All in what you do chrisette michele lyrics

    all in what you do chrisette michele lyrics

    What You Do Lyrics

    No more I'm sorry. I love you, I need proof. Baby boy it's all in what you do. I love you, if it's true. Baby boy it's all in what you do. Say it with your actions. Say it in the way you touch and the things that you do for us. I don't want to be mean. But when it comes to this love saying it just ain't enough. May 05, What You Do Lyrics: (Hey, hey) Say it with your actions / (Actions) Saying those words to me / Doesn't mean anything / (Hey, hey) I don't want to hear 'em / (Hear 'Em) Baby you can keep those three.

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    12 rows Chrisette Michele - What You Do Lyrics. Say it with your actions Saying those words to me. its all in what you do Its in what you, its its in what you doooo Sorry but you lose (you do) Its all in what you (woo), its all in what you (woo) Wooo wooo wooo No more Im sorry, (no more) I love you, (baby) I need proof, Baby Boy, its all in what you do (No more) I love you, (baby) if its true, Baby Boy, its all in what you do/10(3). "I love you" I need proof Baby boy it's all in what you do (no more)I love you If it's true baby boy It's all in what you do Say it with your actions Say it in the way you touch And the things that you do for us I don't wanna be mean But when it comes to this love Saying it ain't enough [chorus] It's in what you It's it's in what you do It's in what you5/5(1).

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