How to be creative and innovative at work

    how to be creative and innovative at work

    100 Ways to Be More Creative at Work

    May 02, †Ј 1. Ask the most creative people at work for their ideas. 2. Brainstorm with a co-worker. 3. Tape record your ideas on your commute to and from work. 4. Present your most pressing business challenge to a child. 5. Take your team off-site for a day. Or half-day. Or two hours. Sep 07, †Ј When inspiring innovation in the workplace, it helps to understand the effects of extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. Satisfied and creative employees need a blend of both. An artist following her passion needs to eat; likewise, a factory worker needs to feel passionate about her job.

    How to inspire a creative and innovative workplace remotely. Repetitiveness and a lack of inspiration is an everyday occurrence to those working from home. This can lead to a decrease in motivation, and therefore productivity.

    Subsequently, employers need to develop new ways to what is the meaning of bosom friend their people and break the blandness of remote working. Here are some ways to help build a creative and innovative workplace.

    Allowing employees to have flexibility in their work, for example through work schedules or breaks, will improve their happiness. Hence why flexibility is essential. Furthermore, happier workers are often more creative, showing that flexibility is an influential part of perks at work. Outdoor activities are reopening in the UK, which gives a perfect opportunity for team building.

    A stronger team with higher communication skills will find it easier to find their creativity and encourage an innovative workplace. Hence, employee relations valuable to workplace wellbeingbut they can also improve productivity ten folds as a result. Employers can build an innovative workplace by supporting staff to experiment within their role.

    How to make carbon fiber at home, with the appropriate communication and patience, employers can rally confidence and encourage experimentation, thus building an innovative workplace.

    At Each Person, you can say thank you for your hard work through categorised Ecards. To clarify, recognising creativity specifically can encourage and inspire innovative workplaces. An employee of the month is another great way to encourage an innovative workplace. Setting goals has been proven to inspire employees to work harder and more effectively.

    With this in mind, nominating those who show innovation sets them apart and inspire others to do the same. In essence, an innovative workplace is significant within a remote climate for productivity and motivation. With the UK shifting out of lockdown, it is easier to encourage.

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    Team building Outdoor activities are reopening in the UK, which gives a perfect opportunity for team building. Encourage experimentation Employers can build an innovative workplace by supporting staff to experiment within their role.

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    How can companies encourage innovation and creativity in the workplace?

    Here are some ways to help build a creative and innovative workplace. Allow flexibility. Allowing employees to have flexibility in their work, for example through work schedules or breaks, will improve their happiness. To demonstrate, 68% of millennials worldwide say flexibility helps their satisfaction at work. Hence why flexibility is essential.

    Encouraging workplace innovation not only helps companies stay on top of the market and defend their bottom lines: innovative workplaces are also happier workplaces , with consistently higher levels of employee satisfaction and retention.

    Businesses are now paying more attention to the benefits of encouraging innovation than ever before. However, doing it effectively is challenging and time-consuming. Well, if you are reading this, I guess you are well aware of all the benefits of having a real innovation culture.

    As a quick reminder, here I am just listing 3 areas where encouraging innovation has an impact on businesses. Companies that invest time, effort and money in finding new and better ways of doing things have an advantage over others in the market. It also allows companies to stay profitable and survive in the market. LEGO is another great example here. The beloved block toy company was facing a tough financial situation in the early s, but gradually reclaimed its status as a market leader through a mixture of innovation, co-creation, and customer collaboration.

    Trialing new approaches to services and products ensures a constant focus on serving the needs of customers. This helps build a dedicated market base and ensures a company stays responsive to customer demand. An innovative working approach appeals to employees with higher levels of creativity and lateral thinking , helping companies to hold on to their best talent.

    A great example here is Google. This is one of the key reasons why the company is one of the most coveted places to work. Southwest Airlines is another great example. From juggling competing company priorities to overcoming internal resistance and inertia, there are a lot of things that can get in the way.

    This process always differs from company to company and depends on things like workplace culture, ingrained systems, and the talents and skills present within your staff. Unsurprisingly, the majority of our recommended innovation techniques focus on leadership and management.

    When it comes to innovation, the tone always comes from the top. Senior leaders need to find ways to encourage their staff to think about innovation every day and to take ownership and responsibility for new ideas and solutions. This is a key technique to encourage workplace innovation: empower your employees to think about the tough problems and reward staff for working towards solutions.

    People are as innovative as you allow them to be. The most innovative companies have a flat Ч but strong Ч management approach, allowing employees to break down silos and barriers between work areas. A lot of innovation comes from cross-pollination between teams and divisions, and from the sharing of ideas and problems.

    Tesla is a great example here. To be truly innovative, your employees need some skin in the game. Look for ways to incentivize staff to think about innovation, and bring them along the journey by developing a company-wide innovation strategy more on this below. A great example is DHL. The delivery company encourages staff to work with groups of customers and clients to come up with solutions to complex issues like delivery sequencing and accessing remote areas.

