few vehicles in the game will be locked--manned police cars being the most notable exception.

    You can only jack a vehicle that is stopped or moving slowly, making stoplights a great place to snag a set of wheels. Blocking a car's path with your body or another vehicle will usually stop traffic as well. Violence is another alternative. Bashing on a van with a melee weapon or putting a few bullets into a sedan will often cause drivers to vacate their vehicles, although they may instead opt to speed away. Killing the driver is a surefire option as well, but you should realize that any of these methods can attract police attention if an officer is in the area.

    Drive One Automobiles are the standard mode of transportation and the way you'll do most of your getting around. There are amazing vehicles out there, but there are also some real lemons. The most important thing to consider is which vehicles you're comfortable driving. A Phoenix may be fast, but if you can't control the vehicle at high speeds, then it's much less useful to you. You immediately have access to the best cars; it's simply a matter of locating and stealing them. The following are a few things to consider.

    Drive aggressively but not recklessly. This only applies during missions, since you're free to obey traffic laws or to slam into everything in sight when you've got no reason to get somewhere fast. Reckless driving can ruin your chances of completing a mission or winning a race.

    If you pull far ahead in a race, drive carefully. One mistake is all it takes to blow your lead. Likewise, you may never take the lead in the first place if you slam into a wall on the first turn. Make an effort to familiarize yourself with different vehicles. If you do so, not only will you learn which vehicles are best suited to different tasks, but you'll also have less of a problem finding specific cars when and if you purchase Sunshine Autos.

    Hit the two-wheel motion. If you hit a ramp with one side of your car or pull a sharp turn on a hill, you can set your car on two wheels. You'll get a bonus and a record of stunt if you can maintain this for two seconds or more, though there's no real practical usage.

    Techniques Bail--Hit the triangle button when you're traveling at a decent speed, and you'll bail out of the car, sustaining a small amount of damage. The car will continue flying ahead until it hits something. If you're pushing 80mph in a flaming car, this will be your best option. Powerslide--To perform this technique, approach a turn at high speed, then slam on the R1 button until the car skids, and then let up and floor the gas.

    You can make drastic changes in direction this way, although it's hard to control. Drive-by--L2 will let you look to your left, and R2 will let you look to the right. You can fire from your window with a submachine gun while pressing either of these buttons. Get One Taking a motorcycle is slightly different in that the method depends on your relation to the bike.

    If you're directly in front of a bike and press triangle, you'll leap onto the bike knocking off anyone who was previously using the machine. If you're anywhere else, you'll need to perform a quick elbow that will send the driver flying. Press triangle again to mount the bike. Just be wary that it's easy for police to do the same to you, and you'll be busted with a swift elbow. Drive One Bikes have a few distinct advantages over cars, but they also carry a few substantial handicaps.

    With a good bike, you can weave in and out of traffic with deft skill, zip down alleys that cars simply can't fit into, and even perform wheelies and stoppies.

    The downside is that if you hit something while on a bike, you'll go flying. Depending on the severity of your crash, you'll lose armor and health. Here are a few pointers on bikes:. Not all bikes are created equal. There simply isn't as much variety in bikes as there is in cars. The PCJ is definitely the cream of the crop. It's fast, agile, and stylish. The Sanchez is fairly agile, hard to wreck, and good on dirt or sand.

    The Faggio and Pizza Boy are scooters with medium stats, but they're unable to perform tricks. Lastly, the Freeway and Angel are clunky bikes with a high top speed but unresponsive handling.

    Remember to use alleys and ramps. Bikes have a distinct advantage in being able to fit through narrow passages and cut through alleys. This can give you an edge over the police if you don't slam into something inadvertently.

    Techniques Shifting your weight--Pushing up lightly on the analog stick will make you hug the bike and will increase your speed, and pulling back will slow you down and decrease your speed.

    Other tricks are possible through shifting your weight. Wheelie--Pull back slightly on the left analog stick and accelerate.

    When your wheel is off the ground, pump the gas to sustain the wheelie. Keep it up long enough and you'll get a cash bonus and a record of your stunt. Wheelies can also be used to launch your bike over walls Stoppie--The opposite of a wheelie, a stoppie is performed by shifting your weight forward to bring your back wheel off the ground. Simply press your brake square and your emergency brake R1 at the same time while holding up on the left analog stick.

    You'll slide forward and can change the direction you're facing.


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