    The end result is a more innovation-focused pool of employees. Intrapreneurs are staff who are already within your organization and have the mindset and the skills to innovate.

    Think of them as entrepreneurs who happen to already work for you. Finding and motivating intrapreneurs within your business is an excellent way to encourage a more innovative approach to problem-solving. For example, the software company Fishbowl spends a lot of time and effort locating and recognizing intrapreneurs within the company and uses these employees as a valuable innovation resource. Instead, make room for your staff to consider innovation as part of their daily tasks. You should ask your people to demonstrate the results of these innovation sessions.

    No matter what their responsibilities are, every single one of your people should be able to draw a straight line between the company innovation strategy and the contents of his or her day-to-day job. An innovation strategy sets out guiding principles for how your company will grow its market share through product and service innovation. A good strategy helps to clarify what is expected of employees at every level of your company when it comes to problem-solving. Developing an innovation strategy also forces senior management to think about what innovation means to them, and to state in clear terms how their employees should contribute new ideas for products, systems, and services.

    Microsoft is an excellent example of how to put an innovation strategy to use. By making its strategy a core part of employee responsibilities, Microsoft helps its employees at every level to make innovation a key part of what they do. Rather than running from this fact, companies need to come to peace with it.

    Acknowledge the possibility of failure, dedramatize it and encourage risky initiatives to help employees approach innovation in a more open and inventive way. Whether this is through customer co-creation, identifying market adjacencies, or participating in an innovation hub, companies must demonstrate an appetite for new ways of doing things.

    Adjacencies are new products or markets that are closely related to the work a company is currently engaged in, but are different enough to represent new value for the company. By moving into these areas, a company can create new customers and solidify its market position. The media giant already produces an incredible amount of popular content, so stepping into the market adjacency of a platform for streaming made a lot of sense.

    After all, your diehard fans are the most likely people to have great ideas for new products and services Ч especially if they use your services and products every day. This not only resulted in top-selling Starbucks products like Hazelnut Macchiatos and pumpkin spice lattes but also gave Starbucks the chance to build a valuable community of superfans for market research purposes. Innovation hubs are places for business representatives to get together and share approaches to innovation.

    Having grown in popularity over the last decade, there are now hundreds of these hubs around the world. The concept of an innovation hub recognizes the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to innovation and shows the importance of collaboration in problem-solving.

    Take a look at the innovation hubs near you , and think about how you and your teams could participate. To make innovation a real part of your workplace culture, your staff need to know senior management is being open about the need for innovation, and the potential benefits for the company as a result. A key part of this is developing an innovation strategy, and ensuring open communication about innovation. Mobile payments company Square takes this to an extreme, requiring meeting notes for every meeting involving more than two people to be publicly shared across the company.

    Still, you should think about how to adopt an open communication approach when it comes to innovation. There are two great ways to do this. First, you can recognize and reward innovations, and second, try to ensure staff psychological safety.

    To get the best out of your people when it comes to innovation, you need a way to recognize and reward successful new ideas Ч especially when they have the potential to save the company money or boost revenue.

    This can be as simple as providing public recognition, for example, giving out awards at all-hands meetings. Westin Hotels is a great example here. Every quarter, the hotel chain sends its top five innovators on a paid five-day trip, providing them with public acknowledgment and a significant reward for valuable ideas. This is a crucial element to get right.

    Your staff members need to be able to be honest and forthright about new product and systems suggestions , without fear of recrimination or adverse effects on their jobs. Office design and layout can make a huge difference when it comes to innovation. Even something as simple as deciding where particular teams should sit can have a massive effect on creativity and collaboration. There are two reasons for this.

    First, using the right set of tools can save time and effort, freeing your staff up to innovate. Second, a good set of innovation software can guide your staff in taking an idea through from concept to implementation.

    So, take a look at the range of software products out there, and think about how you could put the inevitable time savings to use. With the right tools, processes, and methods, anyone can be an innovator and find new solutions to complex problems. This is where ideas and innovation management software can help.

    By structuring ideation, collaboration, communication and setting parameters for problem-solving, the right software can foster a real innovation culture across your whole company. Moving towards an innovative workplace takes time, hard work, and a certain amount of forgiveness for error and failure.

    As some observers have noted , many of the necessary ingredients of workplace innovation also involve juggling some downsides. For example:. Innovation can be a long game. Skip to content. Alexis Fournier April 26, Innovation Culture. Innovation Culture April 26, Alexis Fournier. Share on facebook. Share on twitter. Share on linkedin. Why should companies care about their capacity to innovate?

    Competitive advantage Customer centricity Employee satisfaction and retention How can companies encourage innovation and creativity in the workplace?

    LEGO Ч a great example of the competitive advantage through innovation. Source: Forbes. Source: Medium. Source: Inside EVs. Source: Innovation Excellence. New Coke, one of the classic failures of innovation. Source: CBS News. Source: The Innovation Benchmark.

    Westin Hotels rewards innovative employees with paid vacations. Source: Marriott. Source: Workspace Design. Innovation management Continuous improvement Open Innovation.


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